I AM in control of all things!!

My daughter, share My words with those with ears to hear. My children, you see the abomination in your once great nation. It is not your place for judgment but Mine. You are to hate the sin but love the sinners. Do not spew hate, and do not stoop to the level of the enemy. My rule and reign is superior to the laws of your nation, and the celebration of this abomination is a stench to My nostrils, but all things are allowed or disallowed by Me, My children, for I am in control of all things. Choices have been made to lead your nation to this point. I know beforehand from the beginning what will occur, for I am the author of your nation’s history, present time and future. No other than Me, your Father and Creator, ultimately controls your nation’s destiny. Receive the peace that comes along with our relationship, My children. Do not let the cares of this world affect your clarity of our relationship, and do not doubt My love for you. Do not believe that I am not in control — I am in control of everything. I hear when a drop of dew falls upon a leaf, and I know when each butterfly takes flight. Do not limit Me, My children. Do not slow at the end of this race, My loves. Do not become discouraged by what you see going on in the world around you. You are not part of this world, for you are already with Me in high places. Ultimately, My Kingdom will reign on your earth. Let Me assure you of this, and let Me take care of the details. Keep your hearts and minds filled with grace for sinners. Keep yourselves pure in My Word and out of this world. Operate in love in all you do, and keep your eyes and hearts focused on the blessed hope of My return. Allow Me to quickly extinguish your fleshy desires and attitudes and fill you with My Holy Spirit and righteousness. Do not be discouraged by the mockers and the scoffers, for they were predestined for this time upon your earth. Repent when you step from My light into the darkness, even for a moment. Do not lose hope in My salvation. I hunt for even one lost sheep. Let your heart not be discouraged, and seek the light and not the darkness. Above all things, our relationship must be made the number one thing in your life today. This will allow My protection over you and keep you free from fearing what is surely coming. I entrust the broken and the weak children of your Earth to My chosen, for through you, they will see Me shine. My light will shine brightly and get brighter in the darkness, for when more darkness comes, there will be more searching for My light. Do not shrink back, and do not fail to shine My light now. Pray in the spirit always. Commune with Me often, and stay FIRMLY planted in My Word. Receive My abundant grace, and do not wallow in shame, for that discounts what I accomplished in My death on the cross. Receive your complete salvation and the joy and peace and strength that accompany it. I love you, My children, yesterday, today and forever. Yeshua Ha’Mashiach, Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

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My daughter, write My words. Share with My bride now. My loves, do not forsake My power within you. You let the enemy trample over and through many areas in your lives, by simply lying down and allowing it. You suffer needlessly. You must learn to pray in one accord. Rebuke him in My name. You are not powerless against the enemy. You are simply believing his lies. My light thwarts the enemy, and if My light is filling you, My vessel, then the enemy can not share that space with My light. My light penetrates all darkness. What have you been focusing on, the darkness in this world, or My kingdom majesty? You must focus on My kingdom. My authority and My glory are yours when you receive them. Let Me dictate what power you have over the enemy. Do not rely on your weak minds, but be filled with My Holy Spirit, Ruach Ha’Kodesh. My children, grasp Me now. Grasp who I am, your Creator, the Creator of the universe, your Father who loves you and wants you to return home. You are Mine, My children. You do not belong to the darkness, so do not fall back into it. I ask of all My children, pray that you will not be led into temptation. Pray that you will be delivered from evil. This still stands. This is true and effective still today. I am the I AM, your Creator and Redeemer. Do not take away My power. Do not limit Me by applying your manmade standards. I rule over the enemy in the hearts of those who receive My rule. I am not being called upon by My children. Some are ignorant, some are prideful, and some believe falsely that they must heap suffering upon My suffering to atone for themselves. They do not receive My atonement as enough. They do not receive My atonement as finished work. Does this mean that all things on your Earth will be perfect? By no means, for your Earth is in a fallen state. But, it does mean that when trials come, you will turn to Me immediately, giving Me permission to bring you through them. You will look at problems and heartaches as opportunities for Me to work within your heart to further refine you. Do not let the enemy gain ground in your life. He seeks whom he MAY devour. Reside in My light and strength. Reside in My kingdom on Earth now, for even as evil is unleashed around you, you are encircled by My light and Love. You can only get so far by ignoring the enemy. Sometimes you must confront his attacks in My mighty power, the power I freely give to you. See his attacks for what they are, for your victory has already been won. My name is your authority, and with My name comes the power to cast out demons, heal the sick and lead the lost back home. Do not walk as though you are powerless, My children. Allow My power to shine through you as never before.

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My daughter, watch patiently as I remove the last of the dross–which is the world–from you, My vessel. Your heart still clings to certain things, and these things I will carefully remove from your attention. You won’t necessarily have things removed, but you will notice that these things that you cling to so tightly, you will give them over to Me, to My care, with ease. Darkness within you, some you don’t even realize that you contain will be cast out now, and you, My vessels, will be purified and readied to receive a wholeness of My Holy Spirit that you have not yet received, packed down and overflowing. This is what will be required for you to move forward, My children. For these things to take place, you must remain close to Me now, still and in My word, fully protected by My armor (Ephesians 6:10-18), for satan will do ALL that he can to prevent these final preparations from taking place within the members of My bride. He is no match for My Holy Spirit, so as long as you abide in Me, he IS defeated. As I said, your transformation has been going on now for some time, some longer than others and some not for as long. Every heart and mind is individual and needs different testing purging and nurturing for release, relieve and growth. You are all different My bride, and each of you receives individual purging processing. We work on your hearts and minds for as long as it takes for you to begin to see that you can release the things, feelings, emotions, traps, conceptions, false teachings, dogmas and the things of this world and in turn be REMADE, reworked, whittled, fabricated, purged, refilled, cleansed, polished and RELOADED with the Ruach Ha’Kodesh, Holy Spirit. Your willingness is key. Your cooperation is key, but these things cannot be completed or maintained by your self will, My Ruach Ha’Kodesh, Holy Spirit is the completer and caretaker of My vessels. Putting pressure on yourself does no good for allowing these things to be worked within you and you realizing that you can NOT aid Him by self will but only STILLNESS and embracing and receiving. Your transformation is speeding up now My children. Watch. You will feel sensations and overwhelming peace and joy. Purging is not always easy, but fortunately pain and weaknesses are only temporary. Again, each of My children are different and require different processes to bring them to the fullness of the emptiness. Ah, My beautiful bride is complete already, she is just not aware. The battles in the spiritual realm rage. This I assure you. Expect these transformations now My children. Hold on to only thoughts from Me, for the evil arrows will try to penetrate your amour with doubt. The evil one WILL try to remind you of your past failures and to tempt you with the lusts of this world. Do not fall for these things. I am right beside you and within you, and when the evil thoughts and temptations come your way, speak to Me. Speak My name out loud, and these things will have no choice but to flee. If confusion arises, ask Me, My children, for answers, for I am not the author of confusion. You are nearing midnight. You must not slumber. You must pay attention and be ready, allowing all these final preparations to be made within you, My vessels.

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