Surrender to VICTORY

My daughter, you still let your fear of man rule over you. You must stop worrying about man’s opinion of you, My loves, for when I call upon My children to share My messages, dreams and visions, they must not shrink back. Don’t you know My children that I will take care of you and that I will never release you from the palm of My hand? Your hearts and minds have been hardened by the world around you, My loves, and your reaction is in a human sense and not in a spiritual sense. You must begin to change, My loves. You must decrease in your flesh so that My Holy Spirit can increase. It is so important now the each of you know how much I love you. Invite Me to examine your hearts now and purge what is left of the darkness. Your heart should be increasingly enlightened with My love, and the darkness must be purged from within. This purification process takes time, and you must be willing to receive this cleansing. Staying near to Me in spirit and in body makes this transition of spiritual will occur even faster. When you choose to dabble in the world, it slows this whole transformation down. You see My children, you can not transform yourselves. Just as I change the water into wine in the vessels, I must change you from your old man into My new creation. You must be willing though My children. So many of you stumble to and fro and in and out of willingness and back and forth into the world again. You end up relying on the will of your flesh. Your willingness is what I long for, My children. Be willing to be cleansed and you will never regret it. This is a reconciliation process, this is a transformation, this is a choice to receive that you must make, a decision that you must come to, a conclusion that you must draw. This world offers nothing good, My children. The only light left is the light that I provide, and the only beauty left was created by Me. If you continue to search for fulfillment in this world, you will only turn up empty again and again. Surrender, My children, and when you surrender you will actually be winning the most important battle, for unless you come to this decision with a childlike faith your pride will certainly get in the way. Forget what your mind tells you, and listen to your hearts, for your hearts truly long for your Savior. Your broken man fights against receiving the Holy Spirit, for your carnal will does not want to give up its stronghold over you. To receive My Holy Spirit, you must bow down and surrender your inner man. This is a battle of wills My children. Your self-will and flesh continue to rise to the surface, for the more you feed yourselves with the dead foods of this world instead on the fruits of the Spirit, the harder it will be for you to receive the crucifixion and eviction of your old self. Receive death unto your flesh, and receive life and light into your Holy Spirit. I will be the light at your feet, and every step you take will result in an adventure in My glory. I love you My children. Yeshua Ha’Mashiach

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My children, I feel the longing of your hearts, My loves. Your purpose is reconciliation with Me, your creator. And until this occurs, you will have an empty space. Do not try to fill this with the things of this world. You must fill this empty space with My Holy Spirit, Ruach Ha’Kodesh until we are together forever. Do not be afraid for I am with you. I hold each of My children in the palm of My hand, and I know how to comfort each and everyone of you. I know exactly what you need now and also how to comfort you through the times that lie ahead. For if you are lonely, I will be your companion. If you are fearful, I will bring you safety. If you are in chaos, I will be your peace. You must believe Me when I say I want for none of My children to suffer. I created you and I love you. I am the answer to your problem. I am the satisfaction to your longings. I am the cure to your illness and the peace in your upheavals. I am. I am all the things you need Me to be and more, and I know where each of you are on the path to Me. I know what each of you need from Me right now. I know everything about you, My loves, and I will withhold nothing good from you. Have faith, My children for My love covers all pain, sickness, sadness, despair,frustrations, loneliness, lack, anger, strife, all of these things simply melt away in the sea of My love. Receive Me now, My children. When you stumble and fall, do not try to get up and continue on your own. For My helper is here and now, and he will help you walk forward on My path and stand tall as you are walking. My Holy Spirit, Ruach Ha’Kodesh will fill you up with My peace that passes all understanding, and you will soar on wings of eagles. You be filled with My joy. Receive these things, My children. Do not let the world block these things out. Receive My love completely, and you will began to see that even though you wait for Me, the fear, the pain and the loneliness will disappear. Be washed in My water, be bathed in My light. I love you, My children. Yahushua Ha’Mashiach.

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Unity in ME

My daughter, write My words for those with ears to hear. Why do My children think that they can please Me in their flesh. You can not My children, for your flesh has been infiltrated by the nature of sin. You must, My children, receive and accept My Holy Sprit, Ruach Ha’Kodesh, for only then can you walk in the fruits of the Spirit, which are love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. When you walk in your flesh and try to control your own thoughts and actions, even when you can, disobedience is as filthy rags to Me. My children, understand that the holiness within yourselves can only arise from My Holy Spirit residing on the inside of you. Your attempts to work your way into salvation or into My good graces are broken works. To receive My good gifts, you must be open to receive them. You must be filled with and walking in My Holy Spirit. The world around you is dark, and blocks the reception of My Spirit if you let it. What is your focus on My loves. Do not give Satan so much credit, but give him the credit where it is due. If he is able to get your focus onto the things of this world. If he is able to stir up your fleshy pride, he is able to block you from entering My holy rest, for when you are able to receive My Holy Spirit, Ruach Ha’Kodesh to overflowing, you will automatically be in My rest. I long for you to enter My rest, My children. You are all part of one body, and responsible for the jobs that I have given to you. If you are living in or for this world, if you are reacting to situations in your flesh, you are not operating as part of My body. You are not operating in one accord. Satan and his minions attack My children with lies. They bring strife and discord into the relationships of My children. Stop believing the enemy’s lies, My children. You are all performing different tasks, My loves. Yet, if your tasks are differing instead of coming together and unifying, you let the enemy sneak in and remove this unity. You receive his confusion instead of My clarity. Come together now, My children in the realization that you are all different and realizing that your job descriptions differ. Do not come against the foot if you are the hand. This is impossible for you to understand in your flesh, and you must rely on the Holy Spirit, Ruach Ha’Kodesh to bring you this truth, and in this truth, you will find freedom. Recognize the enemy when he rises up against this truth, My children. He is desperate now to keep you from unifying. He is desperate now to keep you from coming together in one accord. He is desperate now to divide you, My children, so you must resist this temptation. Stay focused on the job I have for you. Do not be distracted by the ones who try to bait you into traps. Reacting in your flesh, and trying to prove yourself right is just a distraction the enemy works for. If you take your eyes off of Me, this leads to you acting in your flesh. Acting in your flesh leads to pride, and pride leads to discord. The enemy tries to snare My children into acting on their pride instead of acting out of love. Be aware of this My children. Are you actions based on pride, or are you actions based on love? You are no longer slaves to sin. You are no longer obedient to the desires of your flesh. Self-satisfaction has no place within My body. You will only quell the unity of My body by bolstering your own sense of self-worth.

(Galatians 5:16-17) “So I say, live by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of your sinful nature. For the sinful nature desires what is contrary to the Spirit, and the Spirit what is contrary to the sinful nature.”

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MY Messengers My Body

My daughter, write My words for those with ears to hear. The enemy is working very hard now to distract My workers. He works hard to turn My children against one another. Do not let yourselves be distracted, My loves. Infighting and backbiting between My children ends up causing so much damage. If you feel you must disagree, keep the disagreements between a few in a private forum, for public floggings, I do not condone. Bringing strife into the community of believers is not a minor infarction, and is evidence of ones fleshy pride. Move on, My children, if you are attacked. The more time you spend focusing on the division that the backbiters are sewing, the more time you are truly being distracted from Me and the job that I have prepared for you. It is not your place to defend your King. I am more than capable of defending Myself, and when you work to defend yourself, you are reacting in your fleshy pride, and only allowing yourself to fall into the snare of the enemy. Move on from the backbiters, and produce the good fruit from Me, My children. I encourage each of My children to seek Me first on everything you read and hear. Do not ask other men for their opinions, but come to Me, for understanding, wisdom and knowledge are good things, and these things I will freely give to you, My children when you seek them. Remember, My children, discernment comes through Me, and I offer it freely to each of My children. Do not remain angry when the scoffers and the mockers attack, for they are fulfilling My word. You mustn’t try to fight My battles, My children. I say again, I am more than capable. Posting your dreams and visions and Rhema words is what I ask of many of you. Do this without inhibition or fear of rebuke, for I will surly make it known to My children if false teachers are spreading lies. Each of My messengers has a job. Do not shrink back, and do not let man’s words against you make you question the things I’ve clearly shown you. Your primary focus should be sharing what you receive from Me, not defending it. I am the only One that knows each individuals heart. Do not allow yourself to live in anger towards those that speak lies about you, but forgive them and move on. This does require discipline, so ask Me for My help. Your forgiveness ushers peace into My body of believers, for when you cling to unforgiveness, not only does it affect you, but it affects My entire body of believers as a whole. My body of believers needs to work together now. Satan can see the power that is starting to take form, and is doing everything in his power to bring strife and backbiting, because he knows that in the end unity is what brings strength and wholeness to My body. Watch out My children. Do not be sucked in by your own pride. Walk away from the fight, and let Me handle those things, for what is a stake is the whole body. Let Me deal with the individual parts. If I have called you to share My messages, please do so. Do not let the words of men make you faint of heart. You are all important parts of the body, and for the body to be strong, all of you must do your jobs. I love you, My children. A body that is operating together in harmony is the enemy’s worst nightmare.

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Come to Me with BOLD assurance!!

My daughter, write these words for those with ears to hear. When you truly see your need for a savior, this is the time for rejoicing. Until that time you are unable to fulfill My plan for you. You must stay in the constant state of thanksgiving and in the constant state of need in order to be the servant I want for you to be. The more you know you need Me, the better servant you can become. Because when you think you can do things for Me not through Me this is where you’d run into problems. You must be operating within My Holy Spirit. This means reestablishing your need for Me on a continuous basis. When your pride gets in the way, you are of no use to Me as a servant. Know this though that even as a useless servant, you never cease to be My child. Understand My loves, the more of Me and less of you, the better, the better your ability to serve Me. Your flesh is of no use to Me, but you filled with My Holy Spirit, being 100 percent guided by Me, is when you are living in My will for you. This is when you produce My fruit, this is when you are the perfect servant. Let Me remove the you from you and let My Holy Spirit be your guide; the guide of every move, My children, the guide of your every move, My children. Let him take captive your every thoughts so that you are not wasting time in the world’s vision of how things should be but on My vision of how things are. Exist in My supernatural and spiritual reality not inhibited by the laws of your flesh. When you walk in My Holy Spirit, you walk in the supernatural. And when you are opened to receive My miracles, they will abound. The only thing that stand between you and My supernatural is your doubt and your pride. For some, receiving My supernatural presence into their lives comes very easy, but for others they are not. You must remove yourself and your worldly beliefs from the equation. How things have been and how things are, are very real to your mind. But unless your mind be opened to Me and My will for your life, you will remain active in the struggles that are your flesh. There are nothing but limits put on you by your beliefs in the flesh. Start believing and receiving My supernatural presence into your lives, My loves. For in these last days My supernatural will around and you must be ready to walk in it. Quell your fleshly pride and your man-made beliefs. And open your hearts and mind to the power of My Holy Spirit within you. I love you, My children. Love, Yahushua Ha’Mashiach.

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February 7, 2015

My daughter, Satan will stop at nothing to distract My saints and keep them from doing their jobs that I have assigned to them. My saints, listen to Me. Listen for My small, still voice directing you to where I want you to be and to what I want you to be doing. Not only do you belong to Me, but so does your time. You must not let yourself get dragged into the things of this world, but separate yourself and remain focused on Me. Many will be given dreams and visions in order to help My sheep prepare for what is to come. Many of My sheep are experiencing the excitement and heightened awareness, realizing that things are soon going to change in the world around them. Now more than ever, you must walk a Christ-like path. A path where I am your guide and you let Me bring you to and through every situation I have mapped out for you. Take your eyes off of the rough ground ahead and focus on My face. Focus on Me. Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow has enough worries for itself. There is a difference, My children, in worry and in being safely prepared. Make sure you have provisions for your family, but do not allow worry to come in. I promise all My sheep My supernatural protection no matter what. I can see many of My sheep getting weary, wondering what exactly will occur and when. When will My mysteries begin to unfold? Many signs have begun on your earth. This is for certain. And these signs will continue to grow in significance and numbers. I share with you My sheep, you are now beyond the beginning of the beginning of the end. Hold fast to your Father, never taking your sight from Me. I love you, My children, and it is so important that you remember this now. Love, Yeshua

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Be Transformed!

My daughter, write these words for those with ears to hear. My children, you cannot purify your own hearts. But you must let Me do this. I wish to clear your hearts and minds of the things of this world so that you are not focusing on the evil of this world but focusing on the brightness of My glory. Let Me set you apart from the evil that is rampant upon your earth. My children has no place within this evil now and need to be focused on me. When you focus on me, you will indeed see your own transformation. Addictions and disease will flee from you and wholeness and health will be supernaturally released upon you. Nothing is more important than your transformation into My peer vessels, My children. Seek Me constantly now, My loves and I will not disappoint you. Let your lives be a reflection of My glory now. Believe that you are receiving a never-ending supply of My supernatural power because this is true. The only limit upon My children is the limit that they placed upon themselves. If you received My supernatural power, you can achieve anything within My will, My children. Do not let this world place limits on My power through you any longer. This is part of your transformation from flesh into My spirit-filled vessels. There is nothing we cannot accomplish, My children. As things grows darker upon your earth, My light will shine brighter through My bride. Do not let My light be covered up, My children. Put it on display for all to see. Receive My supernatural power into your lives now and watch the miraculous unfold. You will see, My children for I am anxious to share My supernatural power with all who will receive it. Let Me renew your minds, My loves. Let Me push out the dirt and grime that have built up and deposited in your minds and bodies in this fallen earth and replace it with My glory and power and lightness. I am excited for a time, in the not-so-distant future, that My children will be able to experience My glory in a whole new way. Do not let your faith limit you, My children.

(2 Corinthians 3:18) “But we all, with open face beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord, are changed into the same image from glory to glory, even as by the Spirit of the Lord.”;

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