HEY!! Messengers!

My daughter, write My words for those with ears to hear, My messengers. My messengers, attacks against you will be more and more prevalent now, not only on your physical bodies but in your minds. The enemy will do whatever he can to sow seeds of doubt into your minds. He wants your mouths closed. He wants nothing more than to stop My truths from coming forth. He wants My messengers confused and afraid, and his attacks upon you will be relentless. Do not give up, My messengers. Do not walk away from the job that I have assigned to you. Your voices are critical to My message being spread now, My message of love, peace and salvation, My light being spread in your dark world. Do not let the enemy and his minions cloud your minds. Do not let them put fear or doubt in your path. Allow Me to clear the way for you to spread My gospel of love. I AM with you. I AM on your side, and only when you forget that or doubt that will you stumble. Only when you forget that will you succumb to his lies. Go back to the basics. Go back to My basics. I love you. I will never leave you, and I will never forsake you. You can do anything with Me by your side, for I give you unlimited strength and power. My sheep hear My voice. You clearly see the perfection of My pure and simple gospel. You clearly see it. It cannot be changed or added to. Always return to this truth when the enemy comes against you, My loves. You are mine, and I will not let you go. You are secure in My arms, untouchable and eternally safe in My unfailing love. Satan is a liar and wishes for nothing more than for you to believe that you are his. I love you, My children.

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Flesh and Pride

My daughter, your time away was purposeful on My part, as nothing occurs beyond My will when it comes to My messages. No, this does not mean that My messengers are perfect. You are men. It just means that, when it comes to My timing, I have everything orchestrated, even your time away. Much has occurred while you weren’t looking, My daughter, both in the spiritual and the physical. I knew you wouldn’t be looking, and now, you are a clean slate to be filled by Me, not the thoughts and opinions, and even the truths of others. You are free from opinion at all, and this is a gift to the one that shares the messages with you, as I don’t need to convince you of much. My daughter, don’t you see, I made you the way you are, with all of your imperfections and faults, because you simply act and react without a lot of argument. You write and deliver what I share, and your expectations to go deeper are fulfilled by your trust in Me. You hear when you listen and follow My directions in faith. You do what I ask when I ask. You, My daughter, make up in faithfulness what you lack in knowledge. I made you this way. Don’t compare yourself to others, My love, because, if you weren’t who you are, you couldn’t do this job that I created specifically for you. Hear My words now, My daughter, and share them with My sheep, My sheep that have ears to hear. Hear this loud and clear, My children. Do not fear. You will be experiencing darkness at higher and higher intensity. The enemy seeks whom he may devour, so stay in My light. For those that stay in My light, My supernatural will be increasingly visible. I’ve said this before, and I’ll repeat these statements again and again, so that many more will hear My voice and warning when it comes to the enemy and his plans. He has plans to continue to increase his violence and hatred and evil throughout your earth now. More and more persecution and hatred of My own is coming. My sheep must remain together now. You will always find differences of opinion on doctrinal issues, My children. My word must be divided and deciphered correctly. When some fail to do this, they surely misinterpret. When some base their understanding on their limitations of their human minds, they convey their misguided ideas to people seeking My truth. Be careful what you are teaching as My truth, My children. Do not be deceived and in turn deceive others. Allow My Holy Spirit to ascertain My truths within your minds. Allow My Holy Spirit to break your fleshy pride and fill you with My wisdom, for My wisdom cannot share space with your manmade ideas, teachings or limitations. This is a call to My children to join forces. Stick together and operate as a cohesive group, not tearing one another down because you can’t agree on doctrinal issues on My timing. No man knows the day or the hour, but you should be cohesive in your watching for Me. Love one another. Must I say more? Love one another, and exist in My peace, for none of you are wholly correct, not one, and those who add fuel to the fire of discord, check yourselves, for time is growing short, and if you are not operating in My Holy Spirit, you are not allowing your pride of your flesh to be crucified, and you are casting doubt and untruths into My bride. I see many unwittingly operating in their pride, and causing strife and division within My flock. I say again. Check yourselves, My children. Surrender totally to My Holy Spirit, and allow Him to increase your understanding of My supernatural ways. I warn you that if you limit Me, you will be shocked by some of the miraculous signs that I have prepared for My creation, and with that, you will not be prepared for the work that I will be asking of you. Many will come mocking and scoffing now. Many false messages will be going forth from those that are deceived. Allow My Holy Spirit to check every word you hear. Allow My Holy Spirit to guide you and who you listen to. Let My Holy Spirit teach you from My word first and foremost. Messages will confuse you at times, and it is so important that you come to Me when this occurs. Don’t discount these messages without coming to the Holy Spirit and taking them into prayer. Many react in fear and in their fleshy judgment and fail to take my true messages to heart. They snap-judge before coming to Me in prayer and allowing My Holy Spirit to lead them in My truth. Remember, fear is not of Me. Confusion is not of Me. I will warn My sheep of what is to come, but they must be open to receive and comprehend My warnings, or these warnings themselves fall on deaf ears and provoke fear in the hearts of My own. This fear is not what is meant. These warning are so My sheep do not fear. It is so that they are not asleep when the shaking begins. It is so that they are prepared and watching, so their house will not be broken into by a thief. Continually now, I ask you, My children, be embodied by My Holy Spirit, allowing Him to crucify your flesh constantly. Pray in your spirit language always. Commune with Me often, and stay in My word and out of this world. Worship Me with a joyful heart. Wait for Me with fervent yet joyful expectation, and do not let the enemy steal the joy of your hope.

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Are you resisting the HOLY SPIRIT?

My daughter, write My words for those who’s ears might hear. Many think they know Me, because they know of Me. They know the word of My disciples, and they have understanding of the characters and stories within My word. They fall short though, because they have no idea I am and who I am meant to be for them personally. They try to tell others who I am, but they are unable, because they really have no idea who I am. Many cast their own opinions of who they think I am and who they think I should be, and they allow man, and even the enemy, to shape their ideas of who their Savior and Creator is. They minimize Me, putting their own limitations on who I am, basing their opinions on their futile imaginations which don’t offer a speck of truth as to who I am. They operate in the physical realm only allowing for none of My supernatural to enter their belief systems. Those of you who operate in My Holy Spirit will recognize these as Pharisees immediately. They mix just enough scripture into their teachings to lead My babes in Christ astray, but they always end in a conclusion of condemnation and confusion. You perceived what I was trying to show you, My daughter. Why would I allow someone to receive My salvation knowingly if they would eventually turn on Me and reject Me. The prideful forget one thing: I see all things, including into the future. So, why would I give a person the gift of salvation if I knew that they would be rejecting Me at a later date. How can you reconcile such folly with your King and Creator, the Most High God? You can’t, for what purpose would these shenanigans serve. I am righteous and I enable all of My creation to turn from this world and be reconciled to Me through My perfect plan of salvation. It is not a plan that needs to be, or even can be, added to. The prideful, operating in the reasoning of their human flesh, always think they must do more than just perceive Me. As the harpazo (snatching away) grows near, it is important that they understand and receive My pure and simple gospel. it is important that they get to know who I am. I love these little ones, but many are so blind that they are missing Me completely, and they will be worse off than those who do not even know Me at all and will be meeting Me for the first time soon. Each of you has your own relationship with Me. I tell you this, only I know what is in the heart of each of My children, so do not criticize My children. Do not criticize when you see My children operating willfully in their flesh, for doing this will only serve to push them further into their pride and further away from Me. I have those that come willingly under My wing, but there are still many who refuse to expand their minds beyond the perversions of their flesh. They speak My name and My words but do not operate in any sort of My supernatural power. They receive dreams to wake them up, but they turn to the enemy to interpret these dreams. They act humble and kind, but they are really filled with fleshy pride. I love these children, as with all of My creation, but they are walking in a deception of the enemy, as pride is the most awful spirit to clothe the flesh. My Holy Spirit is the only answer here. They must call upon Me, and My Holy Spirit will deliver them My truth. My sheep hear My voice. Not all of My children do. Watch for such as these who claim to hear from Me but subtract from My truths. They are not hearing from Me, but from deceiving spirits. This is why it is so important for you to come directly to My feet and allow Me to shower you with My revelations directly. Don’t spend all your day hopping from messenger to messenger or teacher to teacher. Most importantly, you must spend time with Me and reside in Me constantly. I will then keep you from these deceivers. When you hear from Me directly, you will no longer be so easily misled. This is what you must do now, My children. Find Me for yourselves. I am waiting for you. My daughter, when I give you a message to share, I wish you to share it, but do not think that you can gain all that I am trying to show you through videos and teachings of others. You must seek Me. When you do this, you will be shown so much more. My children are much more interested in when I am coming rather than who I actually am. Some won’t even recognize Me because they are not receiving My truths but lies. I am not saying not to watch, but first and foremost, you must KNOW who you are watching for. Don’t let the Pharisees sway your enthusiasm, My children. Know them by their fruits. If they are serving up self-righteousness, flee. If they are hateful and rude in My name, is that really who I am? I love you, My children. I guide you, My sheep. Love, Yahshua Ha’Mashiach

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WORK yourself clean??!

My daughter, write My words for those who receive in My Holy Spirit. Many believers are being attacked now by the enemy. He attacks them with his lies, and they in turn spread his lies as My truth. They tell the lost and the backslidden that I will no longer receive them because they are living in sin. Don’t My children see that I want My lost children to come home to Me? Then I will clean them up. The lie of the enemy that so many fall for says that you must clean up your own act before you can present yourself to Me. My children, can you not see the inherent problem with this scenario? How does one clean himself? This is so far from My truth, for I must do the cleansing. So many think that they must clean up their act before they turn to Me. No. They must realize their need for a savior and come back to Me or present themselves to Me for the first time. Only after they are under My wing can I remove their spot and wrinkle. I am their Redeemer, but only if they come home. My very own children scare these backslidden and lost children away with their judgmental words and their attitudes. Stop! Receive these lost and backslidden children into My flock with open arms. Do you think your invitation should include your judgment and condemnation? By no means. Preach to them My gospel of Love, that no matter who they are or what they’ve done, My blood is enough. Satan lies. He convinces My children that My blood was not enough. He convinces My children that the only, the one and only sacrifice for sin, the sin of the world, was not a big enough sacrifice. If you drive these lost and backslidden sheep away and back into the world with your haughty pride, you will answer to Me. Going to these with messages of condemnation and instilling fear drives them from Me. Can’t you see that? The enemy loves you for this. You’re doing his job. When you try to catch a mouse, you feed it cheese. You don’t plop a cat in front of the trap, or the mouse will run in fear. Love these lost and backslidden into My flock unless I show you otherwise. Many are not capable of not operating in their own fleshy pride, and they do not realize that they are opening the gates of hell and pushing people in. This isn’t about you and what you think. This isn’t about how you think things should be. This isn’t about what you think is fair. Get out of your pride and share My gospel of love. Plant seeds of love, not fear and death. Wake up to the enemy’s lies. This goes for you judgmental bible scholars. Go read about the pharisees and examine your heart, for your own pride will lead you to destruction.

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(Received: January 27, 2016) My daughter, write and speak My words for those with ears to hear. My children, the number one thing that keeps you from a closer relationship with Me is your pride. It is your fleshy pride. The lowest of the low, the filthiest of filthy, sinners beyond sin-filled have an easier time receiving My grace then some learned bible scholars. My lowliest of children need Me, and they know it. Some of My children that have much of My scripture committed to their memory have a difficult time recognizing My mercy. They complicate My truths and unwittingly create snares, not only for themselves, but others. The enemy plants false and strange ideas into the heads of My children. He leads them to believe that they must add to My perfect and finished work. He leads them to believe that their salvation is an ongoing process where they come close to, and even cross, My finish line, but then can be pulled back, snatched from My hand and returned to an unsaved status, worse off than they were to begin with. This is not how My salvation works, My children. Salvation is My gift that one receives, for when a person truly receives the gift of My salvation into their heart, I will not be taken from them, and they are sealed forever. Satan will do all he can to make My children doubt this. Ask yourselves this, My children: What is the sin of your flesh that My shed blood does not cover? At what point do I look at a saved child, one that has clearly received Me into their heart and say, “Okay. Now, you have crossed the line. My blood no longer covers that sin.” At what point do I give up on you and toss you to the wolves? Satan’s goal is to make you uncertain. His goal is to get you to focus on your sin. Don’t you see, My children, when you believe in My death on the cross and receive the payment and understand the sacrifice I made, your address changes. You are no longer a part of this world, but you become a part of My kingdom. The problem is that many never pack their bags and move. They stay in this world and remain in their flesh. They never become the new creation that I’ve called them to be, or they come part way, but they fall and never get back up again. They remain in a fallen state with their hearts right, but their mind overtaken by their flesh. They are sold out to the world instead of their Savior. They never experience the joy of kingdom living or the peace that comes with being sold out to Me. My Holy Spirit is a gentleman, and I will not forcefully trespass if a child is rejecting Me. My Holy Spirit waits patiently until he is called upon. Learning to walk like Me is where many stumble. They fall out of the starting blocks and never, ever take their first steps, or they get pulled down back into the world and never comprehend how to be in a relationship with Me. These are My backslidden children. They have received salvation, yes, but none of the benefits of knowing who I AM. We have a marriage in contract only, no wedding, no romance, and a love that is completely one-sided. I will not divorce these children, but if they do not seek Me out, they will not receive the benefits of being My spouse. These children will most probably have to endure times of trial in the tribulation. They will need to undergo much refining. Many of these children are hard of heart and full of pride. This doesn’t make Me love them less, but they do not know how to receive the love I have for them. They lack the guidance and discernment of My Holy Spirit. They lack peace and love. They are essentially blind and blowing to and fro in the wind and the waves. My other children, My Holy-Spirit-filled children are guided by My Holy Spirit. They are peace-filled and freely receive My love. They are not tossed by the wind and the waves, and they stand on the solid footing of My truth. Yes, they still stumble on occasion, but their desires have been molded and shaped by relationship with Me. They have chosen to live at their new address. They seek constant relationship with Me and the revelation from Me, and when they do stumble, they turn back to Me immediately by the conviction of My Holy Spirit. You were created with free will, My children. Your flesh has its own set of needs and desires. When you allow My Holy Spirit to crucify your flesh, you will quickly start to recognize the things of this world that quell His work within you. I have no desire to leave you where I found you, but for some, the job of circumcision is a long one. It takes a lifetime to learn to walk in My will. Some never discover the plan I had for them, but I ask the people who hear and doubt this Word: Who can snatch My little ones from My hand once they have received My salvation? Satan? The world? Who? Understand this, My children: There will be backslidden Christians who enter My Kingdom. They will not be a part of My Bride, and they will undergo refining beforehand. Surely, I tell you this, as nothing un-holy can be placed in front of Me. They will see things in the tribulation that My Bride will not be forced to see, and, yes, some will even be martyred when they do not bow down to the Antichrist. They will not be a part of our wedding ceremony, nor a part of our feast. Only by refinement will their pride be broken and their hearts of stone be softened. Only then will they cry out for Me. Of this, be certain. Your goal, as My children, should not only be winning hearts to Me, it should also be winning lives over to Me. The allure of My Bride should be pulling in the lost and the backslidden now, for as time passes, the chances of doing time in the tribulation exponentially increases. In one way or another, My children will be purified. The faster they come to the end of themselves, the sooner their purification will be complete. Again, I say, My children, move to My kingdom address. If you have not yet done so, fill out the change of address card by receiving My blood sacrifice into your heart. Through My shed blood, I purchased My creation. Receive Me and turn from this world and see what a relationship with Me has to offer you.

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My Daughter, share these words with My Holy-Spirit-filled children, child-like in their faith, and open to the new revelations that I will be pouring out upon them. Many, even those you are close to will not have their minds and hearts open to My New Revelations. This will be hard on some of My messengers, as your hearts are soft, and you worry about offending people. Be strong, My Messengers, for the messages I release will be decisive and to the point, and I target those who I wish to receive them in order that their knowledge and wisdom is increased in accordance with My Will for them. You must not worry, My Messengers, over who will and who will not receive these messages in kind. Only I can change the hardened hearts and open the minds of those that are closed to My New Revelations. Move along quickly, and do not spend time debating these that do not receive and accept My Truths. I AM the same yesterday, today and forever, yet many even fail to see this truth. The pride within man is his biggest stumbling block. The enemy adds to man’s pride and the heart becomes virtually impenetrable by My Truths. Many of My children who have been walking closely with Me and carrying out My Duties are now stumbling. They are not open to My Truths of this time, and the enemy sows seeds of discord throughout My Body now. My Messengers are like children and receive new oil into their own wine-skin daily. They have no predisposed notion or knowledge that blocks them from hearing fresh revelation. They know I have great purpose for their future, and they will let no man be a stumbling block before them. They are emptied of themselves and rely only upon Me for the truth of what time your earth is in. I have virtually squashed their pride, and they are receiving My Will and operating as such. Detractors, naysayers, scoffers, mockers and prideful sheep will come against them trying to steal their oil, but they will not and can not give their oil away, for these were predestined from before time began to be My Warriors in this time. Again, the wise will be made fools and the foolish will be made wise by My Power. My Glory will shine through these children whom I’ve chosen. You do not make these decisions. I do. Don’t doubt Me, My Children, and do not allow the enemy to use you as a stumbling block to My Perfect Plan. I AM perfect as is My Timing, as are My choices for whom I will use in these end-times. I do not seek or need the advice of any one of you as to how I will allow for My Plan to unfold. Get on your faces and allow Me to remove your pride. You must give every thought to My Holy Spirit now. You must allow Me to show you My Truths. I warn against your own hard hearts. I warn against your man-made doctrine. How dare you limit Me, you fools. I say again, get on your faces and let Me squash your foolish pride. My Sheep hear My Voice and My Voice only. Who are you hearing from. You have no oil, you proud fools. Get over yourselves. I love you, My Children. Yahshua Ha’Mashiach

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My daughter, write My words for those with My Holy Spirit within them. My children, understand with My Holy Spirit. See My truths through the eyes of My Holy Spirit and not the eyes of your flesh. The giftings of the apostles have all but died on your earth now. There are pockets of believers who operate in these gifts, but then there are many teach falsely that these gifts are dead and no longer active in My body. Who has believed that these gifts are dead. This is a lie of Satan. These are weapons in My arsenal against the enemy, and he is who has brought about this false teaching that the power of My Holy Spirit is null and void. Even some of these who walk in My spiritual gifts don’t really know Me. Even if they fail to view Me through the eyes of the Holy Spirit, My giftings are real, and many more will see this and soon be operating in My gifts at a much higher level. Do not allow the enemy to bring doubt into your minds, My children. I am showing My childlike flock the new things that the Holy Spirit will bring to them in these end times, supernatural abilities that have been quelled by unbelief are being released anew to those waiting with open minds and open hearts. The enemy will use anyone he can to come against My childlike flock. He is hitting you hard right now, My children, with his lies. When I say ‘you will know them by their fruit,’ this is a very important truth. If you see a person not acting in love but condemnation and scorn, they are not operating in My Holy Spirit. Lift them in prayer, but do not let them plant seeds of doubt as to who you are in Me. Some of My children who you’ve grown to trust and adore will be falling for these deceptive tactics of the enemy now. They will be operating not in love, but they will be firm in their false, man-made doctrines of division. You will be divided, but this is necessary for the time that you are in. Again, unless you rest at My feet and come to Me as a hungry child waiting to be filled by My Holy Spirit, you will be easily misguided by men. They will use My word, scriptures plucked and twisted out of context to prove themselves, but this is no match for My Holy Spirit within you, My children. If you see no love but only condemnation flowing from a person, close your ears to them. I am love first and foremost. Those causing strife and division, even some My children, will eventually see the error in their ways. If you are not listening, hearing and seeing through My Holy Spirit within you, you are not only deaf and blind but dangerous to My flock. Come to Me now. Sit and rest at My feet. Ask for the indwelling of My Holy Spirit to overflowing. He will remove the doubt in your heart, My children. I address you as such, for if you come to Me in any other mindset, you cannot fully see or receive Me and My perfect sacrifice for your sin. If you have allowed the doctrines of men to taint your mind, I will be a blur to you. You must receive My gospel in its pure form. You can’t add to it, and when you try to, it’s your fleshy pride attempting to muddy My waters. I am pure, My truth is pure and My gospel is pure. If a person tells you that you are able to add to My gospel to make it more complete or better, beware. They are deceived and are coming under the law, the law that was already fulfilled by My death on the cross. I fulfilled the law, so how will one add to My perfection. The only thing left is one’s sanctification which is what occurs when one receives My gift of salvation along with My righteousness. You are no longer children of this world. You have been legally adopted into the family of the Most High the moment you received My gift of salvation into you soul. Many you love and trust are turning from My truths now. They have pride that clouds their vision of My pure and simple gospel of truth. Do not become angry with them. Pray for them and continue to love them, for all things will come to pass the way in which I have known from before the beginning. Some men will know some things. Other men will know other things. This is not a competition between My children but a race in which you wish for all to finish. Cheer one another on in love not contention, not strife. My children, pray, and I will remove your pride. Some, including the one who delivers this message, are operating in their pride, maybe not all of the time, but now and then. They do this without even recognizing it. Pray, and I will remove it, for now is not the time to be operating in any of your flesh or pride, My children. Come to Me in My Holy Spirit as a little child. Yeshua Ha’Mashiach´╗┐

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