My daughter, write My words for those with ears to hear. My children, the time for many warnings is quickly coming to an end, as many of My children have been blessed with dreams words and visions to share with My flock. Your earth has been infiltrated by Satan’s minions, and they walk among you. They say what is good is bad and what is bad is good, and they work to lead many astray. I have let them trample My vine and come against My harvest for all of time. You see them with your eyes, yet you do not recognize their evil. They are all around you, yet you are blind to their deceptions. I am not trying to instill paranoia into My children, for fear is not of Me, but My children must start to recognize them. They can fake kindness, but My children can recognize the fake. They will often end a positive with a negative, and they will always come against My anointed. They wear the armor of the enemy, and they can be easily overcome by the power of My name. They insert themselves into churches and communities as agents of light, but they are nothing but darkness. They attempt to lead My children away from My truth with their lies and deceive them. You can identify these deceivers by their fruits, dead fruits, for they are always on the attack, furthering their own agenda and coming against My Saints. They spew lies against My true servants and bolster themselves with self-adulation. Wake up, My children, and see these for who they really are. They will never share My gospel and never spread My love for the lost. All they will do is attack My servants with accusations and lies. Do not engage with them. Use My Holy Spirit as your guide, and walk away from any interaction with these impostors. You can see who these are. The enemy has put many more on your earth now in a last-ditch attempt to fool My elect. See these for what they are, pawns of the enemy in his quest to fool many. They have darkness in their hearts. They are haughty and arrogant. I am NOT speaking of those who are truly in My flock but may be an error on certain things. I speak of these arrogant, so-called teachers who are planted in various situations specifically to win a following and mislead many. Watch who you are lending an ear to, My saints. Deception is at its highest level. Allow My Holy Spirit to anoint your ears so you will not be fooled by these evil ones. They come as light but fly by night. They want nothing but to drive a wedge between My Saints and cause chaos to abound in My true Church. Watch who you lend an ear to, My children. I love you. Yeshua Ha’Mashiach

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