My daughter, write these words for those with ears to hear. I implore you now, My children, to be contenders for the faith. I am the I AM, so whatever situation you may face, if you are in Me and I am in you, you are assured victory, not just an earthly victory but supernatural victory over every situation, every relationship, every problem. My children, allow Me to purge the flesh from your being and to fill you to overflowing with My Ruach Ha’Kodesh, Holy Spirit. Do not be tossed to and fro by the waves of your life, but stand on solid ground. Let your vessel be filled by My Holy Spirit. See the big picture. When you rely on His guidance of your every step, He leads you in the right direction. Do not base your decisions on emotions or feeling, but base them on My truth. Examine your hearts, My little ones. Are you basing your earthly decisions on your earthly perspectives, or are you basing your direction on the leading and guidance of the Ruach Ha’Kodesh, Holy Spirit? The time is growing near, My children, when chaos will be breaking out across the globe. My children must be able to see clearly and hear My voice above their emotions and intuitions. Are you in tune with Me, My children, or are you still basing your decisions on the leanings of your flesh? Feelings are fickle, and you will surely be led off of My path if you rely on them. I am your center. Aim towards Me. To do that, you must rely on My Holy Spirit 100% of the time. As soldiers in My end-time army, you must be open to My commands and seeking Me constantly and diligently, or you will miss what I am whispering. I do not shout My commands, I whisper them. That is why it is so crucial that you drown out the noise of the world and hear what it is I am saying to you. At this point in our relationship, I should be all that matters. Your faith should simply be unshakable, and your mind should be clear from the clutter of this world. My children, you must now cast away all doubt and all fear and open yourselves up to further instruction. I love you, My children – Yeshua HaMashiach

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My daughter, this is an urgent message for those with ears to hear. My Father in heaven smells the stench of the sin on your earth. It is filling His nostrils. Your young children, many wait for a season such as this, but so many suffer. Unborn babies murdered in the womb. Children mutilated, tortured and murdered or forced into sexual slavery. Many orphaned, hungry and afraid. The list of the violations against My children of your planet seems infinite. Your world leaders do nothing to change this. They meet to discuss and solve so-called problems with your environment, but they never discuss these atrocities that are destroying My precious, young children. They want to pass laws making sexual sin with children legal. They want to make it okay to violate the most innocent and pure. The enemy has hardened the hearts and numbed the minds of most people now to what is actually occurring. If it is not affecting you, you do nothing. That is how most see it. The violations against the children have always been occurring, but it has reached a whole new level now. Your humanity will pay the price for letting these abominations continue worldwide. One day there will be not one child left upon your planet. I will receive them into My eternal and loving arms, their forever resting place, where not one will be subject to the enemy, Satan, and his schemes against them. They will live forever, protected from his vile clutches. All at once, the children of this earth will be removed, snatched from the arms of their parents and snatched from the wombs of their mothers. They will be taken from whatever unthinkable situations that they may be subject to. When this occurs, chaos and panic will ensue. Your media and the enemies’ puppets will formulate a lie and spread it throughout the world that the children have been taken by otherworldlies, but my saints will be 100 percent sure that the children are with Me. Not only the children will be gone, but the innocent of mind, the ones who need protection. This will be the first major wake-up call to your planet as a whole. Many other things will occur simultaneously, and many will speculate as to where, why and how did these children vanish? Do not listen to the opinions of the so-called experts. Tell the distraught that their children are with their Creator, their Father in heaven, the One who loves them and will protect them for eternity. Comfort these parents when they are searching for answers. Do not shrink back from broadcasting this message, My daughter. My children need to hear what is to come. I’ve sent many warning signs. My children will be comforted by angels when this occurs. Others will not and will only be comforted by hearing the truth. Be true to Me and broadcast this message. There will be others that receive this.

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My daughter, write My words for those with ears to hear. My children, I have specific plans for all of you. I have some of you resting while others I have working hard for My Kingdom now. My children are all at different points in your journeys with Me. Remember this, and do not judge your brethren if they are not in the same place that you are. I know what is going on in the lives of each My children, down to the most minuscule detail. I have individual relationships with each of My children, and they are each experiencing our relationship differently from one another. When My children stumble, I do not get angry with them, for every man will stumble. If you step off of My path, quickly come back home to Me. Do not wander out into the world. Do not think that I would not take you back. The acts of the flesh should occur less and less, as you find yourself growing stronger and stronger in relationship with Me. When you fall to temptation, do not spend time feeling guilty and ashamed, but move closer to Me. You will find that over time, I will change the desires of your heart, and your flesh will become crucified wholly to the point that you will not succumb to the evil desires should they arrive. Let Me do this work in your heart. Let Me change you from the inside out. Learn to listen and hear My voice now, for it will become increasingly important as more time passes. Do not spend time in regret or sorrow. Do not spend time in anger or resentment. Forgive those who have hurt you and move on in My peace. Never let your heart remain troubled, but receive My peace that passes all understanding. If you rely on Me consistently, not falling back in your old ways of relying on yourself, then you will begin to receive and walk in My peace. No matter what you are facing or what is to come, the most important thing is that you realize My love for you, because with that love comes My complete peace. My Holy Spirit, Ruach Ha’Kodesh, longs to be the forefront in your mind. He is a gentle Spirit and will be easily quelled by your flesh if you’re not careful. With His guidance comes My peace and the building up of your faith, My children. When you see things in your life that seem impossible, call upon Me. I will be showing My children many more signs and wonders to increase their faith and instill My peace into their hearts. Once they see My miracles and experience My presence at this heightened level, their faith will increase, and the final part of our journey will begin. The darkness in your earth increases so quickly, therefore My light must increase and shine all the brighter. My children are being transposed into warriors now, and I will be fulfilling My plan in the lives of each of My children. Receive these words as encouragement, My children, as a reminder of My love for you, as a promise that I will never leave or forsake you. Many of My children who have not received their prayer language will be receiving this in the near future. This is an important tool for edification, going forward. Praying in your spirit language is like receiving fresh manna from heaven. It nurtures and edifies My children. Release your preconceived beliefs of this world and open your hearts and minds to receiving your prayer language now. Also, My children, commune with Me often, for receiving Me in communion is very important. This will also edify and strengthen you for what is to come. I will be getting more and more specific with My messenger servants now. If you are a messenger, do not shrink back or allow yourself to become distracted. Share the messages, dreams and visions that I AM sharing with you. Do not keep My messages to yourselves, but share them with your brothers and sisters, so when they are put together, they will paint a picture of what is coming for those with eyes to see. Do not let your minds be distracted by the lies of this world. Immerse yourself in Me, not in this world and its bad ways. For those with eyes shut, now would be a good time to open them. Many signs that are written of in My Word are transpiring on your earth now. If you seek wisdom and knowledge from My Word, I will surely give these to you. When I see My children with their heads buried in the sand, it’s heartbreaking to Me. Please, My children, if you are sleeping, if you are hoping things will get better upon your earth, this will never happen. Open your eyes. Arise from your slumber. Your redemption draws closer by the minute. Rejecting My truths will not change them. The evil upon your earth will only increase. Things will not be getting better until things become far worse. Until the time of the harvest comes, produce good fruit. Realize the time that you are in. Commune with Me often. Pray in the Holy Spirit constantly. Study My Word daily. Go to work for Me or prepare yourself for when you are called upon. Do not grow weary in waiting, but live your life to the fullest, sharing My love and plan of salvation with the lost. I love you so, My children. Walk in My peace. Exist in My Shalom.

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