You are not Alone!

My daughter, write My words for those who have ears to hear. My children, observe everyone and everything taking place around you now. There are no coincidences, My children. The wonderful web that consists of My end time plan, glistens in the sun light with specks of morning dew. Hear the war drums beating and feel the heat from the flames of the fires that burn on your coastlands. No matter what you see or hear, breath Me in deeply and enter My rest. Exist in My outcome for you, My children, for you already sit in heavenly places with your King. Receive your fate with joy, thanksgiving and gladness, knowing that your time on this earth is but a grain of sand in an hourglass. Sit at the foot of My throne, sharing with Me your every concern and all of the things that you are thankful for. Weep not alone, but know that I am beside you and drying every tear. Walk in all the wholeness and blessing I provide for you, and believe not the lies of the enemy when he aims his fiery darts into your path. Wear My armor now for your own protection, and receive the constant guidance of My Holy Spirit, Ruach Ha’Kodesh. In Me, no time are you or will you be alone, My children. Do not shrink back or give up when faced by challenges, My loves, but look at everything you face as an opportunity to grow closer to your King. If I bring you to something, it is My promise to bring you through it. Move forward securely, in faith, that I will bring all things together, forming My perfect plan. It is easy to move forward when you already exist in My Kingdom, My children. Realize and exist in your final destination, for nothing upon this earth can remove you from the palm of My hand. My righteousness is yours, for apart from Me, you have no righteousness, My loves. My mercy engulfs you, My children. Live in it, for the enemy attacks with doubt and condemnation, attempting to weaken My truth within your hearts. Reject his lies, My children, believing only My truths. Be secure in your outcome, My children. Remember, you are already seated with Me in heavenly places, for My perfect plan of salvation was made whole by Me on the cross of Calvary, and in its completion, it can not be added to. Rest in My complete perfection, My loves, for in this rest, your sanctification comes through Me. I am the potter and you are the clay. In rest, I will mold you, My children. In rest, I will perfect every heart. Sit at My feet and My perfection will overcome you. Receive My promises to you only in resting in Me, for every one step taking in your own strength, is one step too many. Even one breath of air in your world dizzies your brain and is clogging to your lungs. Breath Me in, and Me alone. My Holy Spirit, Ruach Ha’Kodesh, engulfs you. Do not quell His power. As darkness grows darker, allow Me to shine through you. My Holy Spirit, Ruach Ha’Kodesh, is your only strength. Draw Him in. Walk in the strength of His might, and the path before you will be made smooth. Exist and rest in My majesty, and My miracles will abound. You are already seated in heavenly places, My loves. You are already in My glorious Kingdom. Come out of this world, for when you choose the things of this world, you chose the enemy as your ruler, and My rest will always elude you. Exist now, My children, in My rest. Rest in My perfect finished work. Draw your strength from Me now, My loves, for you are sealed in Me to the day of your redemption. Know it, thus live it. Love you, My children, Yeshua Ha’Mashiach

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