My daughter, write My words for those with ears to hear. My children, where your heart lies, your desires lie. My loves, you cannot change yourselves. You cannot change your desires. You may be able to quell and control your own behaviors for a time, but the earthly desires will arise within you. You walk in flesh bodies, My loves, and your minds will be constantly tempted by what they are focused on. This shouldn’t worry you, My children, because you can allow me to work within your hearts to change your focus, therefore, changing your desires. When you long to be in relationship with Me, the desires of your flesh will gradually fade as you learn to rely more and more on My indwelling, allowing Me to crucify your flesh and your new man to be birthed. The journey that you are on is this process, a birthing of you, a new creation, a transformation from sin filled flesh into Holy Spirit filled vessel. What you fix your sights on is the key. Reading and hearing My word, receiving My promises to you, these are things that allow Me to transform your hearts. If you focus on the things of this world; the politics, the games, the entertainment and so forth, you will simply be filled with the darkness that these things represent. The enemy is subtle, and he is around every corner. You can see him and hear him continually in every aspect of your lives now. He is alive and breathing in all that mankind is taking part in, even in most churches, and even though this is true, you should carry this understanding: He should not be your focus. Relationship with Me should be your constant goal, not completing works for Me, but true and intimate relationship with Me where your focus is Me, My loves. Is your focus on worldly entertainment, worldly idols, lusts of the flesh, personal gain, the love of money and the idolization of it? Where, My loves, are your hearts? Allow Me to examine them, My children, for I cannot force change on any unwilling subject. I cannot fill a vessel that is already filled with the world. Surrender daily, My children, and you will see the changes in yourselves you thought were impossible. Surrender to Me, and you will become beacons of My light in these darkest of times. Though there are surely consequences, having one foot in the world has nothing to do with your salvation, for as long as you have received Me, Yeshua Ha’Mashiach, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, into your heart, you are Mine. But, walking with one foot in the world is not what I want for you, My loves. Take your eyes off of this world and turn them towards Me. I created you. I created your heart, and I am the only way your heart will ever be satisfied. Nothing you can reach for on this earth will ever come close to satisfying the heart I created within each of My children. You were created to love and worship Me. When I am not the focus 100 percent of the time, you will end up walking off My path and into the darkness. Allow Me to take every thought captive and guide your every step, My loves. You will begin to see My fingerprints all over your life the more We commune, the more We are in tune. Oh, how I adore you, My children. I created each of your hearts with My own pleasure in mind, and My desire is to be reconciled with each child I created. Do not let the darkness in your world stand in our way. My desire is you.

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Depend on ME alone

My daughter, write these words for those with ears to hear. Do not be lazy, My loves. Do not be pulled back into the world around you so easily now. I show many the plans of the enemy ahead of time so that you will not be easily shaken when he comes against you, My children. Your hearts and minds must be void of the cares of this world now and every action should be based upon Our relationship alone. My children should be gathering their strength from Me now, not running away from Me. Your hearts are weak for lack of knowledge. Many of My children are wandering aimlessly because they have grown weary, and they are giving up on Me. Focus back to Me now, My loves. There is no place your heart could have wandered that removes you from My grace. No time spent away from Me makes you any less My child. Let Me find your full attention when I come to receive you, My loves. My arms are open. Do not walk in doubt or shame. Hold your head high enough to see Me coming in the clouds, yet walk with a humbled heart recognizing that without Me you are just dust. Empty yourself of all pride now, My children. Empty your lives of all idols that steal your time from Me, and at the same time, put down your cup of suffering and allow Me to take your burdens from you, for My yoke is easy and My burden is light. Let Me carry you when the path is rocky and make your way straight going forward. I never give up on you, My children, no matter how many times you may get it wrong. No matter how many times you want to give up and walk away from Us. When you think you can’t keep moving forward on Our journey, remember who you are marching forward with. I Am your King, the King of kings and Lord of lords. I Am in you and you in Me, and with Me, you are unstoppable. Yes, you will stumble, for you walk in a body of flesh, but remember My promises, My children. Allow My Kingdom to manifest within your heart today. No matter what your circumstance, I can cleanse you from unrighteousness. I can rescue you from yourselves, My children. Is anything too difficult for Me? Will I ever leave you where I found you? Surrender to Me now, My children, and see how I will use you to bring forth My Kingdom. Be anxious for nothing and examine everything you hear against My Holy Word. Test the spirits with My Holy Spirit, as He longs to show you My Truths alone. Do not be sidetracked with fantastic teachings by those who have been misled by the enemy and stop at nothing when it comes to misleading My sheep. Of these, beware, and when in doubt, turn away, seeking only Me. My Truths will always fill your hearts with peace and never confuse you, My children. Desire relationship with Me over all things, and My mysteries will be shown to you. Desire only My mysteries and the knowledge of them, and your heart towards Me will wax cold. Do not allow that, My loves. I love you, Yeshua Ha’Mashiach

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