Let ME lift you above the fray!

My daughter, write My words for those with ears to hear. My children, what do you put your hope in? Let it not be the world around you, My loves, for I am your only hope in the times that are coming upon your earth. Do not be distracted by those who are on wild goose chases trying to prove or disprove whether there will be one rapture or many, or those who set My dates for Me. Do not be distracted by those who wish to show you the earth is flat or not. Do not let these theories take your attention away from Me. Do not spend time on things that don’t lead straight to Me, My loves, and to My heart for you. I am all that matters. The enemy continues to try to lead My children down rabbit holes. His goal is to get My children to take their eyes off of Me and turn their attention to the conspiracy theory of the day. My children, now is not the time to lose your focus. Simply keep your eyes on Me, My loves. I created each of you, My children, with curiosity. This is true, but when your curiosity removes you from My presence, you simply spin your wheels and waste your time. Be sure, My Children, that if you pray for wisdom and knowledge, I will give it freely. My wisdom and My knowledge, not the theories and guesses of Men. As time passes and you are moving forwards to your eternity with Me, things are not getting more complex, they are getting more simple. Place everything in front of Me. Leave it at My feet, and simply, very simply, rest. In any situation you face, rest. This is not always an easy thing to do for My children. This I understand, but take a chance, My children. Pray. Pray. Pray, and lay all of your troubles at My feet, every day, every night. Lay everything at My feet. Allow My peace that passes all of your understanding to fill you to overflowing. Learn, My loves, that the enemy has no right to you. Once you learn this, he immediately loses his hold over your life. Sure, he may still fire his fiery darts at you, but know that he is no match for My peace, no match for My name, and no match for My shed blood. Nothing coming from Me should bring you fear. Nothing coming from Me should be confusing to you. Come to Me regarding all that you read, see, and hear, and allow Me to be your clarity. Allow Me to be your strength. When you rely on your flesh and not My Holy Spirit, you will always end up disappointed. You will always end up falling short. You will always end up wanting and never being fulfilled. Push the cares of this world onto Me now, My children. Allow Me to carry you on the remainder of your journey. Allow Me to carry you and rest in how that feels. You do not have to be alone. You do not have to suffer in silence. Give your cares and concerns, all the things that worry you, your finances, your relationships, all of it, to Me. I will not disappoint you, My loves. I will not leave you to hang out to dry. I will mend your broken hearts. I will create straight paths before you. When your heart aligns with Mine, all things become possible for you, My children. Receive My help in times of trouble. Receive My peace, and receive My love, for you are My creation, My loves, and I created you to love you. Do not let the enemy stand between us. Pick up his seeds of doubt before they take root. Allow Me to lift you gently above the fray, and march forward towards Our eternal destiny. I love you, My children, more than your human mind can imagine; but try.

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My daughter, write My words for those with ears to hear. My daughter, be assured that I see all of the spiritual attacks coming against My children. Please put My armor on, My children, as the darkness grows even more intense. Do not go out naked, but don My armor. I do not wish for My own to be assailed by the enemy. It gives Me no pleasure at all to see My beloved being attacked by him. Allow nothing in your life to come before Me, and always use the power of My name whenever you rebuke him. His thoughts are like poison darts. You will be shot with these, yes, but when this happens, turn these thoughts over to Me. Allow Me to dictate your next step. Do not allow him to infiltrate your mind with fear, doubt or indifference. Allow Me to flood you with My peace that passes all of your understanding, a place that cannot be penetrated or even wrinkled by the enemy. Remember, My loves, I promise to create a place for you. I do not break My promises. I am the I AM, and the enemy has already been defeated, so when his fiery darts are aimed at you, hold tightly to My truth, and believe not one of his lies. Always return your focus to the Most High, resting in My finished work, never doubting the plans I have for you and My mercies that flow eternally. You are in the palm of My hand, My children. Be strong in that knowledge when the darkness of your world surrounds you. I will never leave or forsake you, for I created you to take care of you and nurture you and to love you. My longing to restore you to Myself is beyond what you are capable of imagining. Call upon My Holy Spirit to keep you in My peace and strength until the day of Our reconciliation, until the hour that you are no longer subject to the flesh nor to the enemy, but completely restored and recreated, transformed and transfigured, resurrected and regenerated by the power of My word and My breath that accompanies Me. You will be made whole, no longer subject to your flesh or the fallen ones, no longer prisoners of your world, but made new again, pure and pristine, shining from within, no hint of darkness withstanding. This day comes, My children, when you secure this reality in your Hearts. Nothing else matters. Focus on this, your blessed hope and confidence. I love you, My children. Yeshua Ha’Mashiach

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