My daughter, write My words for those with ears to hear. My children, why for some is My word not enough? Why do you spend time studying and learning things put forth by the enemy? When My children do this, it gives credence to the enemy and his plans. Please, My children, My victory has already been established. Walk in it in all your ways. The enemy is allowed into the lives of many through doors that they open by themselves. He has no right to My children unless they give him rights by opening doors to him. Of this, you need to be careful, My children. Let nothing become an idol to you. Idols will certainly open the doors to the enemy. Unforgiveness is another door left open by many. My children must close these doors to the enemy, for he devours whom he may. When these doors are shut, he can do nothing to come against you. Be wise in your choices, My children. Pray that no temptation will win you over. Stay filled with My Holy Spirit to overflowing, and encourage others in their walk with Me. Operate in love and kindness towards everyone you meet. Live in My supernatural kingdom, away from the darkness around you. See everything through the lens of the Holy Spirit, looking only at My light, focusing on My light and not the ploys of the enemy. Do not let him distract your focus off of Me, My children, or doors to him could be opened. As the darkness increases in your world, allow My light to increase within and through you, My children. Walk in confidence that My work is perfectly complete, and as long as I am enveloped in your hearts, you share My victory, and the enemy must flee from you. Now is not the time to question My finished work, and now is not the time to question the authority you have in Me. Your goal 100 precent of the time should be receiving and being filled by My Holy Spirit. This assures My victory in your life. Yes, My children, it does not hurt to know what the enemy will throw at you, but do not focus on it. As with the timing of My return, keep watch and do not fall asleep, but put Our relationship first in all things and learn who I am first and foremost. You will enjoy the supernatural benefits of your labor when you focus on Me and learn who I am. Allow Me to love you, My children, for My love casts out all fear and doubt and sends the enemy running in the opposite direction. Walk in the perfection of My victory now. I love you, My children.

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Seek My Face

My daughter, write My words for those with ears to hear. My child, I see your feelings get hurt when people come against the rhema words you relay. You do not understand why people do not want to hear what I have to say. Rhema words are given to My messengers through My Holy Spirit. My messengers have sensitive hearts, and no one will say it does not hurt when people come against them. Not all of My messengers receive messages that tell the same part of My story. Some messengers receive quite different information and subject matter from you and from one another. This is by My design. Do not be saddened when people leave your channel, My messengers, for each person hearing receives My messages in a different way as well. Last night, for example, My daughter heard a message from a person about a delay in the timing of My rapture. My daughter who writes these very words did not receive this message well. At this point, I put a peace in My daughter’s spirit, letting her know, no matter what My timing, that I am in control, and that I will do things for the best of My entire creation as a whole. Many of My children who have been watching for Me are so caught up in My timing that they are ignoring their relationship with Me. This is not what I want for them. Don’t you see, My children, that I created you to love you. I create you, each and every one of you, so that you can be in an individual relationship with Me. This is the reason I made you. So many of My children are either continually wrapped up in the world or they are so wrapped up in trying to figure out my timing that they forget who I am. Allow Me to search your hearts now, My children. Allow My Holy Spirit to manifest within you and lead you down My path and in the direction of My will for you. Live free from doubt and fear, and live in My peace and receive the knowledge that, going forward, all of your needs will be met, and My supernatural presence will be palpable. Worrying about My timing is not an option for My children. Seeking My face continually is. Grumbling in the wilderness will get you nowhere. Seeking Me and the confidence that I fill you with will bring you forward and assure My kingdom is abounding in your life. To you, My daughter, this word is the answer to your question. You must always turn your face back to Me in faith and trust, and allow Me to be the source for all things. My timing should not make a difference in how you live. Desire Me beyond everything else. There’s your answer.

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The Covenant of My Cross

My daughter, write My words for those with ears to hear. I remind you again, My children, fear and doubt are not of Me. Do not let the enemy pry his way into our relationship. He will always be trying. You must be on guard. When you are confused by a teaching or something that you’ve seen or read, come straight to Me. I am the only answer. Some of the greatest Bible scholars fail to receive My peace. Are they then able to convey My peace to others? With the covenant of the cross comes My perfect order, My perfect promise, and by no means can the enemy upset this order unless you allow him to. I ask of you, My children, seek Me constantly in My Word and through prayer. Do not let the enemy gain a foothold within our relationship. The moment you take your eyes off of Me he will have a snare waiting for you to fall into. Everyone’s walk with Me is different, and people perceive and walk out their relationship with Me in different ways. Some understand My mercy wholly while others cannot conceive there is not still work to be done to earn it. The work that I am asking of My children, is for My kingdom’s glory, for My glory. When you walk in the light of My mercy, you will walk in My power, and no temptation will be too great. Should you stumble, it occurred when you took your eyes away from Me. When this happens, I am a glance away. For remember, I will never leave or forsake you. Trust Me that I will fill your heart with My peace when you are on My path. I will allow some things in your life to grow us closer, but I guarantee that through the trials I will be there to ease your pain and bring peace in the storms. When I promise in My Word that My yoke is easy and My burden is light, do you think that this only applies to some? My children, the yoke and the burden of the world is heavy, and you will feel its weight when you continue in the ways of the world. But when you walk in relationship with Me, fully accepting My mercy, fully accepting My finished work, you will come out from underneath the ploy of the enemy that keeps you a slave to sin. You will experience My boundless mercies, and you will learn to live within my peace that passes your human understanding. When a debt has been paid off, do we continue to make payments on that debt? If something is washed away, do we continue to scrub away the dirt that is not there? My daughter, tell My children that these are snares set by the enemy. They steer the hearts, thoughts, and deeds of My children into an area of defeat and remove My children from My kingdom-living and place them back into the earthly belief system. The burdens put on My children by the enemy come only when you allow them. These burdens remove you from My supernatural abundance and put you under the microscope of the accuser. All of My children must be aware of the enemy’s plans to knock them down. He wants no one walking in My perfect, supernatural will for them, but he wants you struggling and focusing on your sin and failure. Do not be fooled, My children. Allow My Holy Spirit to bear witness to these words. My truth will set you free.

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