I AM in control of all things!!

My daughter, share My words with those with ears to hear. My children, you see the abomination in your once great nation. It is not your place for judgment but Mine. You are to hate the sin but love the sinners. Do not spew hate, and do not stoop to the level of the enemy. My rule and reign is superior to the laws of your nation, and the celebration of this abomination is a stench to My nostrils, but all things are allowed or disallowed by Me, My children, for I am in control of all things. Choices have been made to lead your nation to this point. I know beforehand from the beginning what will occur, for I am the author of your nation’s history, present time and future. No other than Me, your Father and Creator, ultimately controls your nation’s destiny. Receive the peace that comes along with our relationship, My children. Do not let the cares of this world affect your clarity of our relationship, and do not doubt My love for you. Do not believe that I am not in control — I am in control of everything. I hear when a drop of dew falls upon a leaf, and I know when each butterfly takes flight. Do not limit Me, My children. Do not slow at the end of this race, My loves. Do not become discouraged by what you see going on in the world around you. You are not part of this world, for you are already with Me in high places. Ultimately, My Kingdom will reign on your earth. Let Me assure you of this, and let Me take care of the details. Keep your hearts and minds filled with grace for sinners. Keep yourselves pure in My Word and out of this world. Operate in love in all you do, and keep your eyes and hearts focused on the blessed hope of My return. Allow Me to quickly extinguish your fleshy desires and attitudes and fill you with My Holy Spirit and righteousness. Do not be discouraged by the mockers and the scoffers, for they were predestined for this time upon your earth. Repent when you step from My light into the darkness, even for a moment. Do not lose hope in My salvation. I hunt for even one lost sheep. Let your heart not be discouraged, and seek the light and not the darkness. Above all things, our relationship must be made the number one thing in your life today. This will allow My protection over you and keep you free from fearing what is surely coming. I entrust the broken and the weak children of your Earth to My chosen, for through you, they will see Me shine. My light will shine brightly and get brighter in the darkness, for when more darkness comes, there will be more searching for My light. Do not shrink back, and do not fail to shine My light now. Pray in the spirit always. Commune with Me often, and stay FIRMLY planted in My Word. Receive My abundant grace, and do not wallow in shame, for that discounts what I accomplished in My death on the cross. Receive your complete salvation and the joy and peace and strength that accompany it. I love you, My children, yesterday, today and forever. Yeshua Ha’Mashiach, Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

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