My daughter, write My words for those who have ears to hear. My children, I have shared My messages with My daughter and many other messengers for many years now. Go back and listen to these messages from the past. Many will make more sense to you now. Please, My children, do not give up. Do not walk back into the world away from Me, your Father and your Creator. My loves, I see your agony. I see all that you face. Most of My children have seen more than their fair share of pain in their lives on this earth. My loves, you are fallen. You are in a broken state. You are in a far away land, yet you are native to heaven. This, My children, you must realize and not forget. Don’t you see, My children, you do not fit in there. You hold a spot and contribute love where you may, but you, My loves, will never fit in. This is not your fault. You see, there are those that are My creation, yes, but they do not know Me as you do. They do not see Me or know Me as their Father. This is where you come in. You will stand firm in My love when their world crumbles around them. You will be their strength and their protection when others come against them. Some of you who hear this have a calling upon you. You are no more special to me than any of My children, but your calling, your mantle is real. You will be enlightened. You will be glorified, and you will lead many to My places of safety. I know, to even My scribe who writes these words, that these things are hard to understand and even more difficult to believe, but I want this message shared with you, My children, to uplift you and encourage you and let you know that your time, Our time, Our time to be together, is on a near horizon. Until My time, be patient, be kind and be loving to all. Know that I am beside you, and know that nothing you do escapes My attention. I understand that not one servant of mine is perfect, but be willing now, My children. In every way, be willing. Hear Me. Hear Me calling. Hear My heart. Hear my messages and share them when I ask. Many hear, but they fail to listen. I am looking for those who will hear and listen and who will share many pieces to My puzzle. Yeshua Ha’Mashiach

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