My daughter, write My words for those with ears to hear. I see your struggles every day, My children. I see when you have the strength to rise above the world and remain in My kingdom living, and I see when you fall and drink from the cup of the world that you are living in. Many fall, My children, but I see your true hearts, and I know they are true to Me. Your flesh is evil and would like nothing more than to partake in the things of this world, yet My Holy Spirit within you acts as your Helper. Pray, My children, constantly to be led away from temptation and delivered from evil. It is very apparent that the enemy goes out of his way to lead My children down his path of destruction. My Holy Spirit within you will guide you down My safe path if you allow Him. This is not a time to give up on Me, My children. I know many of My children have waited a lifetime for My harpazo, My catching away, and because I have yet to snatch them to Me, they are losing hope. They are growing weary and experiencing doubt. I am the I AM, the Beginning and the End. There is no haste in My timing, for My timing is perfect. Many of you, though you have all of your physical needs met, some even living by quite luxurious standards, long for My presence with your hearts. No matter what the world has enticed these with, they cannot really enjoy their lives in this world. They simply long for Me alone. There are others of My children who are struggling in this world. They struggle everyday to meet their physical and family’s needs. They are becoming worn down from this journey, and they long for My return. Both of these sets of people face different struggles, some more than others, but something is consistent between them. They ache for My return. They ache for Me, knowing that only I can fill the emptiness in their hearts. One may be quite wealthy by earth’s standard and the other quite poor, but they both long insatiably to be in My presence and place no value upon anything of this world. These are My bride. They have already given Me their hearts and are going through the motions of this earth, as they know it is not their home. They seek Me constantly in all that they do and they expect to hear from Me and have an open mind to My truths alone. They have walked away from the doctrines of men, and they ready themselves daily to receive new revelation from My word and from My Holy Spirit, Ruach Ha’Kodesh. They have allowed Me to crucify their flesh and remove every last bit of pride from them. These will be the generals in My army, My children. These will be the wave sheaf offering to My Father, the wise virgins. If you are not to this point in your journey with Me, if you still cling to the things of this world, do not be dismayed. The identity of these was known from the beginning. These are My 144,000 Spiritual Israel, emptied of this world, crucified, dead to this world and waiting for their chance to shine. They will walk safely about the enemy and not be touched. They will be escorted by angels and touch the hearts of many. They will serve a great purpose in harvesting the lost and the backslidden. They will bring the oil to the unwise virgins, removing from them any sliver of man’s doctrines. They will shine in the three days of darkness as beacons of hope and comfort to those in mourning. They will bring My truth to many and will be limitless against the enemy and his minions. Receive and accept this truth, My children. All will occur the way it is written, and it has been planned like this since before the beginning. Do not limit Me. Yeshua Ha’Mashiach

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