Fear is not for those that know ME

My daughter, write My words for those with ears to hear. I shed My blood upon the cross as the only Son of the Most-High-God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Those that receive Me into their hearts will receive My salvation. My creation has suffered many things by the hand of the enemy as it is written in My word. This virus, this world wide lockdown, this is part of his plan, but does My word not say that I will work all things together for good? How many of My children believe the lie that they are helpless and sit and wait for rescue? I know the exact number. Did they believe that only the plan of satan will be plotted and carried out? They think that I have no rebuttal. Who is your Creator? Do you forget My majesty? Is My word not enough to sustain you? Is My word not enough to empower you? Do you see that what this world is suffering now is just a simple birth pain? There will be many more. I described to My servant, those that run ahead and promote fear, relying on their own intuition. Are these who you will lend an ear to? Search their motives, and you will come to understand why they push lies. They wish to bring upon My flock, fear and confusion. They place their own vain imaginations before My truth. Hearts that are truly Mine wait upon Me patiently. They do not try to motivate by fear, but by My love. I am love, My children. Recognize that fear that will be put upon My creation by Me will need no one to promote it. I will stand alone when I bring it upon your nations. Those that belong to Me are not subject to My wrath. I ask now, My children, that you seek Me in My word. Rest in My finished work. Be satisfied in your own mind that I Am is in control of all things. Focus upon me, not the fear put out by the enemy. Some of My very own are running ahead; they present things without evidence or discernment, not realizing that they are promoting fear. Speculation presented as fact is rampant. My children must seek Me above all else. Trust Me and trust My plan. You will see the enemy succeed in some cases, but only when I allow this, for I am aware of every man’s heart. I know what it will take to break through hearts of stone. I know what it will take to prepare the soil of each man’s heart for My seed to be planted. Many seeds are being planted now, My children. Nurture these with love and tender mercies, not fear. Seeds break open and break through the surface of the soil when they receive water and sunlight. A seed planted in darkness will not grow, for the fear will destroy it before it even sprouts. I warn against dissemination of fear, My children, for I am only found in love. My execution of justice against the enemy was My ultimate display of My love for My creation. My victory on the cross of calvary was, is and is to come, the ultimate victory for My creation. I love you, My children. Yeshua Ha’Mashiach

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