My daughter, write My words for those with ears to hear. My children, this serves as a banner warning to those who would call My servant, Paul, a false apostle. As My servant and apostle to the gentiles, Paul served in honor and in My truth. His writings and work are of My heart and divine in nature. The enemy does his best to deceive My children, making false statements and accusations against My most faithful servant, Paul. When you receive, perpetuate and facilitate these false statements against a servant of the one and true living God, there will be a price to pay. Receive this warning and turn away from the enemy, returning full-heartedly to My truth alone.

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My daughter, write My words for those with ears to hear. My children, My creation, I wish for you to be filled with My perfect peace and joy. I do not wish for any one of My creation to live in doubt or fear, but faith, faith to know that I am in ultimate control of the outcomes of your earth, faith to know that no matter what occurs around you, My light will never escape your hearts. Faith to know that fear is not of Me, and that with Me as your armor bearer, you have victory over all things. The king of the air reigns in your earth now. This is true, but there is coming a time when he will no longer rule. The masses will begin to wake up, and they will be shown the truth about who he is. Many will turn from your world and return to Me, their Creator. Self-absorption and pride keep many hearts hostage. Many pass through their lives seeking nothing more than creature comforts and wealth. They have no longing to know who created them. They have no interest in relationship with their Creator, and no interest in worshiping anything but their own selves. Pride, fleshy pride, is the cause of the downfall of so many. Until they are forced to call upon Me, they never will. And for some, this will come as they gasp for their last and final breath of air. For these, no amount of convincing will suffice. Their destiny has been set since the beginning, and they will end up with their Creator in the end, yet they will never receive Me until their life on this earth is seconds from completion. Do I love these any less? No, for the enemy has schemed to make My creation fools and in doing so corrupted My multitudes. These children of Mine are symbolized by the last lost sheep that I will hunt for until he is found. Take comfort in this, My loves. For if you have spouses, children, parents, friends, or acquaintances that have no use for Me now, know that they will be made aware of Me in a very bold way, some unto death, but by this, be encouraged. Continue to pray for these, My lost sheep, but in faith that no matter what comes, they will end up clearly seeing and choosing an eternal destiny with their Father and Creator, and that the enemy’s hold over their lives will be abolished. For what else did My life express payment if not salvation for My creation. These words should encourage those who already know Me now. Do not walk in fear for these souls of your families and dear friends. Though they may suffer some things in this earthly realm, it is all for My final purpose of harvesting their souls into Myself, their Creator. Do not be sad that they did not listen to your warnings or My message of grace. They just cannot conceive Me, as the enemy has bewildered them with pride and blinded them with self. Be not concerned with their outcomes, but pray in faith, for no prayer for the soul of My creation goes unheard. This is not a message to cast fear onto the future of those who have not received Me, but confidence into the hearts of those that have received Me, that their loved ones will be subjected to their Creator’s light and shown exactly who I Am, for My ways are inconceivable to My creation, and I will never let the enemy win.

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