My Daughter, write My words of encouragement to My bride, My loves, some of the things I’ve shown you and will show you and ask you to share in the near future will not be easy for some to receive. Remember, each individual heart is on a journey, and some only learn in black and white. They are unwilling to expand their minds into the spiritual and supernatural thought processes. They rely on the finite thinking of their human reasoning. This is okay. They will eventually be shown and receive My supernatural plan, but until then, just realize they are blind to what you are saying. If you are unsure what you are hearing, My children, pray for My knowledge and wisdom, but be very careful coming against people and messages if you are disagreeing with what’s been shown to them. If someone has a heart for Me and has been walking with Me in lock-step and you’ve seen this, how likely is it then that they are suddenly hearing from a deceiving spirit? Not likely. My Holy Spirit, Rauch Ha’Kodesh infiltrates willing vessels. I am showing My children now through My Holy Spirit some secrets about what is coming. I will not show every child the same thing. But like pieces to a puzzle, My children will receive different ideas of the whole. Do not mock or scoff. Do not rely on your human reasoning and do not fall back on the pride of your flesh and act like a pharisee. Hear these things and stick together, My bride. Continue to build My puzzle, for I want you to know and understand what is coming. This is not a time for quarreling or back biting. When you hear something that you question, come to Me in prayer and let Me show you My truth. I will be showing many of My brides through dreams, visions and words, slivers of what is to come. Not only to prepare you, but so others will see these writings and videos as prophetic proof when they look back upon them. Open your mind to My truth now and only use your swords towards the enemy, not against one another. His goal is to divide My flock. Do not allow him to do this. Fight back against him and show him that even if you disagree you are one in Me. There will be some who are called out. This will be those who have been set apart for this time from the beginning. There are certain things that angels cannot do, but My transformed children can do when it comes to the last day events unfolding. I will use My chosen, as this has been My will from the beginning. Do not hesitate to share what I show you now. Do not shrink back from those unwitting attackers. The enemy will do all he can to keep My truth from the ears of My children. Broadcast My truth now, My loves. Spill the beans. Set free this knowledge and wisdom coming from My Holy Spirit, Rauch Ha’Kodesh. Just know, some are at a place spiritually where they are ready to receive, and others are not. It is a time though, My chosen, that truths that had been hidden will now be brought to light. Pay close and careful attention, as these are keys to My kingdom, My brides.

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