Pray in the SPIRIT

My daughter, write My words for those who have ears to hear. My children, many things take place in My supernatural places; war in the heavens, magnified now. This always transfers into the physical, and now more and more evil is being released into your earth. You must remember, My children, that more and more people of your earth are waking up now spiritually. They are seeing the signs of the end times piling up and can no longer turn a blind eye in ignorance. Many of My children have been warning for many years. They hear My warnings through My Holy Spirit, Ruach Ha’Kodesh, and have put puzzle pieces together so they can see an outline of My plan. Many have gone their own ways in determining My plan and ended up so far off, setting many dates that have not come to pass, and misleading many into disappointment. No man does know the day or the hour, but, yes, many are given puzzle pieces as to the season. Just be careful with specific dates, My watchmen, for many wait upon your messages with bated breath, and disappointment ensues when your dates come and go. I encourage all My children to focus on their individual relationships with Me now. Be not so focused on My precise timing, but focus upon My big picture. Focus on the fact that, the more time you spend in My word and communing with Me, the less likely it will be that you will be subject to the fear that the enemy will surely try to flood you with. The world tries to distract you with this holiday season, with politics, with entertainment, and with unnecessary chores; do not let yourselves be distracted, My children. Make a daily commitment to set your eyes upon Me. Everything that happens around you is allowed, for I am acutely aware of everything, down to the number of hairs upon your head. Pursue rest in Me and My peace that passes all of your understanding, for fear and frustration are not of Me, but of My adversary, the devil. Your focus on Me is directly proportional to the success of your journey to Me. If you remove Me from your life and are distracted by your world, you will be subject to the enemy’s attacks and will lose My peace. Remember, My loves, focus on My outcome. Focus on the plans that I have for you and not of the plans of this world. When you walk on the path that I have laid out before you, you will avoid the pitfalls of this world and remain in My perfect peace. Whatever it is you struggle with, My loves, remember, lay these things at the foot of My throne. There is no problem too big or too small for Me to handle. Allow Me to be your strength. Allow Me to be your rest. I promise you, My children, I am right by your side, and you will need Me now more than ever when it comes to remaining protected from the enemy and his minions. He has set his sights on the vulnerable and will strike them with fear in his attacks from every angle. Open your hearts and minds to the fact that I have given all of My children a heavenly prayer language in which they can pray to Me constantly. The prayer language is unknown to any man, for it is a prayer put forth by My Holy Spirit, and only I know its meaning. It is so important that you understand, this is not a language of mankind but a supernatural gift given to My children, not meant for interpretation. It is a heavenly language that the enemy cannot decode. It is meant to edify My children and engulf them in My power. Let no man confuse you on this issue, for it is very simple. This is a heavenly prayer language given to My own, and meant to be a private mode of communication that the enemy cannot decipher. Some will try to tell you that it is a language of a far land. This is not true, My children, for Satan knows every earthly language. This, My children, is My heavenly language only understood by Me. Pray in this, My Holy Spirit language, constantly now, My loves. This is a gift, yes, but this is not just meant for some. For if the Holy Spirit resides on the inside of you, you do have this language. The evil one attacks this in so many ways with so many lies and so much confusion. There should be no confusion about this, My children. If you have My Holy Spirit, you do have this language. It will manifest within you, if you allow it, for I will not remove it from you. It is a representation of My Holy Spirit within you, and it is so very important for you to utilize it. The doctrines of men have attempted to squash My supernatural language and have been very successful with the help of the enemy in making this a confusing and sometimes taboo subject. Don’t be fooled by the enemies lies, My children, for this is such a simple concept. Put aside everything you have learned, and come directly to Me regarding this. It is a gift that has already been given to every Holy-Spirit-filled child of Mine, yet so many have not opened the package. Open your hearts and minds to this, My truth now, My children. This is one of the most important tools in this time in your earth. No longer allow the doctrines of men quell this gift that I have given you. Come directly to Me regarding this, and I promise to make it clear to you. As more and more darkness is released, this gift will become more and more invaluable, for when you pray in your heavenly language, My supernatural power is released over you, your life and situations. Believe Me now, My children. Do not rely on man. Come to Me if you are confused, and let no man deceive you into thinking My heavenly language is not of today or from the enemy or any other of the multitude of other lies that the enemy uses to dissuade you. You are part of My army of light, and this is your supernatural protection. The enemy hates this weapon more than any other and will do whatever he can to quell this supernatural heavenly language from escaping the hearts and mouths of My children. Do not confuse this heavenly language with tongues of other nations that were used to communicate across other language barriers. It is not the same. Do not confuse this with prophesying in tongues, for this is also a gift, but it requires an interpreter and is used at specific times and in specific situations. This is different, My loves. This is My heavenly prayer language given to you by My Holy Spirit, Ruach Ha’Kodesh. It cannot be interpreted or hacked by the enemy. It is a private prayer language, and it is a tool given to you that is so very important for the times that you are in. Before you dismiss this message and scoff at My truth, come directly to Me on this. So many of your minds have been programmed to dismiss this, and have been led into such confusion, you will be tempted to ignore this message. Do not ignore this, My children. Simply come directly to Me. You do not need to have hands of a man laid on you to receive this gift, for that is another lie put forth by the enemy. If you allow it to flow, it is My promise it will manifest. It can be whispered. It can be spoken out loud. It can be sung, but I implore you to allow this important prayer language to become part of who you are. I promise, this heavenly prayer language will edify and strengthen you from within. I promise you, when you pray in My heavenly prayer language, you are glorifying Me in a way like no other. Allow My Holy Spirit to fill you to overflowing now, My children, and allow My heavenly prayer language to escape with your breath. This will release light into your life and bring you My peace that passes all understanding. I love you, My children. Yeshua Ha’Mashiach

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