My daughter, write My words for those with ears to hear. My children, My mysteries will not be easily solved. Many have pieces of the puzzle but they will never make the entire puzzle complete. I promise I will always be far ahead of the enemy with My plans. Many have been charged with figuring out these endtime puzzle pieces. In doing so, much can be learned and shared with My end time body. Do not come against those that search out My mysteries. They would not manifest this interest wholly in their flesh, but it is produced in them by My Holy Spirit. When scoffers and mockers, even some of them My children, come against My chosen, they are unwittingly coming against Me. Be very careful of the words you speak against these endtime servants. Lift them in prayer and support them in their continued quest to find My truths. As this messenger has written and spoken out in warning many times, things will continue to worsen in your world just as labor pains come upon a woman. There will be brief reprieves, but the calamities will grow closer and closer together and more and more painful. My children, you must stay focused on Me now. The enemy is on the prowl, and he will surely take advantage of any chinks in your armor. When you are given the opportunity, share My Gospel message with the lost. Share My love with them. Your world is getting much darker. It is spiraling down, down, down. When certain things unfold, your nation and the world will clamor for leadership, and new leadership will be offered to them. I will not give specifics, but many who have been watching closely will know the meaning of “present past, past present”. Many will understand the meaning of this. All things currently in place, put on your earth by mankind, with the help of the evil one, himself, will continue for some time. For these fulfill My word and My plan, but much of My plan will be kept a mystery until the very moment in which it unfolds. My children, do not turn away from Me now. You were chosen to be here and right now. I see many hearts aching to be reconciled with Me, and I see many growing weary, including this scribe. Keep your focus on Me, My love. My timing is perfect, as is My plan. I am the same yesterday, today and forever. My sovereignty does not change. Find comfort in this. I am in complete control, and in this fact, find perfect peace. To My prophets and messengers, do not give up. Do not go AWOL. Stand firm in your appointed posts with full armor donned. The only peace you can receive can come from Me. My bride must be in one accord. Do not cause strife among your brethren. Leave that to the evil ones, for that is their only goal. Place My armor on individually and place it on My body as a whole. Each individual in My Bride contributes in their own way, but recognize quickly those that aim for your destruction, My bride. The enemy is clever, and his workers of iniquity are among you. They cast a light of deception and appear to be of Me, but were cut from the cloth of the enemy. Watch for these, My loves, for I will give you eyes to see that these are trying to infiltrate My body. When I show these to you, I will be perfectly clear about who they are, and I will not let them grow up among you any longer. These I will now be cutting down. My sheep hear My voice, and these are not My sheep, and they are set on your destruction. A hint: They cannot be humble. I assure you again, My plan is perfect. My timing is perfect, and the enemy, knowing his time is short, will do anything to learn what is coming. Stand strong in Me now, My children. Your ultimate and unimaginable destiny awaits you. No more tears. No more pain, only My perfect love. I love you, My loves. My heavenly hosts long for Our reconciliation. Raise your faces to Me, and let My light shine upon you. Love, Yeshua Ha’Mashiach, Jesus, your Almighty Savior

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