Blinded by pride?

My daughter, write My words for those with ears to hear. My children, please open your hearts to the simplicity of My gospel. Are you understanding it with the perspective of a child? You must, My children, for My gospel is pure and simple. Many are charged by the enemy to add to My gospel, making it complex and confusing. These people have been deceived, and they are deceiving many, for in their pride, they accept the enemy’s lies. They further perpetuate his lies by spreading it to others. My children, you are part of a fallen creation, a creation infiltrated with evil. My reconciliation to My creation is My plan of salvation, and My plan is in no way complex. My finished work on the cross is complete and cannot be added to, yet some in their pride believe they, as simple human beings, can add to My completed plan. Understand, My children, I am the I AM, the Creator of all things. In no way can My perfect and complete plan of salvation be added to. My human creation that walks this earth can only receive salvation through Me. My creation can only be made holy through Me. Remove the pride from your hearts now, My children, and see that if you believe you can add to My pure and simple gospel with the good works of the flesh, you are simply existing in a lie. When you think you can behave your way into grace, grace is no longer grace. This is the enemy’s most colossal lie, as he is turning My gospel into no gospel at all. His lie imprisons My children and keeps their hearts hostage. It keeps their focus on themselves and takes it off of My finished work. There is nothing a man can do to achieve holiness, yet many walk in their fleshy pride and believe that their good works will get them there. No, My loves, no! holiness comes by surrendering, surrendering to the fact that you are fallen, surrendering to the fact that you can do nothing, nothing except receiving My finished work. The enemy tries his best to confuse you and uses your own pride to do so. He tries to make you believe your righteousness is based upon yourself. Don’t believe this lie, My children. Righteousness of a man comes only through My finished work and a heart like a child, receiving My salvation as a gift. Be careful, My children, to whom you lend an ear, as the pride of men is easily brought to the surface. I am the I AM. I am sovereign. When you believe the lie, you usurp My authority. When you believe this lie, you remove the entire consequence of My finished work on the cross of Calvary and make it for naught. This is a dangerous conclusion, My children, for when you believe you must achieve victory over sin in your life by your own devices, you remove My sovereignty over your life. Your fruit is not true at all but filthy rags, and you are not truly recognizing your need for a Savior. You play straight into the hands of the enemy and the plans of the enemy, for this is a shot into My majestic heart. Don’t fall for this lie, My loves. Only through Me can salvation be achieved. Only through Me can good fruit be produced. My salvation is a free gift to all who will open their hearts to receive it. My Holy Spirit is in the free gift of salvation, and only with My Holy Spirit living on the inside of you can any good fruit be produced. My righteousness, none of your own. My sovereignty, My glory, My majesty. If you do not see this, your pride is blinding you. I love you, My children. Yeshua Ha’Mashiach

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