Baruch Ha Bah KALLAH

My bride continues to walk on the lighted path so as to not stain her gown. The Groom, Yeshua, is coming to receive you unto himself. The hour is upon you now. Keep your faces turned toward the Father. Have the leaves begun to fall in the Seasons? Are the winter storms approaching? All of My signs have been laid out for all to see. My bride has seen the signs and has allowed herself to be refined. Her gown is gloriously white without stain or blemish such as the sacrificial lamb was perfect. The bride was made perfect. For centuries My children have been persecuted by the father of your world. I will no longer stand for this abomination to My creation. The door is opening and the cry will be made from the Groom that he is ready to receive the bride unto himself. The Bride has waited so patiently. Not too much longer, My love. The Groom is preparing the way for you but also wanting the wedding guests and bridal party to know the details, for the door is opening. The banquet hall is full of the angels ready to receive the love of My life, My eternal passion, My spotless bride! Oh, how My angels have waited with such hope and excitement for the beautiful and perfect bride to enter the wedding feast.

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