Heavy Yoke of Wolves

My daughter, write My words for those with ears to hear. My children. be watchful now. My loves, do not fear, but anticipate. My arms are open wide welcoming many new sheep into My fold. Many are discovering My truth, and My pure and simple gospel. Do not be led astray by those who add to My gospel by making it complex or unattainable. Simply receive My gift of salvation. So many Pharisees preaching a false message. They say that people in their flesh can behave their way into My grace. They push many away as they confuse and obstruct My truth. Woe to these Pharisees that remove My promise from the hearts of many and replace it with the fear and threats of the enemy. Steer clear of these, My loves. They are accusers of the brethren. They believe a false gospel, one that requires not only My sacrificial death and resurrection but also works of fallen flesh to add to My complete and finished work. No flesh will be holy, My children. Of this, be certain. No flesh can truly repent from sin without the indwelling of My Holy Spirit. Repentance is the result of a person receiving salvation. It is not the other way around. Righteousness is yours through My finished work on the cross, and it cannot be added to by the works of your fallen flesh. The enemy, himself, feeds the pride of these Pharisees. You know them by their fruit and can hear the judgment in their words. Some may know of Me, but they do not know My heart, and they work to satisfy their own fleshy pride by setting themselves up as judge and jury. They are puppets of the enemy causing many souls to give up and turn their backs on My free gift of salvation. These wolves thrive on making My creation focus on themselves, their own sin and all of their shortcomings. Not one on your earth is sinless, not even My most dedicated, fervent followers. Know, My children, that you live in fallen flesh. Even when filled with My Holy Spirit, you still walk in fallen flesh. Operate in My love, My children. Walk in My love and love every soul you come in contact with. Let Me love them through you. My yoke is easy and My burden is light. The yoke of these Pharisees is heavy, and you need not bear it. I love you, My children. Yeshua Ha’Mashiach

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