My love, you have received My sacrificial gift of redemption and My Holy Spirit. You must now let My Holy Spirit be active within you. What this means is actively listen to Me. Ask My Holy Spirit questions when situations and decisions arise. Take a deep breath and pause. Assume He is with you always and wants you walking in the will of the Father. Do not let your flesh take over and act and react the way your old man would have. React and behave like your new man. Your actions should be based upon Me. What would My reaction be? Yes, My child, there are times you must react with righteous anger, but you must not let your old man, your flesh, rise to the surface. This is about self-control and you not believing that I have fully removed from you the ways of your flesh. Part of this is true. Your flesh is part of you and will always remain. Don’t be so surprised when it rears its ugly head. If there are things you’ve never given over to Me, truly given over to Me, or things that you have not recognized as problems, like anger, foul language and rage, all of these things still remain in your flesh. By My power, the power of the Holy Spirit, you have been able to quell them most of the time. But, you truly have never rejected them by giving them over to Me. Sometimes, when the world throws you a curveball, these fleshly reaction burst forth to the surface. Just because you have received the Holy Spirit, and He is alive and active in you, it does not mean that your flesh can not and will not break out and react to situations in ways that are not of My will. This is going to happen, My love. Dig deep now, and lay these issues out before me, whatever they may be, and we will begin a journey within a journey removing from you the deep-seated strongholds and lies of the evil one that you’re clinging and believing, and you have been for so long. Rest in the fact that I am growing you up in Me, My love. Love, Yeshua;

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My daughter, share My words with those that have ears to hear. My children, you that are suffering pain and trial right now, this shall be coming to an end soon My loves. What you have been going through is a refining process. Your face needs to be turned to Me 100% of the time. There’s no room for even a sliver of this world in your life now, My children. You must be emptied out of sin and fully filled with My Holy Spirit. Pray, My children. And if the Holy Spirit lays it on your heart to fast, fast. As you pursue me, I pursue you. If you’re too busy in your life to pursue me, then I will pursue you at the same level. I am a complete gentleman, My children, and I do not force Myself into your life or routine. I must be invited. Now is not the time to be without Me and on your own. Remain close to Me now My loves. Let My love and light permeate your life. When you allow Me into your life and into your decisions, you will see the suffering come to an end. You will no longer run into roadblocks and frustrations. I will smooth the path before you. When the rest of the world is being faced with chaos and tragedy, My children who walk close with Me will remain under the wings of My protection. My children must realize the signs and see where you are in time. My end time messengers and prophets blow the trumpet repeatedly, and the signs are occurring across your earth. But still there are many that are in denial regarding these times. I am sanctifying My bride, and one day soon this process will be complete. I will create in My bride an insatiable desire to seek and draw in My lost and backslidden children. My bride will be given supernatural abilities to find these lost sheep and lead them home to me. My bride has such an important job ahead of her, and in everything she is suffering or working through now, she is being sculpted to My perfection. Being readied for the challenges that I will be setting before her. Embrace what you are facing, My bride. Know that all things work together for good when you rest in me. All things have reasons. When you learn that this earth is not your home, but a temporary place until I bring you to the place that I have prepared for you. until I bring you home, cling to me. Press into me. Fight to stay on My path. If you have fallen, allow Me to restore you to me. Love, Yeshua.;

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BIRTH PANGS! Run home now!!

My daughter, write this for those that have ears to hear. My children, join together now on the truth of your salvation. No man knows exactly the way in which these end time events will play out. Though there are many hints in My Word, much remains hidden and shrouded in Mystery. Be aware My loves, as satan also knows My Word. Focus on My love for you, My children, and sharing My love with the lost and backslidden. Rise to the challenge of following after Me, even in your own families. If you live in a family with non-believers, exhibit Me and My love to your loved ones, so they can see that your behavior has changed. Let your flesh be killed, and allow My Holy Spirit to rise up within you and through you, shining My light on all situations and relationships. If I am your number one focus, My light cannot help but to be showing in you, and My fruits are bound to come forth in your life. I bring clarity, not confusion. I bring health and life. I bring joy and peace, not sadness and frustration. No matter what you are facing, hand it over to Me. Receive Me and the peace that I unleash in every situation. When you begin to rely on your flesh, you open yourself up to the evil of this world. Can you see, My children, that if you have not learned to rely on Me by now, you will have no choice but to rely on Me going forward. As the birth pangs grow closer and closer together, and more and more of My children begin to be affected and experience chaos in one form or another, they will learn to rely on Me. Some hearts are quicker to soften than others, but I will pursue the very last lost sheep as far as the ends of the earth. That is how much I love you. That is how much I love My creation and want them home with Me. Love, Yeshua;

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Come back to ME!!

My daughter, write My words for those that have ears to ear. My daughter, I do not like seeing My children struggle, nor do I like them to feel alone. I AM the I AM, and I’m not subject to time or physical barriers. What I am subject to is the barriers of the heart. When people walk on the path of this world instead of My path, I must leave them until they find their way back to Me. It breaks My heart when My children who I love,ignore Me, not recognizing Me or, even in some cases, avoiding Me so that they can partake in the sin of your world. There is nothing worth walking away from Me into the darkness, My loves. Nothing. I love you so, but I cannot manhandle or strong-arm you into a relationship with Me. It must be a voluntary action on your part. Once you are in a relationship with Me, I can operate in a different manner within our relationship, yes. But, if you are off in the world, I quite simply have to wait tugging at your heart strings, from time to time, hoping you will return to Me. Come back to Me, lost children. Let Me have the opportunity to shower you with My love and protect you. These things come when you abide in Me. When you continue to walk in sin and walk in this world, I cannot protect you from the consequences of your sin. If you knew how My heart grieved for you when you turn your faces from Me, My loves. I love you so, yet, you walk repetitively away from Me. Come home. Bask in My love and experience My joy in your life. You will see firsthand that no temporary pleasure on this earth is worth not being in fellowship with your creator who loves you. It does not matter where your right now, I will come to you. I will lift your face and shine My face upon you, if you will just come home. Love, Yeshua;

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My daughter, write this word for those with ears to hear. My children, My will for your lives has yet to be played out in many cases. Many of you are still clinging to your past, taking part of things in this world and not leaning into Me in times of chaos and trouble…problem solving on your own which can lead to even bigger problems. When will you realize that I am your rock? Not yourself, not your friends, not your spouse, but Me. Do not be so quick to pour out your troubles upon others who are likely reacting in their flesh. Before you do that, come to Me in prayer, and unleash on Me. I do not promise you a euphoric life with no problems and no struggle. But what I do promise is to never leave or forsake you. I promise to carry you through all of the rough patches and never let you go. The problem with many of My children is pride. They have too much pride. So, they will not admit they need help, and they will refuse to receive My help. By taking off the mask of self and exposing your flesh to Me, you will see that divine and supernatural intervention you’ve been waiting for has been right here all of the time. Your pride has blinded you to it. Your pride has blinded you to Me. I do not relish in the struggles of My children. I can teach you things when struggles come; and, yes, in some cases, I let you face some things for your own growth. Usually, the biggest lesson I’m trying to teach you is to not rely on yourself but to hand things over to Me. In many cases, your self-will is hand and hand with your pride, and you will unwittingly avoid seeing and living out what I have planned for your life. I created you with a free will, and resigning this over to Me is a huge hurdle for some. This is why all of My children are at different points on their path to Me. The key is Me. When you give up on your self-reliance and lean into Me, when you learn to rest in Me, you will feel a change in how you react and handle things. Like water off a duck’s back, problems will melt away. Try Me. Oh, I love you, My children. I am right next to you right now and forever. Love, Yeshua;

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Two Encouraging Words

First Message:

My daughter, as darkness envelopes your once great nation, I call on My children to stand tall and to shine My light brightly in your nation and around the world. My creation groans for reconciliation to its creator. The people and the creatures of the earth want reconciliation with perfection. The earth itself groans from within its depth to be settled once and for all times at peace. Though the enemy continues to send his evil across the land, My light will continue to shine brightly and hope will abound because as many as the enemy is able to steal, hope from Me, will increase. Hope from My own and from many of My new believers that will be brought into My flock as darkness continues to grow. My light will continue to eliminate the evil of this world. My children holding My torch light bringing Me to places I’ve never been. My glory is increased when I see My children March on filled with My joy in sharing Me. This is not a time to feel defeated My children. With Me, you carry a double edged sword that can decimate anything the enemy can throw at you, no matter what you face. My children, I will help and you guide you. You are not alone. I call on My children now to step forward and advance Me in your earth.

Second Message:

My daughter, write My words for those that have ears to ear. My children, what is distracting you? Many of My children do need to attend to the things of this world; this is true, but do not let the worthless and harmful things be distractions to you. Spending time on useless games or entertainment should be at bay, and your free time must be spent seeking Me. I see this is difficult for many of you now as you are set in your ways, and change is hard. Many grow weary of waiting on their creator, and they use useless entertainment to pass the time instead of seeking Me out in My Word, either reading it or listening to anointed teaching. You must see and receive My love for you, My children, and My love flows through My Word. If you are not spending time in My Word, you will not recognize My love for you, and you will not be able to identify My workings in your life by spending time with Me daily. You’ll lighten your load because you’ll easily see that I love you, and that I am here for you to protect you and care for you. See yourself as a child who needs the loving guidance of your Father on every front. I have written you a love letter in My Word, My children. I’ve given you a guide to go by…. but, if you never read or study it, the guide loses its effect, and your hope will slowly grow dim as you receive floods from the world around you and only trickles from Me. Open the flood gates, and let Me pour Myself into you by reading My Word and listening to anointed teaching. I promise you will see a difference on how your day progresses when you spend time with Me, My loves. Learn who I AM now. Learn of My love for you and My plans to reconcile us soon. Learn what I have prepared for you, and learn the promises that I have for your life until we are together. There is so much you can learn from My Word, and the time we spend together strengthens you for the journey ahead.;

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My daughter, write these Words for those that have ears to hear. My children, the enemy plots and schemes all over your earth now, to cause chaos and destruction. He hates My children. He hates My creation and he is a murderous liar that will stop at nothing to kill and destroy. He is the ruler of darkness and will continue on in his rampage now because he sees that time is running short for him. I call now, on all of My children, to stand and fight against him in both your personal lives and for the world over. Pray, commune, and remain in Me, and I will come unto you. His defeat has already been accomplished at the cross. He cannot win but he can still fight. It’s up to My children to use the tools I provide for them in order to take his sting away. Use My power My children, for your flesh can do nothing and is a detriment to our battle. You must be filled with My spirit, Ruach Ha’Kodesh. Listen for your marching orders and carry them out. My children are responsible for letting this world know that I Am alive and active and still spreading peace, love, and joy and still standing by and behind My creation, as when it was created. Satan has come as a lying beast to desecrate My creation and My children on this earth. He wants no one or nothing left standing. His war drums beat against My children and now My children must be called up and prepared for battle against his evil. I will not leave you, My loves. Seek out My Holy Spirit and receive His indwelling. Receive His guard over your lives and your hearts. Never let satan or his minions gain a foothold in your life. Ask for help with anything you are struggling with. Walk away from this sin and towards your Savior. I have prepared each of you, in your own way, for this battle that you will face. Do not be afraid but have great faith that I will bring into your lives exactly what I want you to have at this time. Many of you have been struggling with sin and with an almost debilitating longing to leave this earth and to come Home to Me. I see your hearts, My loves. You will soon be given your duties and responsibilities and when these are made clear to you, you will rise to the occasion with a new found fervor, chomping at the bit to do your Father’s work. Your sense of duty will surpass any longing to come Home right now, as you will see there is a Great Harvest to reap, and very few harvesters. You will know you are needed for this time and you will work diligently to carry out My bidding. Do not shrink back from the things I ask of you, My loves. I do not react to the evil one but he reacts to Me. Never lose the fact that I Am in complete control. Remain at peace and comfort residing in My presence and many will see your level of calm, and ask you your secret. I Am the answer you must provide for them. I Am greater than anything the enemy can come against you with. I promise to carry all My children through whatever situations they are faced with. My soldiers will march and carry out their duties with confidence and bravery in the knowledge that the enemy has already been defeated. Listen carefully now for Me, My loves. Know that if you do not yet know Me, I love you. I want all to turn to Me and receive My free gift of salvation before it’s too late. Receive it and it’s yours. For My children who know Me walk in My love with peace and joy. Be patient and watchful at the same time, My loves. The puzzle will be coming together more and more every day. Love, Yeshua;

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