Perfect Plan

My daughter, write My words for those with ears to hear. You look back upon your life and see your sin and your mistakes very clearly. Let this be as far as it goes. Look, but don’t be touched. If you allow the enemy in, he will condemn you, and you will be saddled with the burden of sin that leaves you helpless and afraid. The enemy will do his best to bring to your remembrance all of your sin, your failures, all of your evil thoughts, words and deeds. He will try to convince you that you are worthless to Me and unworthy to serve Me. My children, question. Are they to be a sibling or a servant? I say, serve Me as you would serve a beloved parent or a beloved brother or sister, in love. You are not just a servant when you are adopted into My family. You are family, but all of My children should be serving Me out of love, not obligation. Service that comes through obligation is fruitless. It is not done with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, therefore it is filthy rags to Me. So, yes, I do want your service, My children, but with a heart of serving and not the mind of a servant. Many of My children get caught up in their works and they lose sight of Me. They think that they are doing My will, but they are really fulfilling man-made duties, fruitless and meaningless works. I would rather have My children learning who I AM and how to be like Me as opposed to trying to impress men with their dutiful servitude. Understand, My children, there is no reward in heaven for serving others just to look good. These works are filthy rages to Me. Come to Me with sincere hearts and I will show you, and lead you and guide you into fruitful service, My children. I do not require indentured servitude to enter My rest. You cannot gain access to My eternal salvation through your works. Salvation is a gift you receive, and in turn, I receive your heart. When I receive your heart, you become My child. And, yes, you may be called upon to serve Me, but it will be a fruitful and joy-filled service, not a service out of obligation, but out of love. Some people have the wrong understanding of My ways. They think that they earn My righteousness. They think that they can earn holiness. They think that they buy their eternal salvation through their works. No, My children. I say to you, I AM a holy Creator, and the only way that you can be presented before Me is purely, your garments free from spot or blemish. The only way you can be made pure is through My Holy Spirit and the cleansing of your heart. Not by your works, and not by your flesh’s abilities to remain clean. And certainly not by your man-made righteousness. If you don’t earn My salvation in the first place, then tell Me this, My children, once you receive your salvation, what is there that you can do to have it taken away from you? Do not be deceived, My children, your righteousness is not your own. I Am your only path to holiness. No amount of your good works is going to bring you through My gate. Holy redemption through My sacrifice on the cross leads to salvation. That is the only way, not your good works, My children. Ponder and pray over this, My loves. Yeshua Ha’Mashiach

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