Puzzle Pieces

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(Excerpt from a word given on May 7, 2013) “…It is crucial that My children have knowledge and understanding of events as they unfold, so they remain in tune with Me and do not end up reacting in fear. My children, do not fear. Fear is not an emotion coming from Me. Satan feeds on your fear and likes nothing more than for you to be fearful. Many will turn to My messengers and to My children for answers in the coming days and weeks. Be confident in the fact that you are prepared for what is coming, and you will be able to answer questions and calm the fears of others. It will be a time for a great awakening.

Many will find comfort in Me now and come to realize that I, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the Creator, that I am the Father of all the children of My creation. Hearts will be broken, and I will repair them. You will begin to hear from many new voices and sources, news of My impending resolution to the corruption of My creation. Be looking, be ready, be aware and do not take your eyes off of Me. I am your Strength, I am your Confidant, and I am your Guide.

Many will watch to see how you react as things unfold. When you are fearless and full of My peace, people will want what you have. They will recognize that your confidence comes from Me supernaturally. Many will come seeking Me when they see what I do for My children. My bride is now pure and her veil will be lifted soon. I will remove My chosen from most of the chaos that will befall your planet. You will see the beginnings, but have no fear. You will be with Me in Heaven at the wedding supper of the Lamb, not enduring what will be going on in the times of Tribulation. This is a promise that I will not break. In that, be confident, My bride.

Imagine the way a man loves the one he is about to marry. He would do anything to keep her feeling safe, loved and protected. He would never break his promise to his bride. You must recognize this, so you can remain confident in these times, open to receive the blessings and protections given only to My chosen. Be patient now for a little while, My bride. Do not give up. The promises I’ve made to you will be fulfilled sooner than you can imagine. Like a thief in the night I will come stealing My betrothed….”

NOTE: Some of the end-time prophetic statements (puzzle pieces) that follow apply specifically to America while some apply to the entire world. If you wish to investigate the context of any statement or are just curious about the prophetic word in which it is found, then simply click on the star symbol preceding the statement and you will be taken to the video transcript of that word. At the bottom of each video transcript, you will find a link to the video if it is available.

Table of Contents

About the Puzzle Pieces

I am looking for those who will hear and listen and who will share many pieces to My puzzle.

I am showing My children now through My Holy Spirit some secrets about what is coming. I will not show every child the same thing. But like pieces to a puzzle, My children will receive different ideas of the whole.

I am giving more pieces to My end-time puzzle, but if you are not listening carefully, you will not hear My still, small voice. You must put the pieces together to see what is coming, My loves, but to do this, you must be operating in My love, loving one another, caring for one another and praying for one another to remain standing through these difficult hours.

Tragedies and occurrences across the globe are perceived by most as random. But they are not random at all. The dates matter, the locations matter, and the type of occurrences matter. My children with eyes to see will figure out this puzzle.

My children need to be aware and prepared for what is to come, whether it’s through dreams, visions or words, I show My messengers and layout before them pieces of My puzzle.

Do not be surprised when you hear of who is getting dreams and visions, but listen carefully to all and examine to see if these things are pieces of My grand puzzle. Do not forget, I use the weak to confound the strong.


My children are meant to learn and understand some of what is coming, and pieces of the puzzle are being given to you

My messengers have the pieces of the puzzle that you are searching for, clues that, when you put together, will be your guidance and foreknowledge on what is about to occur.

Many of My messengers are receiving pieces of the puzzle. When you fit these pieces together things will start to make a clear picture of what is to come.

My messengers will have nuggets of the knowledge for My bride. These golden nuggets are to be shared among My messengers, like pieces of a puzzle coming together to form a beautiful picture of what is coming.

The messengers of today are putting the pieces of the puzzle together, My anointed working together to warn one another of what to expect.

Deliver My messages, My daughter, because you too have pieces to the puzzle that is slowly starting to take shape in the minds of those trying to solve it. These are supernatural pieces to a supernatural, end-time puzzle. My children need to solve this puzzle soon.

There are many Mysteries for My Bride to solve, many pieces of the puzzle for her to put together.

My bride, come together, each placing her piece of the puzzle to create My masterpiece, each member of My bride bringing her portion to the fullness of My bride at this time.

The puzzle is still incomplete, My children, but many can see and fill in most of the missing pieces.

The puzzle will be coming together more and more every day.

The pieces are falling into place. If you are holding a piece of the puzzle, some revelation that you have received from Me, please share. Make sure you are not holding back.


My watchman receive certain pieces and parts of My grand puzzle, but they have not and will not receive the entire puzzle, My loves.

Listen carefully now, My chosen ones, for more pieces of My puzzle are being poured out upon My prophets and messengers regarding what will be unfolding soon in these end times. I will not share all of the things with you, My loves, for you will be battling a stealth enemy, but I will share many things.

The enemy waits not knowing when or what I will do next. The enemy is forced to broadcast his plans ahead of time, but we know his plan is to entice and trap as many souls as he can possibly trap into his darkness. My loves, this is why I share things with you as a puzzle. My sheep hear My voice and can put these pieces together, but I do not have to broadcast the entirety and timing of My plan to anyone. My plan is mostly a mystery. I hold all of the cards, and the enemy only reacts to the hand he has been dealt.

My children do not become discouraged or forlorn if things do not occur EXACTLY the way that you have in mind. Many Words spoken share half of what will be occurring, but there are still missing pieces in the puzzle. My children, be patient because I can only share so much now.

You can say all that you want, that you have figured out My plans, as some of My children ARE working diligently as I lead them to put together pieces of My end-time puzzle, but no one, NOT ONE, has ALL of the answers. Some of you have SOME of the answers, but NO ONE has figured out the entire puzzle.

My children, only I know how things will unfold. Yes, I will give pieces of the puzzle to those who diligently seek My answers, but no man will know precisely how events will unfold.

Figuring out the specific plan of My Father will not be accomplished by any man. He will give pieces of the puzzle, to help you prepare.

More of My puzzle pieces will been shown to your generation than have ever been shown in the past, yet the puzzle has always existed.

Yes, there are hints in My word and given to My prophets. But still, a complete end time puzzle eludes all mankind. There are certain things I keep hidden, My children. This is for My purpose.

There will be plenty of puzzle pieces left out of place until My children see first hand the puzzle’s completion.


My watchmen are the ones so prone to skipping their time with Me to pursue answers. They must be diligent seekers of relationship with Me before they search for pieces to My end-time puzzle.

Come forth now, My children with your piece of the puzzle.

Continue to build My puzzle, for I want you to know and understand what is coming.

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Know the Season

My children seek Me and wonder why I do not rescue them from the depraved world they are living in. I wish more for none to perish, and if I come for you too soon, many will die. This is a time My children must be patient and rely on Me. Yes, many signs come to pass now. You know we are in the season, and I ask of you to be patient, My children. My heart aches for many more of the lost to see that I am their hope for eternal salvation. Things must spiral even further out of control, as many are stubborn and refuse to see the signs until they directly affect them.

Difficult times increase in your Earth, catastrophes becoming commonplace. These things must pass.

Your earth groans for reconciliation with its Creator. Your planet will now experience even more chaos.

Your entire planet is groaning for balance to be restored. Shifts and changes will take place that will affect the Earth’s inhabitants. NOTE: Could this be a reference to magnetic or rotational pole shifts?

The speeding up of signs prophesied is written of as well. As the contractions of labor come on a woman closer and closer together, so will these signs affecting your Earth.

Can you not recognize the signs? Your planet and its inhabitants are systematically being dismantled. Your forests are burning, your wildlife is dying, your oceans are erupting.

Your sea life is dying. Many birds are dying. Many animals are dying. The weather on your earth is the worst it’s ever been. There are sinkholes everywhere now. There are fireballs falling from the sky.

Your planet is in travail, and soon things will be striking even closer to home for you.

With each passing day, you will see more and more chaos occurring across the expanse of your planet. Times of peace are over, even for your once great nation.

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Innocent Children, Mentally Challenged

Your young children, many wait for a season such as this, but so many suffer. Unborn babies murdered in the womb. Children mutilated, tortured and murdered or forced into sexual slavery. Many orphaned, hungry and afraid. The list of the violations against My children of your planet seems infinite. Your world leaders do nothing to change this. They meet to discuss and solve so-called problems with your environment, but they never discuss these atrocities that are destroying My precious, young children. They want to pass laws making sexual sin with children legal. They want to make it okay to violate the most innocent and pure. The enemy has hardened the hearts and numbed the minds of most people now to what is actually occurring. If it is not affecting you, you do nothing. That is how most see it. The violations against the children have always been occurring, but it has reached a whole new level now. Your humanity will pay the price for letting these abominations continue worldwide. One day there will be not one child left upon your planet. I will receive them into My eternal and loving arms, their forever resting place, where not one will be subject to the enemy, Satan, and his schemes against them. They will live forever, protected from his vile clutches. All at once, the children of this earth will be removed, snatched from the arms of their parents and snatched from the wombs of their mothers. They will be taken from whatever unthinkable situations that they may be subject to. When this occurs, chaos and panic will ensue. Your media and the enemies’ puppets will formulate a lie and spread it throughout the world that the children have been taken by otherworldlies, but My saints will be 100 percent sure that the children are with Me. Not only the children will be gone, but the innocent of mind, the ones who need protection. This will be the first major wake-up call to your planet as a whole. Many other things will occur simultaneously, and many will speculate as to where, why and how did these children vanish? Do not listen to the opinions of the so-called experts. Tell the distraught that their children are with their Creator, their Father in heaven, the One who loves them and will protect them for eternity. Comfort these parents when they are searching for answers. Do not shrink back from broadcasting this message, My daughter. My children need to hear what is to come. I’ve sent many warning signs. My children will be comforted by angels when this occurs. Others will not and will only be comforted by hearing the truth.

The angels in heaven prepare for the changes soon to come. The innocents will soon be arriving while My bride is transformed to fulfill her duties in the harvest of the backslidden and the lost.

The Raptures will take place very closely together. First the innocents, the children, and then My Bride. The children will include all who are child-like in their ability to understand things.

The governments of your world will try to explain away the harpazo of the innocents. Do not fall for their deception, as they will come up with many outrageous explanations.

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Reason for Judgment

This is to My once great nations. They have now brought wrath upon themselves. They were given great gifts and have squandered them at the feet of idols. They do not mourn the bloodshed of the innocent. Their days draw to a close, for no more can I watch them be defiled by the evil one.

America has refused to repent. She has continued down the path to her own destruction. To turn it around now is no longer possible, for many of your once great nation are clinging to the ways of your world. They do not know Me, and they worship Baal. The innocent blood of babes flows under your nation. The abomination of homosexual marriage is becoming the mainstream. Your nation was given much, and it squandered it away on immoral, adulterous lusts that disgust and anger your Creator. The morals of your once great nation erased by greed, selfishness, and Satan himself.

They live for the pleasures of this earth and do not see past tomorrow. I liken them to gluttons who continue to eat of the feast until they destroy their own bodies, never satisfied with enough, but always wanting more. The sins of the flesh devour many, as is the plan of Satan and his fallen ones. The deceived walk along like zombies with insatiable need to please the desires of their flesh and never for one moment looking to their creator to rescue them from themselves. The sins of your world are detestable and will be punished with My wrath, and when those who are living to serve the desires of their flesh finally awaken, when sudden destruction comes upon them, I will not hear their cries.

Many are the detestable things your once great nation has done over her years of existence. Her sin reaches the heavens, and is as a stench to My nostrils. She has made her choices, and they were not the right ones. I will now unleash on her the punishment that fits her. The stars and the stripes will now be moth-eaten and burned beyond recognition. Satan himself has set up shop under her banner. She will be treated as the harlot she is and has willingly become. There will not be one place left untouched by what is coming upon her.

The perversity that is rampant in your land is an abomination to Me and will no longer go unchecked.

I have warned you, once great nation. No more will your decadence pollute this world. The friends you once had will be your friends no longer, and will be ever so pleased with your demise. You have been warned.

Your leaders now are different. They secretly wish for the demise of the apple of My eye.


Woe to you, once great nation. Your hearts waned cold, and your love for Me departed you. You will be destroyed before the very eyes of your inhabitants. Darkness is sure to fall, and many will see their Creator’s hands in these days of destruction.

She has cast Me away from her. She has made her choices, and her very Creator has been cast away. She has exhausted her second chances, and will now see that I am who I say I am, and My wrath will come upon those who work for the evil one. The evil ones will now have to fight a battle, not against flesh and blood, but My power, which is given unto My saints. I will no longer stand back and watch the corrupter corrupt. I will no longer watch My children suffer. I will no longer watch the destruction of My creation. The harlot sings and dances and celebrates, but her celebration will be cut short.

I am no longer part of your once great nation. Surely I am in the hearts of many of your countryman, but I am no longer part of your once great nation.

I have become forgotten in your land, and there are very few that carry Me within their hearts. When I strip the idols from them and it comes down to just their heart and Me, many will see the error of their ways and run back into My mercy filled arms of love and protection. Houses do not matter. Cars do not matter. All of the things that My creation idolizes will be laid waste.

Since you have forgotten Me and thrust Me behind your back, you must bear the consequences of your lewdness and prostitution, once great nation. As you have done it, it will be done onto you. Your deeds will return upon your own head.


nothing has touched your once-great nation as a whole since the terrorist attacks years ago.

Soon chaos will abound in your once great nation. Awaken! Open your eyes! Darkness approaches!

your nation will be changing into some place you will not even recognize. Death is coming to America.

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Benefits of Judgment

Do not fear, for these things must happen, for this is what is written. All words written must come to pass.

So many earth changes. So much destruction. My hand controls all of this, and soon all eyes will see that they need to call upon the Creator.

I do not allow these calamities on My creation as punishment. I allow these things to wake you up. I cannot stand to see My creation wallowing in sin any longer.

Sadly for many, it will take the destruction of the world around them for them to wake up and see that I am real. They will continue on in their lives with their heads buried in the sand until the alarm bell sounds so loudly that they will be shaken to their cores. Oh, how I wish you all would have your eyes opened before the shaking starts. For many, this will be an awful time of mourning and distress like no other time in history. I do not want this for My beloved creation. I do not want many to experience what is coming upon your Earth. It hurts My heart so much to see even one My children have to suffer what is coming. But if you are not awakened soon, it will take what is coming to awaken you.

Do not fear for the lost. Live by faith that they will quickly see My truth once supernatural things begin to occur.

You will see chaos in coming days, but you will also see My divine intervention. Many of My lost will return to Me, and many will arrive Home, a true Home with their true Father, for the first time when they accept Me into their hearts.

Many will have their eyes opened to My Almighty Presence as they are spared death through the most earth shattering of cataclysms.

When the lost catch a glimpse of their Shepherd, they will be shown instantly and supernaturally that I AM their Creator and Protector.

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Earthquakes, storms, fires, tidal waves, mass animal die-offs, sinkholes, civil unrest and more. My loves, you know many of these things have been taking place since the formation of your earth. But now, these things are occurring more and more often. These disasters have been spread out across your entire planet over distance and time. Many do not view these as Signs. They think that the times that you are living in are no different from any other time on your earth.

All that you see and hear is destruction. Yet you think it is the same today as yesterday? No, it isn’t.

Many are not hearing or heeding My warnings. They are doubting. They think that nothing has come to pass so it probably never will, or they are thinking that there is plenty of time for them to operate and frolic in your world without recognizing the times that they are in.

When there are time lapses between events, people often forget and move on with their lives while people affected by the tragedy try to get back to some semblance of normal.

Though tragedy strikes so far, open your eyes now, My children…My hand shakes your earth, though it may be far from you, My hand shakes your earth. Maybe you don’t feel the shaking where you live now, but My hand shakes your earth. Soon many will feel and hear of this devastation.

You have been seeing some signs already come to pass in your once great nation, but again, it has been one area at a time. Future events will affect all in your once great nation. Future events will not be localized but nationalized.

Things will be changing to a level of chaos and destruction like no other time. Things are going to intensify and even the most adamant of scoffer will have to admit that this is a whole new level of catastrophic events that will be taking place in your once great nation.

So few with ears to hear. If the plagues and disasters don’t affect them directly, their ears are closed, even when they can hear the news and see the pictures of the tragedy occurring in other places. They go on as if everything is wonderful, as if nothing can touch them. My servants have put out warning after warning for many years now, and still, many people remain in this world, only worried about the next sporting event, the next new movie, the next new phone, or the next party, as if they have no cares in the world. When they see what is to come upon your once great nation and the nations across the entire planet, they will wish they had heeded My warnings and turned towards their Creator.

They are too caught up in their daily lives to even glance at their Creator.

It is My hope that many will see Me through these signs. Stubborn people, We must push these things upon your earth now. Wake up, lost ones, wake up! Your heads are buried in the sand. Can’t you see the signs coming upon you? They may seem far away, but they will be growing near to you now. Wake up, once great nation! See Me through the ashes. Look at Me in the rubble that was created by My hand. Wake up, once great nation! You have pulled from the mouth of the beast a hook and left him to reap what he sows in your once great nation. He has no mercy, and wants as many to fall as he can receive. You are weak to him, just a number.

People think that there is a way to turn back the clock and see your once great nation, and even the world, become again how they were when I was the foundation. My hedge of protection has now been removed from your once great nation.

Many hold out hope that you can make things better on your Earth and in your once great nation. They are foolish. There is no turning back. They think that their politics can change things. It is far too late for that. Things have already been set into motion. Now is the beginning of the beginning of the end for your once great nation.

Every day you will hear about a new problem. These things might not be affecting most, so people will ignore and hope for the best by grabbing onto and focusing on the things of this world like their jobs, relationships, finances and past times. They can turn away from the reality that is unfolding right before their eyes and simply pretend it is not happening. That is until it truly hits home. For your once great nation, it will be hitting home soon.

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Protection and Plan

I do nothing without first warning My sheep.

I do not warn My children to bring fear upon them, but to prepare them. I do not want My children living in fear. I want them to know that they will be Protected under My wings, lifted up and removed from the path of destruction, held tightly in the palm of My hand, blinded to the carnage and the chaos. There will be a time when they are assigned as My field workers and harvesters, yes, but they will be shielded and kept from the sudden destruction at hand. Many say My children must suffer with the rest of mankind who have no part in Me. How could this be true, My loves? How? Then, was not My blood shed for not? My children will be shielded and protected and celebrated. My children do not need to suffer again the pain that I already bore. The enemy plants these falsehoods around and among My sheep. I say, rest easy in My finished work, My loves, for I will not abandon you to suffer with the evil ones. The people that have turned away from Me will be forced to see and suffer the consequences of their choices. They will know that I AM the I AM and the Creator once and for all. Their pride is what kept them from calling on Me. Nothing else but stubborn pride. I know the hearts of each man, and I know what is on the inside, and I know why they do the things that they do. I know the demons that they encase, and I also know if My truth is truly burned deep within their hearts. This will be a great separation, My loves, and awakening for all of My children and a rude awakening for those who do not choose My truth but are caught into the snare of deception of the enemy. Trust Me now, My children. Trust Me.

You will witness some of the trials to come, but you will be protected.

Yes, you will be challenged, but with Me by your side. You will arise to whatever you are faced with.

My children will be under My protection. My children should not be fearful.

When the flames surround you, you will be at peace. When the earth shakes underfoot, you will be at peace. When your ocean covers your coastlands, you will be at peace. When the sky turns black, you will be at peace. When violence surrounds you, you will be at peace. When you suffer and hunger, you will be at peace. When you cannot quench your thirst, you will be at peace.

You need to receive My warnings so you will be prepared and not be afraid.

Do not fear, for these things must happen, for this is what is written. All words written must come to pass. You are protected, My sheep, but you must warn the others. For them there will be no protection.

Many will call out for Me, and I will receive them. Others will cry out to Me, and they will be left to suffer, for I know the depths of each man’s heart.

Remain in peaceful calm when these things begin to happen. You will be here for a time and in that time you will be My witness to many.

My sheep, you know that the day I gather you will come quickly after the catastrophes begin.

My sheep will see times of trouble but only for a little while.

Things will be turning far worse before I step in to change the course. My children need to be prepared for what lies ahead.

I will reveal the plan of the enemy to you before it unfolds, and you will be prepared to do exactly what I ask of you.

You all have special assignments awaiting you, and you will see My grand plan begin to unfold very soon.

An army of new believers young and strong will arise to lead the charge of spreading My truth and defeating the schemes of the enemy.

I will show you My perfection through all things, even when things become treacherous in your once great nation and your world.

The field-work which I have prepared for you during this harvest time will be hard work, but I have meticulously prepared each and every one of you and you are ready for the challenge. You are My end-time army, and you are ready beyond your own imagination for battle.

You will see and experience some of the things leading up to the three days of darkness – earthquakes, tidal waves, flooding, sink holes, volcanic eruptions, human tragedy, disease, pestilence – all the sum of cumulative darkness in this fallen world.

I will orchestrate perfection when these events begin to occur…You will be doing exactly what I want you to be doing, and you will BE exactly where I want you to be…The end-time events have been set in place since the foundation of your world. No amount of interference by the enemy and no amount of prayer even from My most fervent of praying children will change the order or postpone the events that have been set in time on My eternal clock.

You will be under My protection during the coming three days of darkness. You will not feel pain during your transformation but a tingling sensation as your flesh changes into a harmonic spiritual being, bright and glowing; the original state in which I created mankind before his fall to evil flesh in The Garden of Eden. Those of you who have prepared your things – food and provisions, etc., these will be utilized by those who do not know Me, but who will come to know Me during the 40 days of chaos following the Rapture of My Church.

There will be three days of darkness where My Bride will be transformed into her new, incorruptible body. During this time she will be visible to others, but they will clearly see the changes taking place in My Bride. People will look on and off as My Bride puts on the new and discards the old. She will be given a new flesh, that is not flesh as you would recognize it as flesh: an incorruptible flesh. She will be given heightened awareness into the spiritual realm. She will be one in thought with the entirety of My Bride, and they will come together to receive their garments and their duties…My Bride is very important and will lead many Home to Me.

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Quantifying Descriptions

There will be calamity coming, not only in your once-great nation, but throughout your earth.

this is the time when things will begin to unfold. Things that have never happened before in the history of your earth.

The day of My protection over your once great nation is no longer.

I have removed My hand of protection from your once great nation. There will be no area safe from the devastation that is coming.

My hand of protection is gone over your once great nation. I will use wind, water and fire. I will shake your earth with My mighty hand, and I will use mankind, himself, to devour his own in the name of his man-made religion.

Events will come upon your once great nation now that will cause many people to pass away.

Many lost will perish in the catastrophes that are coming quickly upon your Earth now. Some made by man, others as your Earth reels out of control.

Things are about to take a turn for the worst. When the worst natural and man-made disasters in human history start to unfold over the entire world in a short succession, then will the lost turn to their Savior?

The floodgates of Hell are opening up on your planet now. It will be too many things, big things at once, for people not to recognize that these are signs of the end.

Things are coming now that the human race has never had to deal with in the past. Things will be unrecognizable to you. People will be perplexed and shaking with fear.

So many things will come to pass in rapid succession.

Soon everyone will be affected in one way or another.

Not one will be shielded from seeing the destruction.

There will be no reprieve once the calamities start.

There will be no peace. There will be no rest.

The sun is setting on your once great nation, and you will soon see that things will cease to exist the way they are, and your comforts will be gone. Many will perish, and many will return to Me. This is all in My Word and will all come to pass.

You will long for the comforts you know right now, every food and drink with ease. You will see what it feels like to hunger, and you will weep and wail and lament, for your old ways of life will be so far away and never return.

Once the earth is burning, there will be no more safe place

The peace and safety you’ve enjoyed will no longer be.

The days coming upon your Earth will be like none in history.

You have never seen what is about to come, never in your history, and these things will never be history.

These things that are coming can not be imagined by the human mind.

The events that will befall your earth will be indescribable in human terms.

No man can imagine the things in store.

You will be shocked by what you are seeing.

There will be mayhem like never witnessed before in your world.

The judgment on your nation will be swift and severe.

Awesome tragedy will befall your once great nation. Not one will be left unaffected.

Your once great nation will never be the same again.

The wars of man are nothing compared to what is coming. War with demons, not of your world.

With just one finger I shake the foundations, the foundations of your homes, buildings, cities and governments. No one will live in the peace and comfort they have known. They will long for a normal day, but they will never again receive one.

Nothing will stay the same. Comfort will be lost. Nothing that matters now will matter then.

Disasters that have taken place in the past and recent past will not hold a candle to what is coming, My Children. You will only have your memories of what once was.

Things will be coming to your doorstep now. Things have happened in your nation, yes, in the past in small doses and few and far between…The time is coming, My loves, where everyone from the largest city to the smallest of towns will be affected in one way or another. Your way of life will be forever changed, and though the people of your once great nation will pursue normalcy, they will never find their version of normal again. What is coming is huge. Your once great nation will be shaken to its foundations, and there will be no one coming to rescue you. No one. As an island on her own, she will lie in ruin with not a friend in the world.

The terror felt within will be worst than the events themselves.

There are no words for all of the destruction coming to your world now, this is just the beginning. As the final times approach, things will seem to spiral out of control.

Do not confuse what is coming on your planet right now with the wrath of the Father. Many things are being allowed on your planet, but let no one confuse you. When the true wrath of the Father is unleashed, the inhabitants of your planet will wish for their own deaths. They will not be able to escape what is coming. The true and full wrath of the Father will not be poured out until the Ruach Ha’Kodesh is removed. Then, there will be nothing but evil, for there will be nothing to keep the evil at bay, and the wrath of the Father will make the people know that He is the Creator and the All-powerful of the universe.

There will be nothing left to bring people joy anymore, no green, only grey, no color. This earth will be void of color. Joy is a fruit of the Holy Spirit. He will be void when My saints are taken. Human eyes will not be able to see color, just blah. All the comforts will elude them. No more animals or sea life. Nothing will be the same. Nothing inspired by God or the creation thereof will be left, nothing left at all.

time on your earth as you know it will shortly be coming to a close.

Your Earth is on its final journey.

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There will be great earthquakes and unthinkable weather coming to your nation now.

I will look and make your once great nation tremble. Your ancient mountains will crumble, and your age-old hills will collapse.

I will shake your Earth, and I will split your nation in two.

The earthquake will hit a major city, and the destruction will be overwhelming. This will change the landscape of your nation now.

A great earthquake is coming to your land. Your government will try to help but will only be able to help a small number. No food, no water, no electricity will be common place and to add insult to injury it is going to be cold, freezing cold. Chaos describes the scene as the people fight for what is left. Looting and stealing scraps of food for survival. The eventual suffering will be immeasurable. People will be rounded up like cattle and put into internment camps. There will be no toleration of any type of free speech as you know it in your once great nation. The location of this earthquake will surprise many. Even the experts will be perplexed as to how and why its devastation stretches so far. This will be a game changer for your once great nation. The so called friends of your nation will do little to help. They will be digging out of their own problems. This is a message to America.

Blackness is coming to your neighborhood soon. Lights will be off. No electricity. This will be the beginning. There will be no time at that point. It will be too late to get supplies. I will keep you safe though. The pain and suffering to those who do not know Me will be great, and this will be just the beginning of things to come. I will allow earthquakes and storms to your Earth, and there will be many things otherworldly. Your life as you know it will cease to exist, and the flowers will all die. There won’t be anyone to turn to, and all of you will fight against one another, because common decency will cease to exist. There will be no rule of law, and scraps of food will mean life and death as many will kill for a small crumb. I warn My messengers, but still many don’t believe Me. All the preparation in the world cannot prepare for what is to come. Your supplies of food and water will only last so long and will be taken for what they say is the greater good, which is no good at all.

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A whirlwind is upon your once great nation and you will see the effects on the coasts first, then moving inward to the center. There will be nowhere left to hide, but under the protection of My wing.

You will not recognize your once great nation as fire and water will rape the lands. Many will lose their lives, and much suffering is coming. Your nation will receive her judgment, starting on the coastal areas and moving inward. Your nation will wake up to what path you have chosen as a nation. A path without recognition of the Father and of their Creator. A path leading to destruction.

Great earthquakes causing great waves of destruction over your coastlands are coming.

I have said before, your oceans would cover your coast-lands. Has this already come to pass? There is more, much more.

This is a message to America. Quakes causing tsunamis to come upon your coastland will occur. Many people will perish. The elements will rule. Earth shaking, water covering, fire burning.

The coastal cities will go first through quaking and flooding, while fire rains down on your once great nation. Things will happen as I say. Wait and see. Wait and see, oh scoffers.

Woe to the coast-land cities. No more will they stand as reminders of your once great nation. They will be covered with the waters of the oceans, and your cities inland will be burnt to the ground. Nothing but ashes remaining.

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When things happen on your coastlands, your entire nation will burn with the fire, and time will be man’s enemy as the fire spreads, burning up the interior regions.

As fire rains on your Earth, as My hand shakes your Earth, My children are not afraid.

Soon I will shake your Earth. You will see fire in the sky, and by water, your lands will be made useless. So many things have already started to come to pass.

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The clouds of ash will rise above the earth and the red lava will escape its place within. So many earth changes, so much destruction. My hand controls all of this. And soon all eyes will see that they need to call upon the Creator. People will flee the cities and find no comfort in the countryside, for there is no escaping what is coming to your earth. The violence in your earth-changes, you will see, has never been seen before. Many buildings will fall, and your paved streets will crumble. Ashes will fall from your skies, and fires will burn around you. Your mountains will be made flat, and your flat lands upheaved. There will be no direction safe to flee, and your comforts of today will be yours no longer.

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Meteors, Outer Space

Pestilence, famines, wars and earthquakes in the most diverse places, volcanos and the signs in the heavens will put My believers into a state of high alert.

Your sun will become noticeably brighter and hotter. NOTE: Could this be a reference to changes to our sun or to our atmosphere?

Soon there will be signs in your sky seen by all. Once this occurs My bride will be able to speak to many about My plan of salvation.

Do not fear for the lost. Live by faith that they will quickly see My truth once supernatural things begin to occur in your once great nation and throughout your earth and in your skies.

Outer space will begin colliding with your once great nation and the world like nothing you’ve ever witnessed in the past. Things will never go back to what you perceive as normal. Once these things start, the end of the earth as you’ve known it will have begun.

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Famine, Lack

Terrible things lie on the horizon for your once great nation and your world. The times are rapidly approaching where you won’t have supply of the things you are used to having. There will be great lack coming upon your great nation and the world.

All other nations will feel sorry for you, though they will offer very little help. Fickle friends are they. Your people will be ravaged by hunger, and their thirst will overcome them, your water contaminated, nothing to wet your tongue with, you evil, despicable, once great nation.

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Diseases of old will be returning to your earth now in new and untreatable forms.

Many will be affected by deadly plagues, but My children will not only be protected but sent out to heal.

things will start to fall apart in this world around you, worse than ever, violence, earth changes leading to destruction, never before seen illnesses, so much pain, so much depravity.

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Financial, Economy, Transportation

your economy will collapse, and there will be chaos.

Paper money will not be worth the paper that it is printed on.

Many things will strike at once. Many diversions, much confusion, and My sheep will know when the bottom begins to fall out. You will see the financial system begin to collapse, and you will see that it will be no longer be easy to just go to the store and purchase food or water. Your transportation system will stop. Many will be taken to camps where food and water will be promised to them. There, they will be eventually held against their will.

Your economy will fail. There will be no way to access your bank accounts. Your money will be worthless.

Once your financial system is brought to its knees, for a time, cash will be the only way to transact business.

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Crime, Violence, Civil Unrest, Social Changes

Satan will attempt to take away your right to assemble in My Name. Officials of your once great nation are working hard to make My followers appear like the ones who are actually lost.

Many of you are already experiencing attacks from your families and friends about your relationship with Me. When you try to share Me or warn them about what is to come they scoff and even become angry. This is going to happen more and more.

More heinous crime will be sweeping your once great nation than ever before. Even in the small towns, not just the big cities. A whole new level of violence will be witnessed, instigated by individuals who are infected by demonic forces. Unthinkable crimes will be perpetrated against an unsuspecting public. A new and even deeper level of spiritual darkness is coming, once great nation. I must warn you of these things. A palpable evil will be seen and felt like never in the past.

a new level of violence striking even the most innocent in society, violence against unsuspecting people who have done nothing but be present in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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Spiritual Powers, Government, Foreign Armies

I wish for none of My creation to perish, but sadly, there will be those who don’t wake up in time. They will fall under the spell of the enemy, Satan, for he will offer them his own version of heaven, and they will accept and receive what He says as truth. He will tantalize them, and they will give in to the lusts of their flesh…He bates them with technology. He bates them with the quest of the precious dollar, and he bates them with all sorts of sexual perversions and entertainment. He attacks the youth and promises them false peace and prosperity. He makes everything about “a good time” with no consequence for tomorrow. All of these young minds with no hope or plan for a future, because their minds have been destroyed by him. He works to take away the fundamental premise of mankind by destroying families and by destroying marriage. The enemy tantalizes the youth with promises that take their minds out of reality and fill them full of false hope.

They, the evil one and his workers, are coming closer and closer to unleashing unprecedented havoc on your once great nation and upon your Earth.

Attacks from every angle: Environmental, financial, even other-worldly. This is the truth. This is the plan of Satan and his minions. This has been played over and over in your entertainment throughout your history. So now nothing will come as a huge surprise. Your government will say they want to help you. They will say they want to protect you and keep you safe. These are lies. They are evil, and you need to be aware that they are part of Satan’s plans.

As My creation stops valuing human life, My children will see things unfold faster and faster. They, the powers of your world, are manipulating you, those who they may. They will have you believe without a doubt that what is being done is being done for the greater good. The value and sanctity of life has deteriorated since the beginning, but when the majority of people are convinced that genocide is for the greater good, this is a time in which I must step in. These things will soon be taking place in your once great nation. Powers that be, the armies of Satan, will deem many a danger to your society and they will be exterminated. His armies have been preparing for years. Step out of your world view and step into the supernatural view. What is happening in your world is directly linked to what is happening in the supernatural. Satan and his armies are fully engaged right now. This will be coming to you soon. This will be coming to your nation soon. He is putting all of his ducks in a row on the world stage, and he is patiently waiting for just the right time to strike in your once great nation. All the signs are pointing to the things that are written in My Word. Human value for life is almost gone. Demons control many, and there will be many to follow.

The ruler of the air believes he is going to steal many from Me. Once people see that I am the I AM and the Creator, their hearts will turn towards Me, and they will be brought under My wing. Do not be deceived by the ultimate deceiver. He will masquerade as an angel of light, bringing miracles and spectacles your eyes have never seen. Many will be deceived, but even more will sense his evil and turn to their Creator.

The leaders on your planet scheme together to fool the masses. They do not care or want the best for you. Do not be fooled by them. There is a grand scheme that Satan has set in motion

Keep your eyes on the Nations of the world, as the wars and rumors of wars continue to circulate. But your focus will be removed from war and put onto the cataclysmic events that take place in your own nation. You will have events that shadow the wars for some time, and war in the end will also be the result.

Your government and many elected officials are part of Satan’s armies. Some of My sheep are even unwittingly going along with Satan’s schemes.

Much is happening in your world right now. The governments work behind the scenes to take away the will of the people with secret back-room deals being brokered with the evil one, himself. Your government is comprised of 99% evil and will cease to exist, for I can not stomach what it is that they are doing in the name of the prince of the air. Their hope for their future is based on the death of many in your once great nation and around the world. Their hatred for you is what pushes them along this path of destruction that they are on. They think they deserve, and will someday soon have, your nation and the world to themselves, an elect and very few evil people. They scheme and they come up with ways to kill and bring people into so much distress that the people will simply give up and want death. They want no American dream as they used to say. They want you all in a nightmare, crying for a crumbs to fall from their feast. They want nothing good for you to the point of death. Their hatred for you is palpable, and they will not stop at anything to reach the point to which many of you are exterminated. The ones afraid to die will live as slaves to serve them for their own preservation, living is darkness simply as slaves. This is the plan your government and many elites have for you. You will live in holes as slaves to them and have no life at all, only breath and a body, that you can exercise no free will. This is their plan for all the people in the world and has been the plan since the fall in the garden. Satan is their ruler, and he knows he has been defeated, but he continues to move forward with this plan in your once great nation and all across the world. Only the affluent and important people in the know understand what is coming, and they are preparing for what they believe to be a utopia, finally, just for them. I will thwart their plan, My children. I will crush this plan of theirs. Just like the wedding supper of the Lamb, they have a grand banquet planned under the ground of your once great nation. They have stored up the finest delicacies and are waiting for what is coming to be unleashed. They will go underground and leave many to die. They have known for decades what is coming to pass, as they have been told by the demons of Satan. They give false events many times so that when the time really comes, know one will be prepared, but now this will come to pass, and you will see them all disappear to their safety underground while you are left to face this cataclysmic event. But what they do not know is that I will protect My flock, and My flock will not be harmed, and they will have to resurface. It is My promise that My children will never be enslaved again.

This will be a time of great division in your once great nation. There will be more fighting within your Government and its people. Your nation was founded on Godly principles, and now it’s crumbling under the weight of its own Government. Your leaders are part of a great scheme of the dragon as he tries to systematically break apart your once great nation.

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War, Attacks

Missiles will fall from your skies.

Soon My hand will shake your earth. Your once-great nation will come under attack far worse than what has been experienced in the past. There will be several nuclear power plants attacked. These plants will begin to leak radiation, not to mention much of the water supply will be tainted, and there will be huge areas experiencing a power-blackout. This has been planned for a long time within your government and within elite circles. Tell My people to prepare with food and water. Learn about radiation and how to protect yourselves from it. Do not delay as this is happening soon. The states are California, Arizona, Illinois, Florida, New Jersey and Colorado. My children, please prepare, so you can be ready when this event takes place.

cataclysmic manmade disasters propagated by the evil one, himself–some nuclear in nature. Watch out America.

The nations and powers that be of your world are lining up against one another and the Apple of My Eye, Israel. They gather together secretly forming alliances and planning strategies to destroy the Apple of My Eye and bring your once great nation to its knees.

The other nations that border you are weak, and the oceans are an open door to the nations and the evil ones who wish to harm you. Israel, the Apple of My Eye is surrounded by those that hate her and is used to sitting in the mist of a hornet’s nest. Your country has never seen a full scale attack launched by a very prepared and numerous enemy. Most of the people of your nation will have no idea what hit them. They will be shocked and surprised, and they will comply with what the enemy wishes in order to survive. The ruler of your earth must have your once great nation weakened and brought to its knees for there are more here who believe in the Son than any other nation and more who will fight against his plans in the future.

Your once great nation will have no pride left in the fall. Many will perish and most will not fight back.

Nations and people you thought were your allies will turn a blind eye to your suffering America. You will be on your own with no one to rescue you. You will call upon Me, once great nation, but I will only hear a few of you. You have turned your back on your creator, and now, I will turn My back on you.

Attacks will be coming upon your once great nation, your economy will collapse, and there will be chaos. Marshall Law will eventually be the norm and the freedoms that you now know will be gone forever.

The people of other nations will come upon your destruction. This is their opportunity to offer their support, but they will overtake you. Your once great nation will fall and cease to exist. Do not deny Me, and fight to the death for My name. They will enslave you and hurt you, and you will suffer under them. Do not go with them, and do not be implanted by them. This is how they will keep you numbered and this will simply allow them to use you as slaves. All of the sick, the elderly and the diseased will be slaughtered.

Nations will rise against nations and your nation will be the target…Terror will strike on your shores and in the heartland of your once great nation. They will do the unthinkable to your men, women and children. And even when your authorities try to intervene they will have no way of preventing this atrocity. Many will die at the hands of a few. Your country will be changed from that point and will never return to the way you once were. You will no longer posses the feeling of safety that you’ve grown so accustomed to. Nothing close to this magnitude has occurred yet on the world stage. And it will leave your leaders dumbfounded when they try to investigate how such an event could have been orchestrated. There will be not one left unaffected by this event…To usher in the new world order, there needs to be a reason. This event will be the precursor to a cashless system and the mark of the beast. This event will bring your financial system to its knees and at least for a time, cash will be the only way to transact business…When they try to reinstate credit, the only way to transact business will be this mark…There will be the initial attack on your heartland and on your coastlands by both evil doers and your nation will suffer in climate chaos. The safety of the American people will wane and the once prosperous and fruitful nation will flail hopelessly in the storm

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Great Deception, the Mark, the Beast System

There will be a powerful deception that will take place.

The almighty dollar that you are slaves to will die, and you will become slaves of a new system designed to kill whomever receives it.

there will be many better tantalized by the system of the beast and the lie in which it is perpetuated.

the only way your flesh can be tainted to a point in which the Ruach Ha’Kodesh cannot fill your vessels is by the manipulation of Satan. For if you take the mark, it manipulates your genetics and puts inside of you a seed of iniquity that the Ruach Ha’Kodesh cannot share space with.

If they take this implant, they are going to be unfit for occupation by My Ruach Ha’Kodesh, Holy Spirit. This is so important that people know this. This is part of the coming great deception. When people are scared, suffering and hungry, the implant will be the answer. The implant will be offered to them so they can get food, medicine and vaccinations against horrific diseases. This implant is part of the great deception.

Warn the lost to not take this chip! Once they take this, they will become permanently modified and will no longer be My creation but a mutation of such.


There will be many calamities coming upon your earth, My children that will easily disrupt your once great nation and the world. There will be earthquakes, volcanoes, fires and meteors. Chaos will ensue, and many will look to their militarized government to bail them out. Once this starts, your once great nation and the world will never go back to how it once was. At this point, the fallen angels, the ones who orchestrated all of these events, will come on the scene to the rescue. They will come as angels of light, but My sheep will be able to see that they are false and very evil beings. Many people will willingly go with and participate with what these fallen ones are perpetrating to their own demise. They are evil, and will appear as light. They will appear to want what is good for the earth, but nothing can be further from the truth. Many will embrace them and their so-called plans for the earth’s redemption. People will long for their old way of life, and the impostors will promise them a new day and a new utopia. Many will fall for their lies.

Your nation and many around the world are being set up, set up for the great deception, all of the angles being put into place by the evil one. He is a master of deception and lies and is very patient…He has waited throughout the history of your once great nation and the world for his chance to steal many from their creator. He will seize this opportunity to steal many from Me.

The job of the Bride will not be easy, but she will be equipped with her new and glorious body, filled with My supernatural Light and Love. The impostors – though children of light – will be filled with darkness sent to confuse and mislead humans, choosing Satan as their father, instead of their actual Father Creator. These impostors will be arriving on the scene soon. Most of the people of the world are completely unaware of all that is to come and will be totally taken by surprise.

You, My bride, will not feel pain during your transformation but a tingling sensation as your flesh changes into a harmonic spiritual being, bright and glowing; the original state in which I created mankind before his fall to evil flesh in The Garden of Eden.

There are many who will remain on this earth who My Bride will be in charge of turning towards their Creator. There will be an evil and a good. There will be evil and good hearts, and the good hearts will truly know their Father and will be able to see that My Bride is of Me and that the “others” are impostors.

When people see the impostors – they will think that they are part of My Bride, but people with Me will quickly figure out the Truth. Warn people! The “people of light” are truly dark and they are put on this earth to be nothing but deceivers.

They are otherworldly in nature and very convincing. They will pursue the attention of all peoples of the world, and they will deceive many. They are put here by the enemy to distract My elect, and they will succeed for some, but most of My sheep will see through their charade, and My sheep will expose them as a tool of the enemy to lead My flock astray. Warn My elect, so they know that this great deception draweth nigh.

The new ones will take over with authority and the only way to stay alive will be to obey them. They are purely evil but so tantalizing to the weak of mind.

Warn people of the great deception. The weak will lose their minds to them. They will present themselves as friendly, but they are Satan’s creation. They are his. Goodness is not in them no matter what they do or say. All they speak is a lie. They will be filled with such warmth, but they are really ice cold. Many will be deceived by this. The weak of mind will go and follow where they lead.

The wars of man are nothing compared to what is coming. War with demons, not of your world.

The visitors from space are demons. They are not your friends. They do not come in peace. They cannot heal your sick or solve the problems of this earth. They cannot stop war or feed the hungry. They are about destruction. They deceive you. So easily will they deceive.

I must use My Bride to convince those that know of Me and just don’t KNOW Me OR My Word not to fall for this great deception.

There is coming a time when every eye will see and many will be deceived by the trickery of the enemy. A great deception will come upon your earth, and many will fall for this lie. For many years, mankind has been conditioned and will believe the governments and the media hype surrounding this deception. These deceivers will be looked upon as saviors of your fallen planet. When they arrive on the scene, it will be during chaos, and they will be welcomed with open arms. First, your economy will fail. There will be no way to access your bank accounts. Your money will be worthless. When they remove the cash system, they will mandate the mark, and that will be the only way people will be able to receive medicines, food and necessities. There will be no more commerce and business as there has been in the past. Everything will come under the control of a new multi-national leaders coalition with one primary leader promising new beginnings with a better outlook to the future, a promise of peace and worldwide community that will usher in a new age of love and acceptance, promises of no more judgment. All people will be treated with respect and receive everything to meet their needs. Every single person will receive the same amount of money. The chip will regulate what each individual can spend. There will be the creation of a one world currency, and in doing this, it will ensure that no one can get ahead or save, but will be 100 percent reliant on their government to meet their every need. Once the collapse of the economies world wide begins, expect the arrival of the “otherworld-lies” on the scene. They will help to facilitate the one-world currency and government, acting as helpful overseers, only facilitating this new-age agenda. Do not be fooled by the elites in your nations. Do not be fooled by the governments of this world. If you are not prepared for what is coming, you will surely receive this mark, and you will not withstand the hour of trial. Your earth is under siege right now. Watch as more and more earthquakes and volcanoes occur. The weather across the world continues to spiral out of control with many lives lost. These patterns will worsen and will continue with death tolls rising and mass destruction across the globe. The elites are prepared for this. They are ready, and they are already working with the “otherworld-lies” to orchestrate world chaos. People will long for peace and security. They will long for safety, and they will be programmed to think on a global level as opposed to an individual one. The order of occurrences, I will not share, but I will share with you some of what is coming. Again, the economy will collapse, and there will be a shortage of food and water. America will be overtaken by strong forces from other nations, and the current elite and government will be in on this and allow these things to occur, for your leader will rise to power when the “others” step in and elect him, for to them, he is simply a puppet. All the governments of the world will fall under this new one world economic system, and there will no longer be independent nations, but a multi-national coalition with a new world order under the false pretenses of peace and safety.

There will be several harvests, My children, and some of My warrior saints shall be changed in order that they are able to undertake the task that I lay before them of harvesting the winter wheat. The governments of your world will try to explain away the harpazo of the innocents. Do not fall for their deception, as they will come up with many outrageous explanations.

The “others” will do all they can to convince those left behind to be led by the new world government. The lie that they perpetuate will convince many that I am a lie and that the mass disappearances can be explained away…This is where My warriors come in, going to those they knew in their new glorified bodies and convincing them to go to the pre-appointed and protected Goshens for safe-keeping.

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Uncategorized Lists of Troubles

Pay attention now. Spring is coming across your once great nation. As the flowers bloom, troubles will begin to unfold.

Your way of life as it has been is coming to an abrupt end. No longer will there be peace in your once great nation. No longer will there be prosperity in your once great nation. Hunger is coming. Hatred is here.

Sudden destruction WILL come upon your land, water and fire, quaking and rumbling.

Fires, wind, hail, earthquakes, tidal waves, outbreaks of disease, floods, drought, pestilence, mass animal die-offs will increase exponentially now.

Weather, storms, floods, volcanos, earthquakes, tsunamis around the world and in your once great nation.

Everything occurring in your nation and around this world will continue to spiral out of control.

My children, wind, water, and fire are coming upon your nations now. There will be great shakings, for My hand will shake your earth, and My breath will blow upon your oceans. There will come great human suffering

The weather will be taking its toll on your once great nation as well as extreme droughts, fires and earthquakes in other areas. Areas that have never seen earthquakes will shortly be rattled.

The many catastrophic events that will be coming against your once great nation are too many to be numbered, extreme weather, extreme drought, extreme violence among the people of the cities, towns and in the countryside.

Open your Bibles and you will be given wisdom to see what will be coming upon your Earth: War, storms, drought, earthquakes, hunger, starvation, disease, pain, suffering. All signs imaginable coming at your Earth from all different directions. It is all written of in My Word, if you seek to find it.

With the events that are beginning to unfold, there will be no reprieve. The time has come. The daughter of Babylon will be under attack now, attacks from every angle: Financial, civil unrest, foreign armies, and I will shake your Earth.

The attacks of the enemy will be physical and also on your Earth: earthquakes, floods, tidal waves, droughts, disease, hunger, starvation, unworldly visitations, evil-spirit possessions as never seen before.

The enemy will be instrumental in many things that will befall your once great nation. There will be financial calamities, social unrest, and heightened violence. Things are going to get bad

Violence will erupt. Wars will erupt. There will be continual large earthquakes in diverse places. Volcanoes will erupt, and all of this is written and will without a doubt come to pass.

All the things you’ve been warned about will now begin. All of this is in My word if you look for it, earthquakes in diverse places, water passing over your once great nation laying behind it great destruction, harsh weather and extreme violence in your cities and towns. All of these things have been happening since the beginning, but not like this. You will see that things are far worse than they’ve ever been in the past. The blinders that have been put on some of you by the enemy will be torn off by Me. There will be no place to escape, and everyone will know that the beginning of the end is here now. Men’s hearts will fail them with fear, and the chaos and destruction will strike all parts of your nation, even places not on your coastlands. All eyes will focus on the destruction, and your once great nation will fall very rapidly. You will have an enemy within, and it will be no longer your freedom you will be fighting for but your lives. You will see soon enough the beginning of what is surely comings.

Bridges will fall, highways will crumble. Travel will be made very difficult. Life itself will never be the same for your once great nation. You will be abandoned by your civil servants and be left to fend for yourself. Your evil government will fend for itself. There will be no more rescuing people. That will come to an end. These things will happen quickly.

Earthquakes in diverse places, volcanic destruction world wide, otherworldly visitors, tyrannical and out of control governments and leaders, placing their own people in harms way for personal gain of wealth and power, anarchy, complete loss of faith in elected government officials. What was once good and dependable will be no more. Food and water shortages, leading to riots as food supplies dwindle and water turns into an invaluable commodity. Your lakes and streams will be made like poison. The civil unrest will be beaten back by the new tyrannical governments of the new world order. There will be no more voice of the people. The luxuries of freedom many take for granted is soon to come to an end. There will be attacks on the soil of your once great nation. There will be no power to run your homes or fuel to run your cars. Your once great nation will be in the darkness not only spiritual but physical. Many more of Satan’s demons will be released to torment the lost and deceived ones. This is coming, My children. Of this, be certain.

You will see storms and weather disasters like never before, chaos in your streets like never before, violence abounding. You will see very large earthquakes spanning the globe. You will see evil unleashed, and the hearts of many will grow increasingly cold. The headlines in your media will tell a story of a collapse of your modern society.

You will see earthquakes in several areas of your once great nation. You will see more storms across your once great nation and the world, flooding in some areas and droughts in others. Your sun will become noticeably brighter and hotter. In places it will become colder and colder on your Earth, weather extremes continuing and growing more severe across your planet, mega-quakes and tsunamis, lightning like you’ve never seen before, more powerful and destructive weather events than ever in history, many man-made disasters as well

The Earth-changes will be severe and remarkable, both people and animals adversely affected. The governments of your world will hold emergency summits to discuss strategies to deal with the social and economic fallout. Many people will perish, and this will be just the very beginning. Mass animal and fish die-offs have already been occurring and will continue worldwide. What can go wrong will go wrong, and the governments of the world will struggle to keep chaos from erupting when people have no food, no water and no power.

The world’s economies are on shaky ground. Many rivers of the world will be turning to blood.

Paper money will not be worth the paper that it is printed on, and eventually the economies of full countries will collapse, and there will be riots over food and water. Governments will fold and anarchy will abound in many countries of your world. Your oceans, lakes and streams will begin to die. This has already been occurring across your world; more landslides, more sinkholes, more quaking and shaking, more storms, more tsunamis, more volcanoes, more tornados and wind and hail; cataclysmic manmade disasters propagated by the evil one, himself–some nuclear in nature. Watch out America.

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Order and Clues?

Israel, My chosen, I will let My scorn fall upon you now. There is no more time allowed you. You will be surrounded by evil on all sides, and for a time, no-one will be looking out for you. I will turn My face from you for a time.

A peace agreement between Israel and Palestine looms. This should be a very big red flag to people who understand My word.

When things begin with Israel and Iran, other things will begin to occur like dominoes falling one after the other.

Damascus will fall, for it is written. This will be a major indicator of time closing in.

Destruction will come from the elements: fire and water primarily, but you will also experience earthquakes and volcanoes throughout your earth.

…the shaking Earth, the rolling waves and the flames that devour all in their path.

…the earth opens and the waves roar and the fires burn and the darkness falls…

Black smoke will cover the sun, and the stench of the smoke will fill your noses and burn your eyes. The quaking Earth will shake underneath you.

Your nation will see chaos on a scale never seen, as fire and water wreak havoc on your coastlands and in the middle of your nation. Fire will rain down. This is not a matter of how but when. I assure you, your nation will be fighting for its life. None of your friends will be able to help you. NOTE: Could this be written as, “Your nation will see chaos on a scale never seen as fire and water wreak havoc on your coastlands, and in the middle of your nation, fire will rain down.”?

Woe to your cities and towns full of evil. Raging water and inferno will rob them of life.

Your buildings will tumble. People will run in the streets like ants. Waves will crash over your coastlands. Missiles will fall from your skies. Smoke and fire will cover your nation.

Will the people start to listen when they see two suns, when the sky is darkened for three days, when the rivers dry up and it rains blood red, when the rocks flow with water, when the air is thick with smoke, when the earth shakes underneath them and swallows up their homes?

How, when there is no water, will your nation’s river rise. Then will you believe Me. NOTE: Could this be a reference to the Potomac drying up?

There will be fires burning out of control. Food and water will be scarce. Evil will abound. Suffering will surround you. My sheep will endure these things for a short time

Your land is sure to burn. The Earth will swallow your cities. The hearts of many will be filled with unthinkable evil. The oceans will cover your nation. Your currencies will be worthless. Fireballs will fall and make your cities desolate. War will erupt around you. The government will collapse. Wailing and terror in the streets of Babylon. How fitting for her. Men’s hearts failing them from fear. Blackness for three days. Human flesh dissolving off of bones.

Something big is coming to America. Your allies will be wrapped up in their own problems and those you have helped in the past will be nowhere to be seen. Your government will not have the solutions for these events as it will be too wide-spread. You will be left on your own.

This will happen soon, a catastrophic event so big that it will be felt in every town across your once great nation, in one way or another. NOTE: Could this be a reference to the New Madrid Fault or the Yellowstone Caldera?

I will warn right until the day catastrophe strikes your Earth. Many signs have come to pass, but this event that I speak about to My servant will unfold in one hour’s time. I warn you now, be ready for three days of darkness. NOTE: Could this be a reference to a Yellowstone Caldera eruption; dust and debris from a lunar collision blanketing the sky; a large, slow-moving, celestial body causing a 3-day eclipse; or an object colliding with the sun temporarily inhibiting solar fusion?

Once the earth is burning, there will be no more safe place in the physical and only in the spiritual. My sheep will come home.

When the hearts of the gentile are made pure, the bride will be swept away. She will see some chaos first but nothing like what will be after the bride is taken.

When the time arrives and the bride without blemish, she will fly to Me, and the lost will be dealt a crushing blow beyond all imagination.

when the harvest begins, My angels will reap the first fruits and the weeds will be left. They will be left to dry out and be burned.