Be swift to hear!

My daughter, Write My words for those with ears to hear. My children, I know the heart of each man intimately, therefore I say to you, do not judge your brothers and sisters, for you do not know their hearts. I see My own children being fooled by the enemy instead of bringing their questions to Me. They believe what the world is feeding them. They are being programed by what the world thinks and believing what the world wants them to believe. Some of My children are even reacting as the world would want them to react. Stop, My loves. Come full circle back to Me. Operate in My power and in My love. Do not fall for the tricks of the enemy. He is so subtle that, before you know it, you are thinking like the rest of your world. They do not know Me, and they do not know My plans, and they have no idea of My power. There is coming a time when they will meet Me, My loves. They will recognize the fact that they do have a Creator, and at that point, many will seek for a relationship with Me. Do not be dismayed, My loves. You will begin to see people turning from the ways of this world and beginning to seek My truth. As I have said in messages before, more darkness and evil has been released, but there is also more of My light being released through My children. Do not doubt the fact that My Holy Spirit has ultimate dominion, My loves, and until He is removed, My children need to realize His power and use it. Too many have let the worries of this world dictate their relationship with Me. The hearts of My creation is so important to Me, My loves. I long for more hearts to receive Me, yes, but to My children who are already a part of My flock, you are My pride and joy. I want nothing more than for you to be in constant communion with Me and relying on Me, filled with My peace and My joy and not affected by what you see or hear in your world, a complete care-free attitude, knowing that I love you beyond measure and that I only want supernatural blessing and love in your lives. This is the biggest issue with My children. They do not conceive My love for them, and they do not conceive the power of My love. They live half in this world and in its worries, and they do not receive the power that I offer. My power cannot exist without faith. My power cannot exist without the realization of the victory that I have already won. Leave all of the things that have bogged you down in this world behind, and begin a new adventure with Me, My children. Allow Me to use you in every circumstance to expand upon My joy in your nation and in your world. This is not just a case of occupying until My return. This is a matter of you operating in complete confidence in My love for you. Do not allow the enemy to cast a shadow on this love. Do not ignore the promises that are so amazing and so true that are found in My word. Do not let the enemy dictate your circumstances. He will take every opportunity to attack you if you allow him to. My Holy Spirit wants to bring My children to a new level of understanding now. He longs to show the enemy who is Boss. In some cases, these will be baby steps for you, My loves, but be patient and know that your patience is growing you more than you could ever imagine. Some of you will achieve great works for My Kingdom now going forward, but if your duties seem less important than another’s, do not be ashamed or worried, for I have each of My children exactly where they belong, and for some of you, it’s your small circle of family and friends that I want you sharing My Joy with. Never feel bad if others seem to have more important roles than you do. Again, I have you where I want you. Take your focus off of My Timing, My loves, and refocus simply on Me going forward. If you put Me first, I can promise you that all things will work together perfectly. To My watchman, you know who you are. I am not asking you to stop watching by any means, but make certain, My loves, that Our relationship comes first and foremost so that you can continue on in My strength and not give up watching. Your jobs are so important, My loves, and many of you are seeming less hopeful. Don’t be fooled by your fleshy weaknesses. I assure you, I’ve appointed you for this time, and though things may seem like they will take forever, I have complete control, and now is Not the time to leave your posts. Refocus on how important your jobs are and receive a new-found supernatural purpose. My Holy Spirit will bring to you new levels of energy to keep you going if you’ll simply ask. My messengers will soon be overwhelmed with new revelation, dreams, visions and messages. If the Holy Spirit is prompting you, you must share these revelations with your brethren. I do not want My children to be downhearted that things have not occurred the way that they expected. Remember, I am the ultimate Decider on how things will progress in the future. Know that no man knows how My plan will unfold, and be sure that no matter what the enemy unleashes, he will be countered, and he will not progress beyond My allowance. My children, you are protected and must not be worried about his plans. You are Mine and I will never leave or forsake you. Go forth now, expecting My love and wisdom. I could not love you any more than I do, My children, and I long for complete peace to engulf the hearts of My entire creation. I love you, My children. Yeshua Ha’Mashiach

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Do you have ears to hear?

My daughter, Write My words for those with ears to hear. My children, you must always use your discernment. I’ve provided to you My Holy Spirit for this purpose. You must quell your fleshy reasoning and allow the Holy Spirit to show you My truth and wisdom in all things. The election of just one world leader has impact, yes, but, My children, has anything really changed with the hearts of the people in your nation? They are looking for a Savior in a man instead of looking at the true Savior, Me. They long for a paradise, a utopia, a supernatural peace that only I can provide. But they are misguided into thinking a man or woman can create this for them. Have no doubt, My children, that I AM a King-maker. I have chosen who would be in places of power on your earth throughout time and history, and now is no different, but, My children, do not dream that because your choice was elected into office that things are going to suddenly morph into your idea of perfection. He is simply just a man, a man I have placed into this position of power, but simply just a man. Remove your focus off of this world and its leaders and seek the only real King, Me. I AM your Creator. I love you, My children, and I do want for My children peace and paradise. This is true, but this will never be the case when Satan himself is still the ruler of your air. The events of your time have been known throughout all of time, My children. They are set and unchangeable. Do not doubt Me, My loves, for I AM in complete and ultimate control. Walk in this knowledge. Walk in an unshakeable faith that the final outcome is My victory, for My victory has been in place since before time began. So many of My children wonder, what does this mean for your nation and the world? My loves, this changes nothing when it comes to My children. As it has been always, seek Me constantly. Seek My face. Long for Me as I long for you, for there is coming a time soon when we will be together, and your burdensome flesh will no longer stand between us. I created you to love you. Look past all of the things that are occurring in your world and see Me. See My Glory. See My power and realize My love for you. When you remain focused on this world, you open yourself up to the enemy. You open yourself up to human understanding and do not allow the Holy Spirit to guide you. You must remember My promises, My loves. I will never leave or forsake you. I will be coming back for you to bring you to the place that I have prepared for you. I AM always right by your side. No human imaginations can conceive Our eternal future together, and there are so many more promises found in My Word. Abide in Me now, My children, and watch with open hearts and open minds what I will be bringing upon your earth. The enemy is loaded with tricks and plans, My loves. But you are secure in My love, and nothing can snatch you from My hand. You must live in this security. Allow nothing to shake you, nothing. I AM not the author of fear. Would a loving father want his children living in fear? No, no, no. Fear will flee from you when you abide in Me, My children. Simply call upon My name. Recognize the schemes of the enemy before they affect you, for if you give him no inroads into your life, he can’t affect you. Exist in My peace. Do not waiver. You are in Me, and I AM your rock. Things will unfold as things will unfold. No matter what comes to pass, remain comforted by the knowledge of Our future together. I love you, My children, and soon, you will experience the depth of My love firsthand. Yeshua Ha’Mashiach

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My daughter, write My words for those with ears to hear. Are you being distracted, My children? Are you listening to the voices and warnings and even teachings of mere men and treating them as Gospel? What and who are you giving heed to, My loves? My children, seek Me. Seek Me alone. I am always right here. When you ask, I will surely answer. Even if I answer you with an overwhelming peace, I will answer. Many of My children want answers to the question of “what is to come” so badly that they drool like hungry dogs. Yes, I did, indeed, create you with inherent curiosity, My children, but I also created you with the ability to quell this curiosity and push it down with faith in Me. Is your longing to know and understand the future taking you far away from a relationship with Me, My loves? So many of you are so distracted with the goings on in your world right now that you’ve left your faith at the door and are clamoring for action and answers. I wish for My children a faith that is not dependent on the predictions of the prophets. I wish for all of My children to be in such a relationship with Me that their faith is all that matters. A peace that is beyond anyone’s imagination fully exists, yet so many choose to ignore My peace. Many of the events that take place on your earth are random, part of the chaos that ensues a fallen world. Well, nothing is random to Me. It is random to your world. I challenge you, My children. Take a step back. Whatever your situation, rest in Me. Let My peace be your focus. Let the knowledge of Me be enough, for is there any difference in the future whether you know it beforehand or have no clue as to what is coming. Your preparedness should be in Me, not foreknowledge of what is to come. No matter what the future holds, My peace does not waver. My love for you is unchanging and eternal. Walk in that knowledge, My loves. Walk in My perfection. Do not let chaos affect your outlook. Have the complete knowledge that no matter what or how the future plays out, your eternal security is set. Walk in this My peace, My children. Do not clamor to know and understand the future. Have faith. I pursue you, My loves. Rest in that. Your hearts are held in My hand. You must own this comfort and let nothing steal it from you. The joy of My peace should pass all of your understanding. This peace I freely offer to you. Receive it now. I love you, My children.

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