My daughter, write My words for those with ears to hear. My children, whenever the minds of men get involved in trying to sort out My plans, there will be errors in their projections. No man does understand My perfect timing. The heart of every person I have created is of precious value to Me. These that your societies cast away and seem to have forgotten, are My pride and joy. I wait patiently for many to turn to Me in these days of darkness. Mankind does not have the capacity to love the way that I love, nor can they reason without their self-pride creeping into their understandings. The minds of man are fickle, and no matter how one tries, he cannot expand his logic to even come anywhere near to what I am. Too many men predict and plant seeds in the minds of My sheep these days, and dates have come and gone. I do lead many to study My end time puzzle, yes, but no matter how sure they were about the timing of My Harpazo, they were not sure enough. Be careful, My children, in your predictions. So many are smoting their fellow men with their thoughts and words now. Not willing to allow for My true plan of mercy through justification. A justification that has already taken place. They lie to My children, and they push them away from Me. They tell My children they must do more. My children, My creation, unless you receive My sacrificial death and resurrection to My Father’s right hand into your heart as truth, there is nothing you can do to please Me. A person must receive Me into their heart in order to receive My will for them, in order to receive My Holy Spirit. Then and only then are they capable of doing anything to please Me. So many of your self righteous, religious people, teaching that man must clean himself up prior to presenting himself to Me. “Present yourself Holy to the Lord” they say. My children, this is a lie from the enemy himself. Only I can purify a man’s heart. Only I can sanctify a person from the inside out. Only Me and in My perfect timing. More and more men have fallen for and are spreading a false gospel. They are too full of pride to recognize My truth. Only I can bring holiness upon one of My creation. They cannot buy holiness, nor earn it. It comes by Me and only Me. When they believe in My love and My perfect sacrifice, only then will they receive Me. Many men skew this truth. They feed their own pride and perpetuate the enemy’s lies. They place a yoke of burden around the neck of My children that does not belong. For My yoke is easy and My burden is light. Stop believing these pharisees, My children. Allow for Me to create in you a new heart. Allow Me to fill you with My Holy Spirit to overflowing. Allow My Holy Spirit to work within your life, as I have prepared ahead of time all My good works for you to do. For no good work is recognized unless it is done with My Holy Spirit on the inside of you. Do not let the wolves deceive you by saying you can work your way to holiness. They desire to mislead many. For in the long run, this deception is the enemy’s most powerful tool against My children. It always ends in defeat. For no matter what My children do, they are never good enough. It is the copycat gospel, similar to, but the exact opposite of, My truth and its outcomes. Simply believe this, My children. My creation is in a fallen state. The reconciliation of My creation to Myself has already taken place in the Spirit, and this process has nothing to do with My creation, and everything to do with Me. The way you become presentable and acceptable to Me, is through Me. There is nothing holy about you without Me. If you believe that you can be holy apart from Me, you deceive yourself. So the next time you hear a person say “Get right with God”, tell them that I am reconstructing you from the inside out, and that you are already right with Me. The next time someone tells you “You need to clean yourself up in order to be presentable to come Home to your Father in Heaven”, you must tell them that once you have received Me into your heart, the finished work at the cross automatically makes you presentable and holy to your Father, and that comes only through Me, the I AM, and only through Me, the I AM, can you be purified through Grace. Go to My Holy Spirit now, My children, on all teachings you hear. Allow Him to work in your heart to bring your attention to these teachings coming from the minds of men, and even the enemy himself, and do not be fooled by such as these. If your yoke grows heavy this is not of Me. If you believe you can add to Me, you believe a lie. Only I can create within you a holy heart. Only I can make you into a new creation, My creation. Receive the new you, My children. I love you. Yeshua Ha’Mashiach, Jesus Christ

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