Learn Weapons to Use in Times Ahead

Might and power are yours in My name. Realize the power you have in Me. Realize the power you have over all of your problems. Realize the power you have in My name to shape your outcome. If you let Satan and the world dictate your outcomes, you will fall. The reason so many of My children fail is that they do not take advantage of the power in My name. Speak My name and My Word over everything. Command My will be done over your circumstances. I am not a God of lack. I do not put you in situations of need, financial, health or otherwise. This is done by the prince of your Earth. He puts the spirits of lack into you, and you struggle in perpetual lack. I am the I AM. Is anything too hard for Me? You speak your destiny upon yourself when you speak Satan’s words out loud. As times get tough, you must be aware of the power in your tongue. Your words are living things and when you speak negative complaining, your outcomes will be as such. This is such a simple tool, yet so many of My children speak themselves into sickness and financial lack. Speak good things over your life. Do not listen to and repeat the thoughts attached to the flaming darts of Satan. You give My power in you away when you speak out loud the negative thoughts he puts in your mind. This is so important you understand this in these end times. When faced with the devastation and destruction that is surely coming upon your planet, you need to be listening to Me. Do not allow Satan’s fiery darts to determine your mindset. The Ruach Ha’Kodesh, Holy Spirit, has power over these fiery darts. Use Him. I gave you a Helper in the Holy Spirit, Ruach Ha’Kodesh! The power in My name is executed through the Ruach Ha’Kodesh. My certain victory is where you are fighting from. This is true. If you are speaking defeat into your life, you are lying to yourself and you are letting Satan win a battle he has already lost. He has been defeated. Why do you keep saying different in your complaining and calling down bad things over your life? Why do you give him ground that he has no right to? Why? Learn of the power in My name and use it! This must happen now! Things are going to become very difficult for My children if they do not utilize the weapons I offer to them. Do you even know what the weapons are? Figure this out. First, let Me say loud and clear, speaking bad things over your life and the lives of those around you is dangerous and wrong. You must walk in My strength and have faith that what you can’t do, I will do. Listen for Me now.

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Raining fire, Earth Shaking Awakening

I want you. I want your heart now. See your life as you know it as over, and come under My 100% guidance. Make radical changes in who you are, and become who I made you to be. Now things aren’t about you anymore. The transformation of your heart can still take place, but the major outpouring of My grace and the presence of My glory is coming unto My children on your Earth like never before. Open yourself up to the radical changes I am going to put in front of you now. My children, do what I call you to do, when I call you to do it. Do not be afraid. I am the I AM, and when I ask you to do things, I will provide the way. Separate yourselves from your world and see the things through My eyes. Pray to see things through My eyes. Take the focus off of yourself and your journey now, and focus on My love and what you can see through My eyes. If I ask you to go, go. I am doing some extreme things now in the lives of My children. Who will listen and be open to what I want them to be doing? Big things are going to begin to happen around you now. I want soldiers that are prepared to stand against the enemy for the sake of My love. Ask that I consume you, and I will. When I consume you and all that you are doing is motivated and ordained by Me, miracles will never cease. Please expect big things from Me. Expect miracles. Expect people to come to the saving knowledge of the grace message. Expect people to realize that I, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob am the only true God and Creator of the universe. No matter how bad things may look, expect Me to be moving in miraculous and major ways now. Continue to purify, separate, and cleanse yourself, yes, but remove your focus from yourself and focus on Me. Focus now on how I am seeing things. I will give you eyes to see the pain, but I will also give you the ability and resources to do something about it. Spread My love, and at the same time, My gospel. As My love spreads, My gospel spreads. Spread the good news about salvation to the world now. I keep your heart close to Mine and protected, so you can in turn burst forth in a new beginning, spreading My love and My gospel answer to the suffering and the lost. I call on you all now to seek out how I want you to spread My love. I have plans for all of you. All are as different as each that hears this calling. There is coming a great awakening of My Holy Spirit. As more and more of satan’s minions are released to wreak destruction in the world around you, more and more of My children are going to receive Me and the indwelling of their Helper, Ruach Ha’Kodesh, Holy Spirit. Messengers, put out My messages of love and grace and warnings. Listen for what I am telling you. It is vital that you listen for Me in your spirit. Do not become paralyzed. Ask for signs if you are not sure. Expect miracles, and a huge revelation of My saving grace affecting many. Holy is the I AM. I come to you now, those that seek Me, and I will fill you with My Holy Spirit, and you will fight back against the enemy. You will smote the enemy with My name. All of My children expect these good things. Expect a huge revival and a huge number of My children to come now out of your world and into My presence.

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Hey! Messengers!!!

I call upon My messengers now to be still and listen. Listen to the important messages I have for you. Now is not the time to grow lazy or slack. Many events written in My word will soon come to pass. My messengers, listen for Me now and put out My messages. You have jobs to do, and each one of you plays a different role. Do not be dissuaded by the naysayers. Do not let the scoffers’ attacks quell your presentation of My messages. The messages I am giving are important reminders to My children now. My children, if not consistently reminded, will become fearful. They need to hear messages from My messengers to keep them from entering into the season of fear that will shortly be coming upon your once great nation and your world. Do not stray into this world now. Separate yourself and be filled with My peace. The time you spend with Me and abide in Me is equal to the time you spend unafraid. Your needs will be met. This you can count on. Weather, storms, floods, volcanos, earthquakes, tsunamis around the world and in your once great nation. While so many focus on what your media feeds them, many will be searching for Me now. My messengers, you know who you are. If I am asking you to deliver My messages, you must do so. You will be given the grace and knowledge necessary to put My word out. I have a plan and a purpose for every last child of Mine. Walk in My protection, listen quietly for My voice, and share with others the things that I share with you. If you are a soldier in My army being used to deliver My messages, you need to be still, listen and deliver everything I tell you to.

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Trust to Enter My Rest

As fire rains on your Earth, as My hand shakes your Earth, My children are not afraid. Fear is not of Me. My children are of Me. No matter what My children are faced with, they will be protected. Do not reject Me. Do not reject My protection. Should the slightest bit of fear come over you, rebuke the enemy immediately and call My name. Troubles will intensify now. My children understand the truth. They have been put here at this time for a reason. They have been given a longing to search the signs. They have been given a heightened awareness and an ability to perceive what is happening around them. Hold fast now to your hope. When you see and hear of the destruction that is coming, replace your fear with anticipation that I am in control and all things are mapped out and predetermined by Me. I am in control, My children. Press forward, earnestly desiring to enter My rest. You will surly be faced with challenges in these end times, but walk in My peace and confidence. Walk in the knowledge that you are a child of the most high. Walk in My love.

(Matthew 11:28) “Come to Me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”

(Hebrews 4:1) “God’s promise that we may enter his place of rest still stands. We are afraid that some of you think you won’t enter his place of rest.”

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Come With Me!

Do you not see? I choose people because they are who they are, and they are where they are to do what I need them to do. You were chosen because you’ve experienced what I have chosen you to experience. You are physically and mentally exactly where I want you to be. You would not work the way I need you to work if you were not who you are right now. I have all My saints marching to the beat of different drums, but the paths they are following are all leading Home to Me. My children are parts of the body, and they are called to different duties. Do not strive. You know you are doing My will when things just flow and come easily to you. Do not try to do more or be in a different place than exactly where I have you. Listen. Be still and listen. You have an assignment. Do not miss out on your instructions. What I ask of you, I may not ask of another. Every single detail, every single moment of your life, I know about. I know exactly where you were, where you are from, what you have done, and where you are going, and what you will do. Do not second-guess My purpose for you. Do not second-guess why you are here at this exact time. I am the I AM. I know the number of hairs on your head. The path you’ve chosen has been laid-out by Me. I knew the mistakes you would make, and I know the victories I’ve lead you through. Don’t second-guess where you are going or what I am doing with and for you. Your obedience shines in your patience and in your following Me. When you try to run ahead, you will surely fall on your face. I give you the wisdom and knowledge you need for today. If I give you more, you will surely run ahead and fall on your face. Know you are put where you are by Me. Do not exhaust yourself chasing your tail and trying to figure out what I want from you. I will tell you. My saints are settling into a cohesive group. The messengers are hearing My messages through others as well and are coming together now. They are hearing similar directives from Me. You are awakened to Me and to what I have planned for you, a little more each day. Spend time with Me. Commune with Me. If I lead you to fast, then you need to fast. Pray in the Spirit constantly. Pursue your deliverance as you have been doing, My child. I come for a spotless bride. My fire will consume Satan and his minions. Do not let them in. Do not let them on. Pursue Me and My Ruach Ha’Kodesh constantly now, and they will have no choice but to flee. Give them no footholds and certainly break down their strongholds. Do not give them undo credit. You fight from a place of victory. Have knowledge of them, but know their place as they do. If you give them openings, they will come in. Keep that in mind. My time is not your time. I will get My children in order and create in them pure hearts, and when they are pure, they will be brought unto Me. I will purify and sanctify you. These thing you can not do to yourself. Quit striving. When you try to help Me out, you usually slow the process. Be quiet and still, and listen for Me now. Let Me rid you of your pride. Only I can bring you from where you are to where I want you to be. If you go it alone, you will surely end up off of My path. My saints are guided by Me and Me alone. Let Me guide you. Let Me protect you. Let Me remove your fear. Let Me fill you with My peace. Let Me fill you with My joy. Pursue Me, and I will bring you where I want you to go. Let Me lead. Let Me be your rock. What is it you think that you can do for Me? Stop striving. Let Me be your guide. Give it all over to Me now, not just some, but all of it. You cannot add to Me. You cannot make My plans work any better. You are part of My plan, but you must remember, it is My plan. Sit back now, and let My plan unfold. It is unfolding. If you are with Me, you can watch it in amazement.

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The Wedding

My glory is not something your human mind can conceive. Until you are in your spiritual body, you will not recognize the depth, nor height, nor breadth of My glory. The human mind does not have the capacity to recognize this without Me. Many things will become possible. Many things will become visible, things you’ve never experienced before. Senses you’ve never experienced will be awakened upon your awakening. I long to bring you to this place. A reuniting with your Creator, a union with the One who will fill that hole in your heart that can never be filled, until our union. The open wounds inflicted on My people will be visible no more. Tears dried, broken hearts mended, the faces of the down-trodden lifted. This is not how you were designed. The fallen bodies you’ve lived in will be regenerated and adorned in beautiful white robes of righteousness. There will be nothing that can come against you. You will be lifted, and once you see your gifts, you will know this is your time to shine. The filth of the earth you live on will be washed away, and your new spiritual bodies will be able to fully experience My glory and worship Me in the way that you were originally created. You will be made whole, no longer broken, no longer chained to the laws of your Earth. There will be no decay that can touch you. You will be in the homes that are rightfully yours from the beginning through eternity. There will be no remembrances of your iniquity. The broken bodies you inhabit will be restored to their original glory. Behold, My creation will be restored to its original glory. I promise this to My bride and this is the truth. I cannot lie, and I cannot hold back the gifts I have in store for you. You will again be clothed in My glory. Rejoice that soon you will be walking clothed in My glory.

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Just as the Israelites were delivered out of Egypt, I will deliver you out of the hands of evil in your world. Every path of deliverance is not the same. Some journeys filled with obstacles, some with pain, some with tragedy. What times are you living in? If you do not know, look around. My hand shakes your Earth. By My will, you are kept safe if your faces are turned towards Me. Do not stray. Do not turn your faces from Me. I covered your planet with water once and laid it to waste. Complete destruction is coming again, and My children need to rely upon Me now, Me and only Me, for keeping them safe. For many months, I’ve warned you of what is coming. Satan is beginning his march upon your Earth, and the attacks will be coming against My creation from every angle. Pray for the lost now. Pray for one another. Prayer affords action. Do not give Satan and his minions legal rights or authority over you. When you live your life in the flesh, you open doors for satan’s minions to enter into you. These spirits can take control and cause you to do and say things that are not of Me. These demons or spirits of Satan are everywhere, and you must be careful now more than ever to not give them pathways or openings. My love crushes them, and when you simply bask in My love for you, they have no choice but to flee. Picture My arms open,. I am waiting to scoop you up and give you a hug. Soon, My children, very soon you will be with Me, seeing Me glory firsthand. But until that time, draw closer and closer to Me. Be purged from your world and purge the world from yourself. Separate yourself with guidance from the Holy Spirit, Ruach Ha’Kodesh. He is your helper. If you are stuck in a sin or a worldly situation, even if your flesh longs to keep you there, ask the Ruach Ha’Kodesh, Holy Spirit, to create in you a new heart, a new heart’s desire, a heart’s desire for Me, and you will soon see your sin losing its hold over you. It will no longer appeal to you. My way can be your way if you let the Holy Spirit operate in your life. Close the doors of your life to evil now, and open the doors to the Holy Spirit, Ruach Ha’Kodesh. Let Him be your guide. Let Him lift you up out of the filth that is the world around you. Let Him break the backs of the demons controlling you. He can and will. Just ask. He will deliver you from whatever bondage you are in. Do not give up, and do not lose hope. Now is the time to open the doors of your life to Him. He is more than capable of saving you from yourself, saving you from your flesh, and saving you from Satan and his minions. Against the Holy Spirit, Ruach Ha’Kodesh, Satan and his minions do not stand a chance.

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