Pure & Simple

I was in prayer, and the Lord just implored me to go on to my YouTube channel and tell everybody to make a short and simple video sharing His pure and simple gospel and nothing else.” — Sister Barbra, September 19, 2017

Youtube Video

NOTE: The following is a careful compilation of 18 past words that the Lord has given to us via Sister Barbra in which He talked about His pure and simple gospel. If the Holy Spirit is leading you to contribute by making a video to share His pure and simple gospel with the lost and backslidden, then we pray that, while reading His words below, the Holy Spirit will provide you with a firm grasp of what is on His heart.


Do you understand what it takes to receive Me? Your only way to be reconciled to your Creator is to understand why I came, and why I died on the cross. I came as a man and walked on your earth and was crucified to remove the stain of sin from the earth. I died on the cross for the forgiveness of the world’s sin. Your sins have been forgiven for simply believing this. Too simple? No.

My plan of salvation is simple for the simplest of minds, so that the simplest mind can grasp it. My gospel of grace is a pure and simple message that even a small child can understand. My gospel is simple so as not to exclude. It welcomes the most vile of sinners to recognize it for what it is, a pure and simple gospel, a life line to those drowning, love forever after to a creation that is on the brink. My gospel is so simple, it becomes a stumbling block to the pride of men. It is a simple and personal conversion of faith. You need a heart willing to come before Me.

My simple message of salvation, is something that is perfect and complete. No flesh can add to My gospel. It stands alone in its perfection and truth. It is so simple that, if you add to it, you destroy its simplicity, and it becomes no more My gospel. The way to Me should be a straight and lighted path that every person, every single person, should be allowed to follow. Do not be led astray from a simple and pure gospel. My truth is black and white, with no shades of grey.

There is nothing a man himself can do to bring him salvation. My way is the only way. My way is the only truth. This is simplicity at its finest. (Acts 16:31Believe in the Lord Jesus and you will be saved…“) (Acts 4:12There is salvation in no one else! God has given no other name under heaven by which we must be saved.“)

Receive My love. Receive My plan of salvation for you that I set in motion all those years ago. I sent My son as a man to die on the cross and remove the sin of the world. Jesus is the only way. This is not about you atoning for your sin and mistakes, for nothing you can do can make up for your sin. This has to do with having your sin abolished and receiving My righteousness. Please accept My forgiveness. Please accept My perfect plan of salvation. My sacrifice was enough. You can not add to it, and there is no sin that it does not cover.

Simply receive My gift of salvation.


I am Truth, and all who receive Me into their hearts are Mine. The enemy cannot change that. For those that receive Me into their hearts, that receive Me as a perfect plan of redemption, these children will be with Me eternally. You will share eternity with your Creator. I took the curse for My creation, and when you receive Me into your heart, you are Mine for eternity. Your salvation when you receive Me into your heart is eternal.

Your salvation is not dependent on your works, My children, but it is solely dependent on My finished work. Your effort is receiving the salvation I purchased for you on the cross. Upon you receiving Me into your heart, My Holy Spirit comes to live within you. He then becomes your choice each day. Will you submit to My will or the will of your flesh? Regardless of what you choose, you are eternally Mine and nothing can snatch you from Me, for who can snatch My little ones from My hand once they have received My salvation?

You have been legally adopted into the family of the Most High the moment you received My gift of salvation into you soul. You are no longer children of this world. When you believe in My death on the cross and receive the payment and understand the sacrifice I made, your address changes. You are no longer a part of this world, but you become a part of My kingdom. If you have not yet done so, fill out the change of address card by receiving My blood sacrifice into your heart.

Yes, My children, you do have free will, even when My Holy Spirit has entered you. Walking out the righteousness that comes with My salvation is your choice. If you walk in the will of My Holy Spirit, you will see miracles in your life. If you walk after the leadings of your flesh and yourself, you will always stumble and you will always fall. You will be no different than a person I never knew. You will walk in the darkness of this earth. Choose righteousness, My children. Choose My way.


My backslidden children, they have received salvation, yes, but none of the benefits of knowing who I AM. We have a marriage in contract only, no wedding, no romance, and a love that is completely one-sided. I will not divorce these children, but if they do not seek Me out, they will not receive the benefits of being My spouse. These children will most probably have to endure times of trial in the tribulation. They will need to undergo much refining. Many of these children are hard of heart and full of pride. This doesn’t make Me love them less, but they do not know how to receive the love I have for them. They lack the guidance and discernment of My Holy Spirit. They lack peace and love.

There will be backslidden Christians who enter My Kingdom, yes, but they will not be a part of My Bride, and they will undergo refining beforehand. Surely, I tell you this, as nothing un-holy can be placed in front of Me. They will see things in the tribulation that My Bride will not be forced to see, and, yes, some will even be martyred when they do not bow down to the Antichrist. They will not be a part of our wedding ceremony, nor a part of our feast. Only by refinement will their pride be broken and their hearts of stone be softened. Only then will they cry out for Me.


My children–I address you as such, for if you come to Me in any other mindset, you cannot fully see or receive Me and My perfect sacrifice for your sin–if you have allowed the doctrines of men to taint your mind, I will be a blur to you. You must receive My gospel in its pure form. You can’t add to it, and when you try to, it’s your fleshy pride attempting to muddy My waters. I am pure, My truth is pure and My gospel is pure. If a person tells you that you are able to add to My gospel to make it more complete or better, beware.

Receiving My finished work into your heart is the only way to My Father. It is the one and only way of salvation. Do not be deceived by those who try to add to the way, because the way is narrow and there is only one.

My death on the cross is the finished work. Finished. No one can add to this or take away from it. It is finished. My death on the cross removed the sting of death. My victory removes from you the punishment you deserve. It is that simple. When you invited Me into your heart, there’s nothing more you could do to add to this.

Yes, the path to Me is simple, My children. But many have trouble with this simplicity. They think that you can add to it, making it seem utterly impossible to remain on it. They believe a false gospel, one that requires not only My sacrificial death and resurrection, but also works of fallen flesh to add to My complete and finished work. No flesh will be holy, My children. Of this, be certain. No flesh can truly repent from sin without the indwelling of My Holy Spirit. Repentance is the result of a person receiving salvation. It is not the other way around. My gospel is pure and simple and true. Do not complicate it. My work is finished and it cannot be added to with good works of the flesh.

Yet, it is being added to by wolves in sheep’s clothing, trying to lead the lost even further away from its pure and simple truth. Woe to those who add to it. This is not a game. My truth is cut and dry. It is white versus black. There is no gray, yet the enemy does his best, even with My very own, to cast his gray deception into My perfect plan of salvation. Satan’s minions relish in adding to the gospel of truth until it is truth no more. When someone adds to My pure and simple gospel, they perpetuate a lie from the enemy. They add to My gospel and make it a stumbling block to many. Don’t you see, by removing its simplicity, they bind so many in their chains.

My gospel is simple, My yoke is easy and My burden is light. The yoke of those preaching a false gospel is heavy, and you need not bear it.


Grace is dependent on the heart of a man not their works. No one can come to the Farther if not through the Son. The Son is grace. This is truth. You can not add to the truth, or it becomes a lie.

So many preach a false message saying that people in their flesh can behave their way into My grace. Many of My children still try to earn a close relationship with Me, and in doing so, push themselves further away. I tell you, no man can behave his way into My good graces. I do not give brownie points.


Do not believe that you can do any more than receive Me into your heart to earn My mercy. You don’t earn mercy, for it is a gift offered freely to My creation, yet one that I paid for with My life.


A person is not made righteous by their works. A person is made righteous by My finished work. A person is made righteous by simply believing I died for their sins. Run from anyone that tells you that you can become righteous through your good works and behavior. I must be the one leading you to these good works. I must already be in your heart, or every good thing you do will not be good at all.

Righteousness is yours through My finished work on the cross, and it cannot be added to by the works of your fallen flesh.


The only way that you can become holy, My children, is to receive My finished work. The only way to be holy enough for God is by letting the Son stand in the gap. There is nothing, not one thing, a person can do to make themselves holy. It is not possible for My children to be holy when they exist in broken and fleshy bodies. No flesh will enter into My presence.


Receive Me into your heart, and then your journey with Me begins. This is the simplicity of My gospel. It cannot be added to or changed.

Do not confuse the moment someone receives salvation with the journey leading to Me and what comes along with it; walking My narrow path. Without the Holy Spirit, you could never stay on My narrow path, because you would never find the gate leading you to it.

Not one on your earth is sinless, not even My most dedicated, fervent followers. Many of My children are focused only on sin and the avoidance of it and they are not focusing on My finished work. Receiving Me into your heart comes first, receiving My finished work. Once this takes place, you will receive My Holy Spirit. Then, you will be able to see your sin and turn from it.

When you receive My plan of salvation through grace, the challenge then becomes operating in My Holy Spirit. My Holy Spirit is a gentleman and will not force his way into your lives. Your journey with Me, the fruit you produce in Me, is only to the level in which you surrender and allow My Holy Spirit to be the ruler of your heart, for without the Holy Spirit your works are filthy rags to Me.

Don’t try to please Me with your works, My children, because I can be no more pleased by your works of the flesh than I could be pleased by filthy rags. You exist in fleshy bodies, My loves, and in that flesh, your good works are as filthy rags to Me. I want so much for My children to see this truth. You exist in broken flesh, My children. Even when filled with My Holy Spirit, you still walk in fallen flesh.

My children, when you receive Me into your heart, you are given the indwelling of My Holy Spirit. Him living inside of you is what transforms you to one who can do My good works. Through My Holy Spirit living within your heart, your works then become holy. And, you did not earn My Holy Spirit. You freely received Him as I freely offered Him. There is no other way, My children.


Remember, I, the Lord of the universe, took on human form, lived sinlessly and died on the cross to save not just some but all of My creation. Through My shed blood, I purchased My creation. I, My Father’s only Son, sacrificed so that Our creation may spend eternity with Us whole and returned to the glorious state in which they were created. I abolished the curse of sin and death over My creation once and for all. Have faith in Me, My children. Have faith in My finished work on the cross.

If you’ve received My salvation, you are Mine and nothing can change that. You’ve chosen heaven and that cannot be removed from you. Those that think a person can receive My salvation and then lose it again, are misled. Those that think that they can do good works to earn My salvation are wrong. Those that think that they need to add to My salvation, only take away from My finished work on the cross.

My salvation is a free gift to all who will receive it, pure and simple.


Take your messages of My simple gospel of love to many now. Tell the lost, when they accept Me, I accept them. Do what needs to be done to explain the simplicity of My plan. Glorify Me by spreading My grace message.