The Restoration Project

In late November, 2013, after having already accumulated more than 300 words from our Lord on her 278pikelk Youtube channel, our dear sister Barbra came under heavy spiritual attack and deleted all her videos.

However, Jesus knew that this would happen since before the beginning of time. If it is His will that some or all of His deleted messages should not be lost, then He would have insured that various members of his body either transcribed or downloaded each video.

Again, if it is His will that these words be gathered on this blog, then the Lord will lead you here and move you to contribute.

Note: Please, invite everyone you know (through your own blog or website, or via email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to come to this blog and see if they have any old transcripts or videos to contribute, or if they would like to transcribe some of them. Any video, transcript or video-title that’s still needed is listed on the What’s Still Needed page.

How to Contribute a Transcript or Title

By Comment: If you have a missing transcript or know the correct title of a video, then feel free to enter that information into a comment field on this blog. Be sure to indicate the date and title (if available) of any transcript you send. (Note: Any contributed information you submit will not appear in the comments on this blog.)

By YouTube Comment: Any contributed videos are placed on the 278pikelk Recovered YouTube channel, and then a link to each video is added to the table on the What’s Still Needed page. If you have a transcript for any of these videos, examine the comments below each video. If no transcript has already been contributed, then just paste your transcript there as a YouTube comment. (Note: Even if you have no transcripts to contribute, please consider transcribing some of these videos for the sake of those who will benefit from these words. Simply play the video and type what you hear into the comment box below the video. After a while, it will automatically get added to this blog.)

By Email: If you prefer, you may email your information to the address below. (Note: We would also be happy to accept any document files you might have which contain multiple transcripts. Just send them as an email attachment.)

How to Contribute a Video

If you were led to save some of sister Barbra’s videos before they were deleted from her 278pikelk Youtube channel (this means any video that she uploaded before November 21, 2013), please check the What’s Still Needed page to see if she is still missing any that you have. If you have any that she is still missing, would you please consider sending them in?

Important: Videos can not be submitted via comments, and they may be too large to send through email. As a general rule, you should not attempt to email anything larger that 10 megabytes. If a video is under 10 megabytes, then email away, otherwise, use

Email: You may email to us one video at a time as long as it is under 10 megabytes. (See email address above.)

Thru Files2U: is a free, online, file-delivery service where you can send large files. Just enter our email address (as shown above) into their input form, and they will notify us once the video has been uploaded. You can also combine several videos in a zip file and send them all at ounce using Files2U.

Note: Contributed videos are placed on the 278pikelk Recovered YouTube channel.

Thank you all for helping us to gather these missing transcripts and videos.

1 thought on “The Restoration Project

  1. Estou muito feliz por ter encontrado o seu canal! E peço ao Eterno que te abençoe! E te proteja! E te fortaleça! Shalom!!!

    TRANSLATION: I’m really happy to have found your channel! And I ask the Eternal to bless you! And protect you! Strengthen you! Shalom!!!

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