MY plan – Not yours

My daughter, write My words for those with ears to hear. You are getting behind, My daughter, on posting My words and messages. Do you know that I see your fear and your feebleness. I am not disappointed in you, My child, but this war is in your mind. You must take a step back and realize, you are relying on your own feelings instead of on My truth in your decision making. You like to have others’ opinions before you post My words. This is taking control into your own hands instead of trusting Me. Empty yourself of self, My love, or you cannot truly serve Me to the full capacity that I have planned for you. I already know your limitations, My child, and I know how long it will take for us to work through them. I am patient with a heart of long suffering. I take My time when I am circumcising the hearts of My children. Until either you are changed into a glorified body or I snatch you away from this world, I must work around the enemy and the stumbling blocks and sometimes roadblocks he places in the paths of My children. There is a day coming soon where he will be completely, 100 percent inconsequential in the lives of My children. Soon, My daughter. Right now, you are avoiding the things that I am asking of you, avoiding My directives, not because you are trying to be blatantly disobedient, but you are relying on your feelings of fear-of-man and doubt instead of jumping in with both feet. Your faith, My child, is like a roller coaster, high one day, low the next. I understand, you do not feel equipped to do the things that I ask of you, but remember, you are not alone in this journey. I am here and always have been. I have been by your side since the time you were born, watching you make some heart wrenching and horrible decisions. I have never left your side. I’ve always silently waited for you to return to our relationship whenever you have left Me so many times. I’ve waited and watched you fall, and I’ve picked you back up. I’ve cried every tear right with you, and I have felt your every pain. I’ve felt your loneliness when you thought that I wasn’t there. It breaks My heart when you feel alone, because I am right here, My daughter. The lies of the enemy have been allowed to infiltrate My light when you believe them. If you are not seeking My light, his darkness will engulf you, and before you know it, you are vulnerable to fear and doubt and confusion. Staying close to Me prevents his dark cloud from breaching My light. You are My child and receive My benefits. You are no longer subject to the ways of the world and the rules of the enemy. You have been lifted out. The only reason he can still come against you is because you let him. You forget My promises, and you forget who you are in Me. You fight from a place of defeat instead of My victory, and you give him far more credit than he deserves. Do not grow weary, My daughter. Your weariness is just another lie from the enemy. Be invigorated by My Holy Spirit, filled to overflowing. My Holy Spirit is such that He can not be touched by the enemy. When you are reliant on Me and surround yourself with My love light, the enemy cannot achieve his plans. Encourage your brothers and sisters with My words, My daughter. Do not give up now. I love you, My children. Yeshua Ha’Mashiach

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One thought on “MY plan – Not yours

  1. Hi Barbara, stay strong sis, you are doing a wonderful job, thanks a lot. We realize that the messages comes from Above – you are only the vessel, so do not be afraid to post it for we eagerly awaits every word from Abba Father and Yeshua our Messiah! Many blessings to you and yours.

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