First Message:

My daughter, through the purging of the darkness that many cling to, I can fill them with My peace, love and joy. So many of My children do not understand that they must be free of human conditions of the heart like unforgiveness for Me to be able to fill them with My glory and My light. My children, do not be afraid to let Me cleanse you, for only the cleansed will be truly fighting for Me. You must take a step closer to Me now by allowing Me to shine My light into the darkness and into the dark areas that so many of you cling to. You are human beings and in being human you are sin. Whether you have committed sinful acts or not. Your body hosts the original sin, the sin from the beginning of time, and because of this you must receive My salvation. You must recognize My finished work on the cross, to receive the cleansing from this original sin. My children, open your hearts and minds to Me now, letting Me in and letting Me shine My light to the depths of your darkness. Every one of My children have dark areas of shame that they keep tucked away deeply, deeply hidden and not wanting the pain to arise to be dealt with and purged. Let this out My loves to be replaced by My light and glory. My soldiers of light need to be purged of the sin of this world before I can armor them up with their new and glorified bodies. If you decline this purging, this cleansing, you will not become an end time soldier in My army. You must humble yourself and become vulnerable to Me to allow My work to be done in your heart. The pain and darkness you cling to will be brought to the surface and exposed, and no longer will Satan have any hold over you once these things have been purged from your spiritual memory. They will be things remembered in your mind, but they will not be able to affect you in any way any longer. This purging is for My soldiers of light, for they need to be 100% ready and armed with My glory, and can have nothing left over from this world, no guilt, no shame, no fear. Anything that Satan can use against you, My children, to attack, he will. Things from your past, strongholds, things that you keep in the darkness are all portals, openings for him to creep in.

Second Message:

My daughter, speak these words for those that have ears to hear. I will look for a spotless bride, a righteous bride, but do not think that you can become spotless and righteous by the works of your flesh. To become pure to Me, you must become pure with Me. Trying in your flesh to become pure by simply abstaining from sin is futile. It doesn’t matter how good your actions appear, if your behavior is a reflection of you and not My glory and My Holy Spirit within you. Mankind fell to Satan in the garden. I offer My sacrifices to redeem mankind. My Father offered Me as the ransom in a Holy promise, a promise which is a covenant that cannot be broken. And the promise of the covenant is there for everyone to receive, if he will receive it. Man is My creation, not Satan’s, yet some men will turn away from their creator, and they will be deceived and not see beyond this world into the next. My children receive My promise of salvation today. Walk away from the darkness and the folly of this world. This world cannot fill the hole in your heart. You keep trying to fill the hole in your heat in so many different ways but you cannot and are only left empty My children. I do not promise you a life of perfection on this earth if you choose Me. But what I do promise is that you will never face anything alone, and that you will never have to fear, for I will be by your side. When I Am with you, you will see more victories than defeats, you will feel a joy and a peace in your heart beyond your understanding. And you will learn to feel and experience and walk in My great love for you. Let Me shower you with My love My children. Receive My redemption, receive My hope, receive My love everlasting, now is the time to choose your King. Now. Do not delay.;

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BOAST in My LOVE for YOU!!

My daughter, write My words for those that have ears to hear. I ready My harvest now, My children. Reflect back upon your lives, have I changed you? and have I seen growth in you? I am not through with you yet. Many of My children struggle with understanding just how much I love them, they base their relationship with Me on how they related with their earthly parents, and to that extent can they feel My love. That is why so many of My children struggle and remain in bondage. Bondage to fear, that they won’t be accepted as My children; fear that they have sinned to such an extent that even My finished work on the cross is not enough to pay for what they’ve done. They live not understanding My love for them and they walk the path to Me, but they do not experience Me fully in their lives, they walk the path to Me with a whole in their heart that can only be filled by me. They may not realize it because they are moving closer to Me , but they still have refused to let Me purge them of their past. As long as they continue to carry their baggage with them, it blocks Me from fully entering their hearts and restoring them completely. they may believe and even know that they are forgiven by My blood, but they don’t forgive themselves as deep down they harbor self-hatred and self-loathing. this keeps them from receiving My true joy. There is joy in My forgiveness, My children, not only do I want to forgive you when you’ve set your face upon Me but I want you to reflect My glory in your life. If you keep your secret space within your heart filled with darkness and self-hatred, My glory can not be reflected through you, and I cannot even penetrate the door of your heart. Sure, if you have received My salvation, that is the most important thing. But man cannot live on bread alone. To receive Me, My supernatural power, My joy everlasting, and My love into your heart, you must let Me tear down the walls you’ve put up. Let Me into the darkest areas within your heart. Things you’d just as soon forget, let Me shine My light on them. This may hurt, it may be excruciating, heart breaking, and it may take time. It will cause brokenness, but unless you are broken, that darkness that you are clinging to is trapped and has no way out. Within that darkness you harbor fear, shame, doubt and pride. Be cleansed of these things now, My children, receive My cleansing and awaken to My joy. Not only can you be walking the path home with Me by your side, but you can have a new heart filled with My light and My glory when you let Me shatter any darkness you are clinging to. I want My children to receive Me fully now, not just salvation but relationship with their Father in heaven, beyond what you’ve known, a new level. Please let Me shatter that darkness that you cling to, and fill you with My light, and then you can let that light shine through, for My glorious purpose. Let Me purge everything from you now, My loves, a new beginning in our journey where you are truly and fully filled with Me.;

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My child, please take heed to My Word and share it with those that have ears to hear. Humble yourselves My children, to receive from Me you must be humble, for all good gifts come from Me and are freely given to you, not based upon your merit but based upon the fact that you are a child of the Most High. You will be blessed, simply because you are a child of the Most High God. Repent and turn from your sin, turn from the ways of this world. My Holy Spirit will not reject your pleas; receive His help in these matters for He is a great Helper. Seek My face in all your ways constantly, without ceasing. Allow Me to penetrate every ounce of your being. Every area of your life, your every decision, making every thought captive to My Holy Spirit, only then am I allowed to truly and magnificently change you from the inside out. Putting off the things of this world and being rebirthed with My Holy Spirit and My ways. This is a beautiful transformation that is taking place within My children who know Me. My children are inviting Me in and allowing Me to round their hearts. I am planting seeds and nurturing them through to maturity, these things take time but the harvest will be bountiful and so many of My children will be ripened and ready for harvest. Let nothing of this world enter into your thoughts My children, turn to Me now and receive My grace, My love and My transformation. The things you seek out in this world, no matter how much you achieve in the standards of this world, will leave you empty still trying to fill the empty space in your heart, that can only be filled by Me. Now My children, receive Me, I bequest to you My knowledge and My wisdom in all your walk. Let My Holy Spirit reside over your life and let My light shine through you in the darkest of hours. Enjoy My blessings of peace and joy in your lives and share My love with all who cross your path. Allow My Holy Spirit free reign in your life now My children so that He can work through each one of you as vessels of My love.;

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My children, this is what I ask of you now. I speak softly to your mind, I Am not loud or overbearing, I whisper for those that have ears to hear. Listen carefully and you will hear. Open your mind to My discernment. When things in your life are of My will, you will know My peace. When things are not of My will, you will feel confusion and upheaval in your spirit. Not always do I communicate in words. Feel Me, feel My peace that passes all understanding. Feel secure in My presence, feel My love surrounding you when you invite Me to cover you. No matter what the future holds, your focus should be on Me. No matter what I ask of you, you must not shrink back, but march into battle for your King! Satan will form weapons but they will not be used against you, as long as you have Me as your armor. My calling may seem subtle, and you may be unsure of what I want you to be doing. This should not confuse you but prompt you to be patient and wait, because as you wait, you grow. And, As you grow, you glorify Me. Sometimes your stillness is necessary. Do not think of it as you being ineffective when I ask you to be still. When you are still I can be working amazing changes within you, and you might not even know it. Your peace and patience glorifies Me, especially with the world around you spiraling out of control. This is a time of preparation My saints. You are where I want you to be My loves, for I have put you here. Rely on My small, still voice to guide you. Remain in My Word, and seek My presence in your every moment. When you go to sleep at night, commit your dreams to Me, and with each step you take all day long, bring Me with you in your travels. Put Me in front and center of your decisions. Receive Me into all relationships. Let Me shower you with My love, protection and peace, for I Am. I Am your Father, and I am in complete control.;

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To My Watchmen and The Aimless

I tell you My children, the ones who are found waiting and watching have nothing to fear. It is My children who are caught up in the cares and the lusts of this world that will be caught off guard and wonder why it is that they must face what the world is facing. The people who believe I exist but show Me no honor, they live their own lives and turn nothing over to Me and receive blessings as though they deserve them. They do not celebrate Me but they celebrate their carnal earthly holidays and give Me no place of honor in any part of their lives or hearts. They will wonder why I would leave them to face the refining. My children who long for My return have turned away from the ways of the world, and though they may stumble they are quickly to turn their faces back to Me, to their King, to their Father, to their Redeemer. Those that have their idols and worship them as gods will remain to face what is coming, they will know that I Am God, Creator of all of the heavens and your earth. Every knee will bow before Me and they will have their eyes opened to what a fake satan was and how he fooled them with the lusts of your world. They will see how they fell for his temptations and were caught in his snares. They will be refined and purified and they will turn their hearts and faces to their Father when they see this. For I will make it clear to them through their fear and suffering that I Am the only way. They will see My Glory on that day and know that I Am. Keep watching and waiting My children. Can you stay awake for just a little longer? Rejoice and Rejoice for you are soon to see My Glory come upon your earth. For the ones who have let Me make them ready, Our hearts pine to rescue our sheep but more flock are being brought into the fold, and I will search for even a single lost sheep. Be patient My watchmen and be ready to sound the alarm, but also be ready to spread My joy and peace and be richly blessed for your watching glorifies your Father, oh how I love you My Children!;

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MY timing! Be willing!!

My Daughter, write My Word, and deliver it for Me to those that have ears to hear and sound minds to discern what it is I Am trying to show them. My children your walk with Me must be looked at as a journey, not a quick trip, but a tireless journey in which I will mould and shape you in who I made you to become. Do not become frustrated when your prayers are not answered instantly, My children, because I work in My ways and in My timing, not yours. I am circumcising your hearts My loves and creating in you the person I want you to be. Removing the old earthly deposits, and replacing them with spiritual ones. You are My children, and you must be open to receiving My spiritual deposits. I Am training your hearts to rely on Me, My loves. I want your thoughts to be directed towards Me. I want your focus on Me at all times. Remove the worry and the chaos of this world from your brain. These changes in your person take time. I work in your life and the lives of all of My children, whether saved or unsaved, backslidden or lost. I Am working to steer all of My creation towards Me. I love My entire creation and wish for none to perish. My children, realize today that if you are not seeing your prayers answered, that I Am working behind the scenes, not to bring you through to what you want and expect, but I Am bringing you to where I created you to be. Do not expect perfection overnight. I can change you, and I will. I will not leave you where I found you. Change, true change, in the human sense takes time. By moving along slowly, the changes that take place in your person will not be short lived but everlasting. Satan will always try to cause bumps in the road as you travel towards Me, but you can fight him with Me by your side. I won, remember? This means you are fighting from a place of victory, and he has no hold over you and no true place in your life. Use My name and he must flee. Expect Me to prevail. Walk in the expectation that I will, and you will see that a supernatural peace will come over you and permeate your life. Expect this, receive this and walk in it. If you keep listening to the voices of doubt and evil that plague your world you will never move forward in My peace. Let Me be current and present in every aspect of your life. I Am with you at all times and will see to it that you are blessed beyond measure with My peace when you seek Me and walk in obedience to me, led by My Holy Spirit. Let your flesh be crucified. Give your life, give your journey over to Me, all the way, all the time. Love, Lord Yeshua;

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I AM your GAURD!

My daughter do not let the cruel words of others sway you, you have been called upon to complete a job, for Me and I Am the one whom you must answer to. No matter what man says, you must trust Me as your Holy king and let Me speak to your heart not man. My love, receive this message for those that have ears to hear. Receive My words and deliver them. Tragedies and occurrences across the globe are perceived by most as random. But they are not random at all. The dates matter, the locations matter, and the type of occurrences matter. My children with eyes to see will figure out this puzzle. I give My children signs so they can know what time they are in. Listen to the messages from My messengers and study My words. Pray in the Spirit constantly now, and commune with Me often. These are tools I give to My soldiers. Put your armor on, for satan has released his army to come against you My children like never before. You must have no openings but be prepared for attacks against you. You must not fear My children, but you must use Me as your guard. Remember My loves you are never alone, nor will I ever forsake you. No matter what you are faced with, seek My face. Receive My comfort and peace and pass this on to others who do not yet know who I Am. Listen for My voice and I will let you know the jobs that I have prepared for each of My children. Do not let the enemy distract you, from the duties I have set before you. As you walk in these last days, walk in My peace and protection, with no fear or worry, for now is the time to freely receive My joy. Because in doing so, others will notice. Receive My love, tender mercies and abounding blessings. Blessings I have stored up for those who adore Me, for they shall see their reward on this earth, even before I bring them to Myself. Have faith in how much I love you My children. Do not run from Me but embrace Me. Do not walk out into the world leaving Me behind, but cling to Me like no other time. Do not let the things of this world become distractions or idols. Remember My ways are not your ways, and I can turn every situation to My good purpose. Draw near to Me now. Study My word, and My truths. Mostly learn of My love and mercy. I love you My children Yeshua Ha-Mashiach.;

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