Warn them

Received the last part of the word first:

My daughter, write this warning. Many of My messengers are receiving pieces of the puzzle. When you fit these pieces together things will start to make a clear picture of what is to come. Who’s who in these end times should not be your pursuit, but warning My sheep about what is coming is what I want My messengers to be doing. I do not give messages and dreams for personal information. I am sharing dreams and messages with some and they are not sharing these as they should be. My messengers come together now. You all have a part to play in warning My sheep. My sheep must have an idea of what is coming so they are not caught off guard. Attacks will be coming upon your once great nation, your economy will collapse, and there will be chaos. Marshall Law will eventually be the norm and the freedoms that you now know will be gone forever. Be aware of this My children this will be occurring sooner than you think. Many of My sheep are not prepared or grounded in My Word. They will be filled with fear by what they see and hear because they do not know My promises to never to leave them or forsake them. You will see some things My children, but do not be afraid or worried about these things because I will be right there with you and never leave your side. I will be there to guide you and to give you with My peace.

This is the first part of the word:

It is very important now, My children, that you stay in My word. Verify all prophecy and warning messages that you hear in My Word. Validate what you are hearing in your spirit by lining it up against My Word. Spend time in My Word and do not let time pass where you are not seeking Me in My Word. My Word is breathed from Me and it is so important that you know what it says for in the near future you will see some things that will make you question many things. If you know My Word and stand upon My Word these things will not be confusing to you or bring fear upon you because you will be receiving My peace instead. If you are running from prophecy to prophecy and dream to dream but not seeking Me out in My Word, you will be lost with little to stand on, you will be lost on shaky ground. For those that have ears to hear, shut off the dreams and the prophecies if you are not leaving yourself enough time to spend time in My Word. I will speak to you through My Word My children, your time in My Word will produce fruit within and through you. I will only honor My promises if you know how to receive them. I love you My children, be with Me now.;

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My children, hear My words. My children, stand firm in My light. Do not doubt. Do not fear. You are as the woman at the well. Drink My living water now, My children. Do not drink the water of the world. These are the things that the world will use to refresh you, but they will only drain Me from you. I do not speak of water from your kitchen sink, but I speak of water that the world tells you that you need in order to take away your stresses. I am your comforter, and I am your refreshment. I created you, and if you will sit at My feet, I will reinvigorate you. I will heal you. I will energize you, and I will clear your mind and give you a peace, My peace that passes all understanding. No matter what is going on around you, shine with My light going through you now. Shine. Shine for Me, and receive from Me all the promises I offer to you, My loves. I promise to never leave or forsake you. I love you so, My children.;

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My dear children, I must warn you about what is coming, so that you will not shrink back, but keep sharing My good news, My way with the lost and the backslidden. Time approaches when My harvest will begin. The angels are patient but excited because when this happens, their duties will increase, and they will have a longing in their hearts to increase and receive My bounty. You world will be deteriorating in many ways; socially, economically and geographically. People have not intention of stopping in their wicked ways. They will not only continue in their wickedness, but they will promote themselves and their ideas any way they can. A conservative stance on anything will become a joke to most. They will flaunt their agendas, and if people don’t agree, they will be hated and accused of being haters. Those following Me will become the bottom of the barrel. This is not going to be easy My children. You will be labeled with some very unflattering adjectives. Do not shrink back My loves. March forward, sharing My light. Your economies around the world have already begun to flounder. This will continue to grow worse. Paper money will not be worth the paper that it is printed on, and eventually the economies of full countries will collapse, and there will be riots over food and water. Governments will fold and anarchy will abound in many countries of your world. Your oceans, lakes and streams will begin to die. This has already been occurring across your world; more landslides, more sinkholes, more quaking and shaking, more storms, more tsunamis, more volcanoes, more tornados and wind and hail; cataclysmic manmade disasters propagated by the evil one, himself–some nuclear in nature. Watch out America. What will it take to remove their heads from the sand, to open their eyes and unplug their ears? What will it take, My children? But, to My children, know that your faith may be tested. But, know that I am your Father who loves you and created you to be a step above My angles, in My own likeness. I love you. So, My children, I will never leave or forsake you. My victory has already been won, and now we are waiting for the victory march to begin. When you wait for this, My children, stay vigilant, remain in Me, in My word, in prayer and worship. If fear creeps in, speak My name. Call upon Me, and I will remove the fear from you. Pray for one another, My dear ones. Your redemption draweth even more nigh.

(1 Thessalonians 5:19-21) “Do not stifle the Holy Spirit. Do not treat prophecies with contempt, but test everything that is said. Hold on to what is good.”;

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Hour of Trial

My Daughter, write My words for those that have ears to hear. The nations and powers that be of your world are lining up against one another and the Apple of My Eye, Israel. They gather together secretly forming alliances and planning strategies to destroy the Apple of My Eye and bring your once great nation to its knees. My children, listen for the war drums, and you will hear them beating. So many in your once great nation rely on your government to protect them. The other nations that border you are weak, and the oceans are an open door to the nations and the evil ones who wish to harm you. Israel, the Apple of My Eye is surrounded by those that hate her and is used to sitting in the mist of a hornet’s nest. Your country has never seen a full scale attack launched by a very prepared and numerous enemy. Most of the people of your nation will have no idea what hit them. They will be shocked and surprised, and they will comply with what the enemy wishes in order to survive. The ruler of your earth must have your once great nation weakened and brought to its knees for there are more here who believe in the Son than any other nation and more who will fight against his plans in the future. Some things pertaining to the future are written in My Word, but not all. Study My Word now, My loves, and I will give you wisdom and enlightenment so you can share with others what is to come. Evil has reached a new heightened level. Prayers for peace will go unanswered. Your once great nation will have no pride left in the fall. Many will perish and most will not fight back. This is a warning, My daughter, so when these things will begin to unfold many will have heard this. Other messengers have and will receive similar messages to this, and will be sharing them, and you will confirm one another. Nations and people you thought were your allies will turn a blind eye to your suffering America. You will be on your own with no one to rescue you. You will call upon Me, once great nation, but I will only hear a few of you. You have turned your back on your creator, and now, I will turn My back on you. My children who hear My voice, I will keep you protected, My loves. I will keep you safe in the palm of My hand. I love you, My children, and you will be given My supernatural protection and peace. Share what you have and know with others, and they will seek the knowledge from you. You will be different as My light will shine from you, My loves. Do not lose hope in your eternity with Me, My loves. Do not lose faith in My plan and salvation, and do not turn away from Me in shame that they will try to cast upon you because many will ask “Where is this God you speak of?” Do not give up hope, My loves. I will keep you strong, if you call upon Me. Rely on My Holy Spirit, Ruach Ha’Kodesh, to keep you safe and give you strength.;

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Embrace your season!

My Daughter, write My words and share them with those who have ears to hear. My children, be still and listen for My voice. I come to you as your creator and Father. The more time you spend in quiet and listening for me, the more you will hear My voice. This takes practice, My children, for everyone. Often, I will direct your path with peace. When you are at peace about something and not relying on the answers of the world, then you have your answer. Many times My children become impatient with waiting. I purposely place them in seasons in their life where they are expecting the season to last only a few days. Seasons are meant to make you come to some significant change or meant to teach you some of My important truths and how they apply to your life. Do not be impatient, My little ones. The things that I will teach you are valuable, and some of you are more open than others. Some learn quickly, while others fall away back into the world over and over again, and their seasons grow even longer. It takes them longer to learn what I am trying to show them. All of My children are so different from one another, yet still all perfect in My eyes. You can grow, yes, and you will make mistakes along the way, but you are My children who I love. Some of the things that you are doing are not perfect, but you were created in My image. You are who I made you to be, and I will not leave you as an unfinished work. Your relationship with Me is a process. It will grow and change. This is for certain. But, My love for you remains constant as does the truth that you were created in My imagine, and I want a deep and meaningful love-relationship with each of My children. I love you all the same, yet each of us shares something special in that each of you are different and so is the love that is between us. Oh, how I love you, My children. Continue to remember that, and the cares of this world will melt away. Enjoy our relationship now, My loves. I am with you even though you are not with Me in heaven yet. Many of you pine away waiting, and you ignore the here and now. The life I have planned for you, do not get so wrapped up in our future together that you ignore the here and now. Let Me in your life, My children. I want to be part of the air that you breathe. I want to be included in all your thoughts. I want to be a part in all your plans. I want to see what you see and hear what you hear. I want you to surrender to My love, and let Me be your guiding light in your journey to me. So, My children, whatever season you are in, embrace it. Open your hearts and receive Me and what I am trying to show you. Be still and quiet and watch what I will show you, My loves. Do not pine away for the future, but be so caught up in the moment that you are breathing Me in, in every breath.;

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My daughter, do not underestimate Me when it comes to My power and control over situations. My sheep must be thoroughly awake that I am the I AM, the Creator of all things, so that they do not lose faith in Me and My control and authority over all situations, especially going forward when times get tough. My children will need to walk forward shining in faith in Me. My authority and power is eternal and like no other. My loves, you must learn to trust that and draw from My power continually. If you fail to do so, it is because you lose your trust and that you begin to believe Satan’s lies. (Ephesians 6:12) In My word it says, you are not battling against flesh and blood, but against rulers, authorities and powers of this dark world and against spiritual forces of evil within the heavens. You can not put up a fight, even the beginnings of a fight without Me, My loves. Without Me, you will be squashed like a bug. Without Me, you don’t even have authority to fight, but with Me, You’ve already won not only the fight but the war, My loves. Walk like a victor. You are clothed in righteousness, My loves. Walk righteously. You are no longer a slave to sin or a purveyor of evil but a shedder of My light, My great and powerful light. It may seem to some that darkness is winning, yet right now, if darkness were winning, your planet would be dust. My light already won, My loves, and in this promise and authority is how you should be living each day. Whatever your struggle, know that I’ve already defeated it at the cross. This is not to say you won’t face struggles and some things that bring you sadness or make you angry, but I am your way through these things, My loves. When you know My victory is the light at the end of the tunnel, it becomes a much shorter journey through the dark, and the dark isn’t nearly as dark anymore. These struggles lose their sting, and the world’s stresses don’t dominate your life any longer. I do. I meet all of your requirements and expectations, but if you are walking blindly not knowing how to draw from Me or what to expect, you will automatically try to draw from the world and be disappointed every time, ending up even worse off. The world is a dark and dangerous place if you don’t have My light to guide you. Learn Me. Learn My promises. Learn your authority through Me. Fight from your place of victory, not man’s place of defeat.;

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My daughter, share My words. Shout My message from the mountaintop. Your salvation is at hand. Receiving Me into your heart comes first, receiving My finished work. My death on the cross is the finished work. Finished. No one can add to this or take away from it. It is finished. Receiving My finished work into your heart is the only way to My Father. It is the one and only way of salvation. Do not be deceived by those who try to add to the way, because the way is narrow and there is only one. The Holy Spirit gives My sheep understanding of this. If they are adding to it, they add to it by their own flesh, and they will be leading many astray. My law will be written on the hearts of each of My children by My Holy Spirit, Ruach Ha’Kodesh. No amount of following the law in your flesh shows you My way. No amount of following the law, even if you were to never to break a single one, removes your original sin. That sin was cast upon mankind in the garden at the fall of man. The only way that you can become holy, My children, is to receive My finished work. Once this takes place, you will receive My Holy Spirit, Ruach Ha’Kodesh. Then, you will be able to see your sin and turn from it. You can not begin to see your sin if you are not filled with My Ruach Ha’Kodesh, Holy Spirit. You may think you’re following the law, but without being Spirit-filled, it is all filthy rags to me. Recognize salvation itself, and then recognize how to work out your salvation with fear and trembling. My children, you can not follow the law unless you are filled with My Holy Spirit. My Holy Spirit sets forth in you the ability to be holy and follow My law. I am not like a dictator, My children. There is a transformation of your heart, and in this transformation, your heart will be changed and you will grow to be like Me. I do expect one hundred percent holiness and repentance, but this can only come through My Ruach Ha’Kodesh. Your heart will be changed from a heart of stone into a heart for Me. Do not confuse the moment someone receives salvation with the journey leading to Me and what comes along with it walking My narrow path. Without the Holy Spirit, you could never stay on My narrow path, because you would never find the gate leading you to it, My loves.;

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