Personal Word

My love, if you were in your flesh, would you be capable of feeling the way you are feeling now? Yes, you are being spiritually attacked, but I am using this time to prepare your heart for coming battles. Your longing to come home, that ache in your heart will be there, My love, until you are with Me, and in My Presence. You must see it is not a bad thing. It does not have to make you feel down or forlorn. It truly is the blessed hope of our reconciliation. It can be described as heartache, yes, but My outcome will make this heartache disappear. You are My child, My love. You’ve already accomplished so much more for Me than you would have imagined ever, right? I love you so. Do not languish in your sadness like this. I give you the desires of your heart so that you can enjoy your life. Let yourself. Do not believe the lies of the enemy. For he contends that My children should and will have no joy. This is his lie, and so, so, so, so, so many of My children have fallen for this lie. Life on a fallen planet will never be a piece of cake, but why am I somehow not capable of blessing My children with their heart’s desires? Do not accept the guilt put on you by the enemy, My child. Most of the problems I see with My children today is simple unbelief and wrong belief. You fall into this category, My child, for you forget much of the time to recognize and live in My promises. You do nothing on your earth without Me. All dead works and only dead fruit are produced in your flesh, My love. This is where your worry and guilt come in. I have you in a holding pattern, a quiet time, a time for just you and I. Do you think you understand My ways? No, no, no, you don’t. You cannot understand the depth of My plan for you and for each individual that you come in contact with. I have a plan for everyone, yet you receive the dark cloud of shame and doubt from the enemy. You think you’re not doing enough for me? You can do nothing for Me, My love, that I could not do for Myself. Things will be done in My perfect order, My perfect plan. All that is required of you is to be still and rest in My finished work. Anything I add to that is by My pleasure, for My goals will be accomplished in one way or another. Do not run in place and go nowhere, and certainly never try to run ahead. So much damage is done by servants who run ahead in their flesh, and promote their own ideas as Mine. Rest in My peace that passes all of your understanding, My child, for My timing is perfect, and My plans cannot be added to. Be blessed by resting in Me now.

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