As the time of your redemption draws near, spend time abiding in Me and in My Word. Allow My transformation of your heart. Be My spotless and refined bride. The days coming upon your Earth will be like none in history. To be protected, you must be filled with My Ruach Ha’Kodesh. The Spirit of the Lord will act as a force field around you. You will not suffer in pain and in hunger with the lost. You will be watched over and protected. Wait now for a short time, as the battles rage in heaven, and the Father will soon give the go ahead to bring My bride unto Myself. Pray to have all of your sin made known to you, made clear to you, so you can ask the Ruach Ha’Kodesh to lift you out of the sin. The Refiner’s fire has separated the pure metal from the dross. Do not remix with the dross, but remain pure in these final hours. Keep your eye on the Lord. You will not be disappointed or let down in any way. He is the Way, the Truth, and the Light. Allow any last bits of dross still in your spirit to be refined now. Hold on to no sin. Leave no areas of darkness in yourself. Allow the redeeming light of Yehshua to shine in every dark space. Yehshua Ha’Mashiach is the Refiner. You cannot, though you may try, refine yourself. As silver or gold near the final stage of refining, they experience what is called brightening. At that time the last of the impurities are consumed. The molten metal suddenly emits a bright flash of light, and then immediately solidifies. When the bride goes through her brightening, she will be brought unto the Son. Allow the Refiner’s fire, the Ruach Ha’Kodesh, to make you pure, without dross. Soon, My precious bride will be purified and brought home to My mansion with many rooms.

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