Glance HIS Way

My daughter, write My words for those with ears to hear. My children, invite the Holy Spirit to fill you to overflowing, My loves. Take Him with you all day every day, and allow Him to guard you in your dreams. So many of My children don’t see. Not only is He their helper, but He is the only help. Wake up to this, My children. Wake up. Without Him, you can produce no good fruit. His indwelling is all you should be focused on. Receive Him, and He will be your guide. He will lead you on the path of My will for your life. He will never steer you wrong, and the outcome of any situation will be supernaturally miraculous when He is the front-and-center. Spread Me to the rooftops now. Spread My plan of salvation and the joy of My love for My creation. My creation must take its eyes off of this world for just one moment to realize that I am here and waiting to tuck them under My wing of love and protection. Expressing My love and plan of forgiveness will bring many new sheep into My fold when many more tragic events unfold in your earth. Be there to lift up the loss, My loves. Direct them to Me in love, and surely I will steal their hearts if they will only glance My way. You cannot conceive the love I have for My creation, My loves. Spread the good news of My plan of salvation and My finished work on the cross. Come as you are, My children, and let Me rescue you from this world of filth and clean you up from the inside out. I will never leave you where I found you, My children. Receive the miracle of My salvation and My love that will accompany it. Watch the transformation that will take place in your life when you let Me and My will for you be done. I have good plans for all that receive Me into their hearts, plans to circumcise each heart of stone and make them hearts after My own. You do not have to be at a certain place to seek Me. Follow your head, and I will be there. Anyone who can believe can receive. It only takes an open heart in a moment in time to secure an eternity with your Creator. Open your hearts to Me now, My lost children, and realize My love for you. Let Me fill that empty void in your heart that nothing else has ever come close to filling. Try Me and you will see how empty this world will seem once you’ve let Me in.

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