Choose GRACE!

My daughter, write My words for those with ears to hear. Go back, My children, and listen to the warnings that I have delivered through My end-time servants for many years now. Go back. Listen, for their time of fruition is coming soon. These things are shown, not to bring fear upon My children, but to quicken your spirit so that you know My timing grows near. The enemy would love to know when I will facilitate the beginning of the end, but he will not know this, for some things have already been put into motion. Do not be afraid, My loves. Rest under the cover of My wing. My warrior angels and their chariots do battle against the demons in the heavenly realm. These demons, some escape from their prisons and fight in this battle against My holy angels. I ordained their escapes, My loves, because My victory over them is already won. This battle is taking place now but has forever been history, for I know the outcome already. The enemy, Satan, thinks he is clever and cunning, but he is a defeated foe, for victory against him and his armies is assured by the blood of My Son. Oh, how I long for My creation to see that they must put aside their idols and realize that this is not the home that I created for them. The enemy deceives many and lures them into his trap. You, My children, be assured that My glory is your protection and My name is your safety. He must flee when he hears the mere mention of My name. My saints have been under attack, enduring a constant barrage of attacks on their families, their relationships, their health, their lives, etc. He will attack whom he may. My children must stand firm against him. Do not let him plant his seeds of doubt into your hearts, My children. Search Me out in My word daily. Commune with Me often, and pray in the spirit constantly. When the religious Pharisees come against you, rejoice. Know that they battle My truth with their lies, and they try to confuse My saints with their false teachings. My gospel is simple, My children. It can not be added to or changed by the works of one’s flesh. My gospel is so simple, it becomes a stumbling block to the pride of men. They believe that it was not enough for My Son to die on the cross. They try to convince many that My gospel of truth must be added to. No. No flesh can add to My gospel. It stands alone in its perfection and truth. Do not be led astray by these Pharisees, My loves. They produce dead fruit, and they are propped up by their religious spirits. They do nothing but damage My church by infiltrating it with their pride and lies. I warn you against these Pharisees, My loves, for they operate in a spirit of confusion, and they falsely condemn many of My servants with their lies. You will know these, My children, because in them, you will find hardened hearts. No humbleness to be found. They will only attack in a cruel manner and show no love to their victims. They are easily discerned, My loves. Be very careful as to who you will lend an ear to, My children. Be diligent in prayer, seeking My wisdom and discernment in all that you hear. The accusers of the brethren and those who propagate falsehoods against My elect will not be allowed to continue pushing their lies. They will fall, and even some will turn back to My pure and simple gospel. Those who speak lies about My messengers and servants will self-implode. They are not operating with the indwelling of My Holy Spirit, but a spirit of religion, and though they will try to sabotage My truth, they will not succeed. Be very careful in who you will lend an ear to, My loves. Again, prayerfully discern whatever you hear. I love you all, My children. Yah

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