Reject the enemy

My daughter, write My words for those with ears to hear. Be at peace, My children, for the hearts that have not received Me as of yet, will receive Me soon. This I promise, My loves. I will hunt high and low for even the last lost sheep. Those you think will reject Me, will turn towards Me in the end. Pray for these, the lost, yes, but do not give yourself over to fear or doubt regarding them. Be firm in your conviction that they will find Me, for I will be searching for them. Undergoing physical challenges causes fear and strife in those who do not have Me living within their hearts. It was known from the beginning who the first to receive Me would be as it was also known who would receive Me last. Much chaos will be coming to your once great nation now. Those who are left in their flesh to experience this chaos will be shown the clear choice. The great deception and temptation will be put before them, but they will also be shown what eternal separation from their Creator will mean for them. The pride of man has caused a great divide between mankind and his Creator. This is a time where men’s pride will be broken and they will be laid bare and exposed. This must happen to those that are not relying on My plan of salvation for eternal life. My plan, so simple that even a child can receive Me, but also beyond difficult for any heart that has been filled with fleshy pride. I share these words to encourage My children, those that know Me and have received Me into their hearts. Do not fear for the lost. Live by faith that they will quickly see My truth once supernatural things begin to occur in your once great nation and throughout your earth and in your skies. My mighty hand will be shown to those that still walk your earth, and every knee will bow before Me. Be encouraged, My children who have already received My light. Do not be tempted to receive sadness from the enemy. He is a liar, and he will continue to bombard you with his lies until your final moments. Reject him. I love you, My children. Yeshua Ha’Mashiach

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