There is no “Chance”

My daughter, write My words for these with ears to hear. My children, it is so easy for you to become caught up in your world during this season. A celebration of My birth can look like many things, but is this truly a celebration in your heart? When it becomes about the external things, it ceases to be about Me anymore. There are opportunities to present My story to others during this season, My children. Hearts are more open, as they are seeking My truth at this time, more than any other time of the year. Do not discount these opportunities to share My gospel message of love and hope. Be aware, My children, of who I place in your paths. Be aware of your surroundings during your daily routines. I assure you, there will be people in your path that could use your love and a prayer. Wake up to these situations. Too many of My children walk with blinders on. They do not reach out to help when they are needed because they are too self-involved. Open your hearts, My children. There is no “chance” in people that I place within your paths or the situations that I place you in. Do not look at things as if I can’t change outcomes, because I can. I am the I AM, the one and only God, the God of the supernatural and the only God of miracles. It is your faith that manifests these things. Always ask for faith, My children, and always is to be filled to overflowing of My Holy Spirit. My children, think about not what you believe will occur in these end times, but imagine that you are already walking in My Kingdom. The “whys” and “hows” of your journey not mattering as much as your destination. I assure you, again and again, My plan is perfect. My outcome is perfect, and My victory is perfect. Rest in this, My perfection. Know that anything of this world or that the enemy brings against you is temporary. Walk in the knowledge that you must lay all things at My feet and surrender your all to Me and know that, no matter what you are facing, I am by your side. Do not give up, and do not shut down. Fight from the standpoint of victory that I have already won for you.

Barb: “Lord, you’ve said this so many times.”

Lord: “Yes, My daughter. I have said this many times, but someone who needs to hear this message will hear THIS message.”

My children, stop walking like this world walks. Allow My strength to hold you up. Allow My strength to help you stand tall, and listen for My voice. Be still and listen. Do not let the enemy distract you from the opportunities that I lay before you. Since you know My outcome, it might seem easy to simply go through the motions. This is not what I want from you, My children. I want hard work. Plant seeds in the hearts of the lost and bring new revelation of My Love to the backslidden. Bring My Glory and majesty to life in your walk with Me, My children. Allow My Holy Spirit to manifest My miracles through you. Be a vessel for Me, and allow these things to be done now for My Kingdom. Allow My will to be done through you, My loves. Receive My joy into your heart no matter what you are facing. Expect My Miracles, and watch My mercy melt the hearts of the lost. Watch the hands of My servants heal the sick and the oppressed, and shine My light, My loves. Take this time back, and make it about Me, and make no part of it be about anything else. Rejoice in the completeness of My finished work and receive My joy that rains down from heaven. Do not despise the journey, as your every step was known throughout eternity. I love you so, My children. Yashua Ha’Mashiach, Jesus Christ of Nazareth

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Seek & Surrender to the SON

My daughter, Write My words for those with ears to hear. Do not be offended, My children, by those who do not share your understanding. Each of My children will hear and understand things in their individual way. Simply agree to disagree, and walk away from those that cause strife. There will be those, yes, that are simply confused, and remember, not one child on your earth has all of the answers. Remember, My loves, there will be evil ones who are working alongside the enemy, and these will tell lies and cause strife whenever possible. They will try to lead you down a path of the enemy’s choosing, and they will promote things that are not true and do their best to confuse you. Come to Me with everything now, My children. Ask in prayer, and I will show you My truth. There are indeed new revelations that this generation will learn of, yes, but these are only new to those that are learning them for the first time. These things have been fact since the beginning of time on your earth. They may be new revelation to those that are receiving them now, but they have been My truths forever stamped in time. This is the time in which you exist. More of My puzzle pieces will been shown to your generation then have ever been shown in the past, yet the puzzle has always existed. Many do not want to believe or understand any new revelations. They are dogmatic in their beliefs and understandings, and they will miss out on a slice of My Glory by rejecting what are, in their minds, new revelations. If you are not completely reliant on My Holy Spirit in dividing My Holy scripture using My Holy Spirit’s wisdom, you will be confused, and I am not the author of confusion. Some teachings are correct, My children, even if they seem new to you. Your Messiah, the one true Messiah, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the Son of the Most High God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, Yashua Ha’Mashiach, came down as a living sacrifice. Mankind has fallen, My children, this you know. The perfect sacrifice for the sin of mankind was delivered and in victory will now preside over His Glorious Kingdom. My Kingdom will come, and My will will be done. No serpent can stand in My way. I will reign, and My children will be reconciled to Me. Their bodies of flesh not even a memory. They will be transformed back into the Glory and light that they possessed upon My original creation, as My creation has longed for this reconciliation since its moment of descent into darkness. This was not the fault of My creation, and it did not make the conscious choice to reside in this darkness. During the time that My creation was subjected to the dragon, it never ceased to be Mine, though its roots remained unknown to it. My goal all along has been to reconcile My creation to Myself once and for all. I sealed My creation as My own. My creation was purchased out of this slavery by the ultimate price being paid. My sacrificial death on the cross assures that My creation, though once tainted by evil, is now restored in fullness and completeness to the One that created it. The enemy has failed at every attempt to push My creation even further into darkness. He has exhausted himself in all of his trickery in doing so, yet he does still have some tricks up his sleeves. Yes, this is true, and he will stop at nothing in his quest to entrap as many as he can into his snare, for he does recognize his reign on your earth is shortly coming to an end. His teeth are bared, and he is devouring whom he may. For My children who are lost, I am your Creator, and you were created to be My eternal children, created to be in eternal relationship with your Creator, not just a resident on a temporal planet. Do not believe this serpent and his lies. To My children that believe in My existence, Do not be caught in his snare. Turn your face to Me, and realize that the times in which you live are the end times. My Kingdom is coming, and if you will only seek My face, My arms are open wide, and I hold the righteous robes to adorn you with when you come back home to Me. To My soldiers, My true bride, march now in an orderly fashion expecting orders from your King. You are the mightiest army to ever exist. Keep your focus upon Me no matter what you see or hear in your physical. Rise above the feelings of your flesh, and reside in My supernatural power, for this is the realm of My army, My Holy Spirit filled warriors who have been prepared and readied for battle. Stand at attention only facing Me in stillness and in complete unity. Come into order, and do not take your gaze from Me now. Do not take your gaze from Me now, for there is zero room for the pride of the flesh when it comes to defeating evil. Be encompassed by the complete power of My love, and be ready to bring about My Kingdom upon this earth. My majesty reigns over you, My warriors. Become one in My Holy Spirit now. The temptation of your own pride is the only thing keeping you from this unity. You must be surrendered, subjected and emptied of self-will to walk in this symbiotic perfection with My elite force. I love you, My children. Yashua Ha’Mashiach

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OUR time

My daughter, write My words for those with ears to hear. My children, I am allowing many of you time for rest in Me, My loves. Fellowship with Me during this time, My children. Sing to Me. Listen for My voice. Rejoice in My love. My children, Our time is coming, Our time. That means Us together forever. I know many of you, including My scribe, who writes these words, are growing weary. You wonder if you’ve been hearing and understanding things correctly. Seasons have passed, feasts have and come and gone, and you wondering if My end time plans are simply a mirage, so close and too good to be true but untouchable and intangible. I see questions. I see your frustrations. I feel them. I see your weariness. I feel it. I see deep inside your hearts. Many have quit believing and have settled into their lives expecting the long haul. Others have walked away from Me completely. They’ve let go of My hand and have fallen backwards into the world and its lusts. They’ve given over to the lusts of their flesh and are stumbling about in the darkness. My children, understand the prison you call flesh is just that, a prison. Unless you are 100 percent reliant on My Holy Spirit, Ruach Ha’Kodesh, you have no freedom, and you will never been able to remain on My path. Your heart in the flesh is foreign to Me, and the only way I connect with you is if you are filled with My Holy Spirit. Just ask, My loves. Allow Me to remove the junk from your life and fill your emptiness with Myself. Allow Me to permeate your being with My Holy Spirit, and the only thing that will matter to you then will not be My timing, nor My exact plan, but remaining in constant oneness in Me. My Holy Spirit is a Gentleman, and He will not force Himself upon you. You must make the conscious decision to seek Him. If received, He will in dwell your heart and be in constant communion with you instead of being on the outside looking in. He will take his rightful position within your heart, and He will never leave or forsake you. Take your focus off of the flesh now. Take your focus off of the problems of this world and seek My face constantly. I am not a far-off God. I am your Creator, and though, at this point, we are separated by your flesh, we are in no way separated in the spirit. When you receive My Holy Spirit, we are in constant communion and will remain so until you are transfigured into your glorified bodies. For some of you will receive glorified bodies. This has been known throughout time, so do not be worried if you are one who will or will not. Know that, eventually, you will be in My presence, and you will no longer be cloaked in the wicked flesh that you exist in now. Whether you are changed by My glorious transformation or changed via the death of your flesh, you should not be concerned. You should grow to where being with Me is such a driving force that it does not make a difference to you or your heart how you will receive your transformation. Each of you have your own path, and it cannot be changed. I love you, My children. Yashua Ha’Mashiach

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My daughter, write My words for those with ears to hear. My children, when many come to Me in sincere desire asking what time you are in, I give many different pieces of My astronomically grand puzzle. My children should not be so concerned with My methods or timing. They should be concerned with their relationship with Me. They should be concerned that they are walking in complete fullness of My Holy Spirit. My Holy Spirit should be overflowing each heart. Chasing after and speculating on dates does not bring you closer in relation to Me, My loves. I will say, again, I do want you watching, yes, but the most important thing is the state of your heart. Are you seeking Me and a relationship with Me, or are you simply seeking book knowledge? You see, knowledge can be used in a bad way as well when it’s subject to a hardened heart. I would much prefer someone with less knowledge directed by My Holy Spirit than someone who is so filled with knowledge that they become like the Pharisees. Remember, My children, My family is inclusive. There are many still being served milk and not yet meat, but My love for them is the same as My love for any Bible scholar. Your knowledge of My Word serves its purpose, but deep, true relationship with Me should be your goal. Knowledge is good, yes, but only with My supernatural wisdom imparted by My Holy Spirit, Ruach Ha’Kodesh, can this wisdom be applied. My children, now is the time to be so disconnected from the cares of this world that you can do what needs to be done, that you can take part in deep and loving relationships with your family and friends, but you must have the revelation that this world is temporary. You are in a holding pattern now. This is not eternal time and space, so, therefore, do not treat it as your permanent home, My children. Simply operate in My strength, sharing My love and letting your worry and cares be put in the proper perspective. When things don’t seem to be going your way, receive My help. Always be walking in communion with Me, and step not into the cold. Fully experience the love that I long to shower you with, My children, allowing yourselves to separate from your circumstance and just experience Me. Let the enemy stand on the outside looking in and allow My love to surround you as a fortress. My children, when you allow yourself to experience Our relationship like this, you will have no cares, no worries, no pain, no sadness, only the joy of My love. You will be manifesting My blessed hope in your walk with Me. Your heart, care free, as it is held in My very hands. Let yourself go and experience My supernatural kingdom living now. This may seem foreign to you or difficult, but it is not. It is simply just letting go of the world and experiencing relationship with Me to its fullest. You are allowing Me to take every thought captive and guide your every step. This is not difficult, My children, if you remove your human understanding and allow My Holy Spirit to overflow your heart and mind. Please, My children, My love is here for you to experience in its fullness. Do not refuse it. Just like you accepted and received My salvation, receive My love that goes along with it. Oh, how I love and cherish each of your hearts, My children. Yashua Ha’Mashiach

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Warning- 12/10/2016

My daughter, write My words for those with ears to hear. My daughter, it is because of your own impatience that you stumble. You wonder, “will His plan ever begin to unfold?” My children, My plan has been unfolding since before time began. Lift your eyes to Me now, My loves. Do not begin to look upon your world. So many of you are beginning to doubt Me, because I am not operating on your timing, but upon My perfect timing. Be secure in this, My loves, that My timing is My own, and My timing is flawless and perfect. There are events that will occur that will catch your attention and the attention of the entire world. My children, be prepared to see some things occur before I snatch you away. You must remember, I will be right beside you keeping you safe. For some of the lost and backslidden sheep, it will take some great devastations to wake them up. So many walk with blinders on. They have their heads buried in the sand. They believe the scoffers and the mockers that say, “Everything is the same as it always has been, and it will continue on like this now and forever.” No, no, no. My children, things will change. My love will conquer all. Every knee will bow and all of mankind will learn of their Creator. Again, My timing is perfect, My children. No need to second guess Me. I see clearly every single heart of My creation. I see clearly every single situation of each child I’ve created. To some, I am their closest confident, they live and breathe Me moment by moment. To others, I am a thought in passing. They glimpse at Me occasionally, only to be sucked back into the world that races around them, and to others, I am nothing. Their pride has fueled unbelief, and their hearts have become as hard as stone. Wherever your heart falls on this spectrum, every single knee shall bow, and every single mouth shall confess that I am their Creator and the only way onto eternal life. My creation encompasses your eternity, My loves. Not a bird falls from the sky that I am unaware. There is nothing that I am not aware of or in ultimate control of. When My hand shakes your earth, I will be the One that many more realize. I will be the One called upon when there is no one else to ease their pain or satisfy their hunger. I will be who they call upon when they are parallelized with fear of what the enemy is unleashing. Oh, how I wish they would push aside their pride and call upon Me now. Oh, how I wish I did not have to see what their own pride will bring upon them, for they have no idea how unbelievably bad things will be on your earth. I implore you, My children, if you are hearing this message, take it to heart. Seek Me now as never before. Realize this world you live in is temporary and that all that lies ahead here is doom. Recognize that I am the single answer, and beyond seeking My face, there will be nothing you can do to escape the horrors of what is to come. Allow now My Holy Spirit to show you that I am the I AM, the Creator of all things, and that your fleshy pride has no place in relationship with your Creator. Seek My face now. Seek My face now. Seek My face now, for the tears from heaven will fall for My creation that does not seek My face. My heart is open. My arms are open. I have created a way for you. I gave My life on the cross so that you may have eternal life. Look beyond the time that you are in to My future kingdom. Realize, there is nothing on your earth worth eternal separation from Me. Receive Me into your heart now, My children. Open your minds, so that I can soften your hearts. Do not put this off, for now is the time.

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