Who Are You?

My daughter, write My Words for those of My children with ears to hear. My children, you must pray for My wisdom in all things now. Let nothing you do be without My counsel. The Holy Spirit, Ruach Ha’Kodesh, is your one true Teacher, so all teachings must be brought before Him. Do not be fooled by false doctrines or receive yeast from the Pharisees this late in the hour. A solid Teacher is the Holy Spirit and My holy scripture. Some of you put men on a pedestal. You cannot rely on men to feed you solely. You must study My word and allow My Holy Spirit to impart My wisdom and knowledge through Himself. This is a spiritual journey. Receive faith to understand and gain wisdom and knowledge. Do not ignore the things that you see going on around you, but realize that, with Me as your Father, you are not part of the kingdom of darkness. You are part of My awesome kingdom, the kingdom of Light. Walk in your true identity as a child of the Most High. You are not subject to darkness, so do not participate in it. Man will tell you the things that are impossible. My Holy Spirit will teach you, all things are possible when I am the Master of your reality. My children must recognize who they are, cling tightly to their identities in Me, and no matter what circumstance they face, even when the world tells them, “No”, My answer is, “Yes and amen”. When bad things happen, allow Me to open the next door for you. Trust that the next door will open into My glory. My children, do not be fooled by false teachings of evil and prideful men. Allow Me to teach you through My Scripture. Simply pray and ask. If you are listening to a teacher and your peace is removed from you, no longer listen. Recognize My peace that passes all understanding. Recognize how much I love you and want to keep you safe and protected. There will be trials. There will be challenges, but how will you rise above these in faith? Do you react to these things the way that the world reacts with defeat, anger and frustration? No. React as a child of the All Mighty. React as a child of the Most High. Know that My Holy Spirit has all of the answers that you need. Realize, My Holy Spirit is leading you to the next door, the door that opens into My glory and perfect plan for your life. When you are purged of the darkness, you will see, the roadblocks in your life will be fewer and farther between. You will see that by walking submersed in My light, your yoke will be easy and your burden will be light (Matthew 11:30). Understand, My loves, I want nothing but good things for you, but realize, you are existing in a dark world right now. There will be challenges. There will be roadblocks. You will be exposed to the things of darkness. The key is to remember your identity as My child. No matter what you are facing, expect a kingdom result, a kingdom answer and a kingdom plan to ultimately come to pass. Sometimes this requires patience and long suffering, but remember, your yoke will be easy and your burden light when you believe My truths about who you are and not the lies of the enemy.

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My daughter, write My words. My children with ears to hear, listen carefully to these words. Time is growing darker, My children, and at some point, all of My children will be impacted by this darkness in one way or another. I am awakening a group of soldiers now that are able to receive spiritual meat as opposed to milk. I am rising up those children who I have chosen from a time before the creation of your earth. The concept I am trying to show My daughter is so very simple, but because her mind is so convinced by the enemy that she is powerless, it is difficult for her to understand and receive these teachings, as this truth is meat and not milk. Understand it now, My children. You must be placing My armor on every day. You must be utilizing faith in Me like never before. You must reject fear and the lies of the enemy immediately, before they are allowed a foothold in your heart. You must be convinced in your own mind that I am your Creator and Father who loves you, and that nothing can separate us. You must know that I will never leave or forsake you, even if you are faced with the most dire situation. Face them as My warrior with peace in your heart and the Holy Spirit, Ruach Ha’Kodesh directing your every step. Do not shrink back from being My warriors now, and you will not shrink back if you keep your focus on Me no matter what you are facing. You must be believing your strength is in Me, My children, and there is nothing you can do on your own. The war of darkness is ramping up around My children now. If My children sit on their hands and do nothing to fight back, this would be no kind of army. You fight from a standpoint of victory against the darkness. Use My authority over this darkness. Use the authority of My name. Stand firm in the fact that you are My warriors without hesitation or doubt. Check everything against My scripture using the discernment of the Holy Spirit, Ruach Ha’Kodesh. I do not want My children sick, for I am a healer. I do not want My children poor, for I am rich. I do not want My children brokenhearted, for I was broken so you do not have to be. You are on a fallen earth, My children. Evil reigns on your earth now. You can sit and watch the evil increase the darkness, or you can fight against it with My light. My children are My light. When you are on this earth, you must war against evil. This is not about you being comfortable. This is not about you being prosperous. This is about you surrendering your life on this earth to Me. This is about our eternal future together. Your goal on this earth is simple. Live like Me. Receive the gift of being My child. No child of Mine believes the lies of the enemy, and no child of Mine should ever cower to his authority, for he has no authority over My children.

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Walk in His Truths!

My daughter, write my words for those with ears to hear. Who has the ears to hear? My bride; those of My children who have yielded themselves fully to Me; those who walk in complete expectation of My arrival; those who are far from perfect but know they must be relying on Me to purify them and to clean their garments. Those who think that they can enter through the narrow gate by their good behavior are sadly mistaken. You must be completely yielded and under the 100% understanding that the only thing good inside of you is My Holy Spirit. If you are not 100% yielded, you are still filth. Yielding is what takes that last bit of sin from your life. Yielding is what removes all of your flesh, leaving not one bit of darkness. Some of you have too much pride to yield. Lay that pride at My feet, for the Ruach Ha’Kodesh, Holy Spirit cannot share space with fleshy pride. In the brokenness of your flesh, you become My strongest ally. When there is nothing left for you on this earth that can satisfy your desires other than Me, then We’ve made it somewhere. Do I have your whole heart? Do you trust Me? No matter what you see with your eyes in the physical, do you trust Me, or are you continuing to believe the lies of the enemy? Many of My children exist in the physical, and the things that affect them in the physical realm are how they perceive Me. They limit Me to a point where I cannot operate in any true capacity in their lives. Most of My children walk in fear. They come to me to solve their problems after the enemy has already brought them into darkness and destruction. It is a lack of knowledge and a lack of faith in Me that allows the enemy to lay his land mines in the paths of My children. Most of My children do not know how to receive My guidance. They do not know how to receive My healing. They do not know how to receive My provision. They operate from defeat and from a mindset of fear. They operate from the standpoint that the enemy has them backed into a corner and that I must come and rescue them. I want My children to change their perception of Me. I want pride banished, and I want you completely broken and completely reliant on Me. I want you to pay no attention to the darkness you see in the physical, but place your full attention on Me. Take your eyes off of what the enemy is doing and place your trust in Me. I am the Most High. When you die to yourself, you die to the enemy and his lies. Then and only then will you become alive in Me. Then and only then are you truly walking in My will for your life. This world is temporal. The happenings in this world do not affect My kingdom. Realize, My loves, that you are already seated with your Father in heavenly places. You are already a part of My kingdom. My kingdom is now. We are already together. There is no reason in the world to be limiting Me now. There is no reason in the world to let these temporal situations affect your eternal outlook. Take the enemy’s goggles off, and put on My kingdom goggles. Check out the view. You are no longer a victim of your circumstance, for My Holy Spirit, when you are truly yielded to Him, is larger than any circumstance. Realize My majesty. Realize My glory. You should be blind to the enemy. You should be unaffected by circumstance. If anything, a less than perfect circumstance should arouse in you the warrior; no pride, no fear, nothing from the enemy. Begin to walk in My perfect power and plan for you right now from wherever you stand. Do not sip from the cup of the enemy by believing his lies. Go forward believing only My truths for your life. Death, destruction, fear; none of these are My plan for My children. If you believe that they are, then you do not believe in your true Creator, the One Living God. You have been lied to by the enemy, and you have fallen for His lie. Wake up now, My children. Learn to receive. Receive My truth. Whatever darkness you are seeing in your physical, remember, is not apart of My Kingdom. I want to rescue you right now from the futility of your thinking. I want to remove you from the snare of the enemy and from his lies and relocate you into My truth. You have been believing his lies for too long. You have been beaten down for too long. Stand in Me. Trust in Me. Victory is already yours, because you belong to Me. Whatever your circumstance, receive Me in faith. Your complete restoration is Me, all day, every day.

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