My daughter, write My words for those with ears to hear. My children, do you know what the key to My heart is? Do you understand what it takes to receive Me? I tell you, no man can behave his way into My good graces. You exist in fleshy bodies, My loves, and in that flesh, your good works are as filthy rags to Me. I want so much for My children to see this truth. You exist in broken flesh, My children. Your only way to be reconciled to your Creator is to understand why I came, and why I died on the cross. I came as a man and walked on your earth and was crucified to remove the stain of sin from the earth. For those that receive Me into their hearts, receive Me as a perfect plan of redemption. These children will be with Me eternally. You will share eternity with your Creator. So many now are wishing to disqualify My children. They preach a false gospel, a gospel in which each person must achieve a certain standard of behavior to receive My eternal mercy and to share eternity with Me. This is a lie from the pit, My loves, for there is nothing, not one thing, a person can do to make themselves holy. It is not possible for My children to be holy when they exist in broken and fleshy bodies. No flesh will enter into My presence. My children, when you receive Me into your heart, you are given the indwelling of My Holy Spirit, Ruach Ha’Kodesh. Him living inside of you is what transforms you to one who can do My good works. Through My Holy Spirit living within your heart, your works then become holy. And, you did not earn My Holy Spirit. You freely received Him as I freely offered Him. There is no other way, My children. When someone adds to My pure and simple gospel, they perpetuate a lie from the enemy. They add to My gospel and make it a stumbling block to many. Don’t you see, by removing its simplicity, they bind so many in their chains. This is the work of the enemy through and through. He is a liar, and he works very hard to make My children feel as if they are disqualified due to their sin. This is false, My children, for I abolished the curse of sin and death over My creation once and for all. My work is finished and it cannot be added to with good works of the flesh. I took the curse for My creation, and when you receive Me into your heart, you are Mine for eternity. Do not believe that you can do any more than that to earn My mercy. You don’t earn mercy, for it is a gift offered freely to My creation, yet one that I paid for with My life. My Father’s only Son sacrificed so that Our creation may spend eternity with Us whole and returned to the glorious state in which they were created. Those who teach a different gospel than My pure and simple gospel simply work for the enemy, some without even understanding that they do so. I am Truth, and all who receive Me into their hearts are Mine. The enemy cannot change that. I love you, My children. Yeshua Ha’Mashiach

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