So many people are under Satan’s control. So many people walking blindly, unaware of what is coming, under the spell of Satan, so many. My heart breaks when they do not recognize the many signs put forth. Many go through their lives not recognizing what is in front of them. Your Earth is groaning. All these signs of what is coming. Creation is calling out to reconcile with the Creator. Just glimpses of the original creation are seen now, but soon even these glimpses will disappear. Your Earth is dying all around you. Your forest is dying. Your oceans are dying. Your animals are dying. The balance of things has now been interrupted. Recognize the signs, My children. You do not have the time to chase the things of this broken world now. This world is dying, and it should already be dead to you. There is nothing is this world for you, no human love, money, no good time, nothing, nothing that is worth leaving the lighted path home. When I come for My bride, she needs to be ready. You should be removing all sins from your lives now, children. Allow the Ruach Ha’Kodesh to break the chains of Satan and kill your evil desires. Ask and walk in the knowledge that you are free from addiction or or repetitive sin that you previously had no control over. The Ruach Ha’Kodesh is the answer, My children. Nothing is too hard for the Ruach Ha’Kodesh. Believe now, children. Recognize the various and widespread signs. The indwelling of the Holy Spirit in believers is increasing. Wait now while more of My children run into My arms. The fullness of the gentiles is now finally approaching, yet the fullness of Satan’s heathens has long been achieved. So many will he take with him to the abyss. So many do not seem to care. Whoa to them, for they will never see the light of day or anything pleasing to their eyes again. Continue to prepare, My bride. Conduct yourself as a pure virgin, a bride free from spot or blemish. Walk in the righteousness of Christ. Avoid the pitfalls of your world. All of your focus should be on your purification through the Ruach Ha’Kodesh. Watch now, My children. Remember, I am with you. Do not be afraid. You are under My wing.

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The Lord is My Refuge

My grace will suffice. Can any man present himself to the Father? The Father is the absolute of holy. No man can come before the Father and live. All of your good works will never make you Holy. Being a nice, kind person will never make you holy. Going to or serving in your manmade churches, even in leadership, will never make you holy. Do you have a noble career doing something to help people? No, that will not make you holy either. The Son is your only path to holiness. Through the Son you can come in front of the Father. The Father forgives all through the sacrifice of His Son. When you accept the Son, you accept His Father. When the Father looks at you, He will look through the blood of His Son, and you look as white as snow to Him. He no longer sees your sin. It does not matter what you have done. No amount of sin can keep you from the Father when you accept the grace of the Father because of the sacrifice of the Son. Jesus knows the hearts of men. Whether a man is sincere or not, is know very well by the Ruach Ha’Kodesh. No other man can judge the heart of another. The true intentions of men’s hearts are really only know by the Ruach Ha’Kodesh. Do not be the judge of the other man, lest ye be judged. Walk now in My grace, My children. Believe in your pure whiteness. You are walking in righteousness. When your heart knows you are righteous by the blood of the Son, sin is no longer of you. Righteousness is of you. Sin loses its dominion over you when you abide in the Son. You are now presentable to the Father. The sin that stood between you and the Father has been removed by the love and obedience of the Son. The Son has conquered all sin. He has taken away the sin of the world. Believing and walking in the knowledge of what the Son has done for you, His sacrifice for your salvation, His sacrifice so you can live in His love for eternity, His love for you, changes your heart. This knowledge of His love for you makes you long to be with Him. This knowledge of His love for you makes you long to be like Him. This knowledge of His love for you makes you see clearly His grace. This knowledge of His love for you is what fills your emptiness and mends your brokenness. No relationship with another human being can accomplish filling the hole in your heart that only the Son can fill. When He is in your heart, you are a conqueror of all evil. The Ruach Ha’Kodesh wins the battle against sin for you when you turn your life over to Him. Walk in My righteousness now, My children. Allow Me to direct your every thought, word and deed. If I am for you, nothing that comes against you will succeed. All things are under the control of the Ruach Ha’Kodesh when we allow Him to direct our path. Invite Him now to live in you. He will remove sin from you, and Quell your flesh from its sinful desires. You do have free will to make the decision to rely on the Ruach Ha’Kodesh or your flesh. If you rely on your flesh, you are not walking down the lighted path. You are going on your own. you are going your own way. The Ruach Ha’Kodesh is powerless within you. You have free will to rely on the Ruach Ha’Kodesh or your flesh. Walk with Me, My children. Fill your heart with the Son. Let Me be your Banner. I will carry your heavy burdens. I will create in front of you an easy path. Give yourself over to the Ruach Ha’Kodesh. Watch how your heart is changed. Watch your sinful desires be crushed. Watch your sinful desires be removed from you. You are no longer children of this world. If you choose the Ruach Ha’Kodesh, Satan will no longer have a grip on you. He will no longer have any power in your life. Choose the Ruach Ha’Kodesh. I will be your Jehovah-Nissi. Replace the enemy’s banner over your life. Replace it with Jehovah-Nissi. I love you My children and you are coming home in just a little while.

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Ma’owz or Mowra

Watch. Open your eyes now. Things are about to take a turn for the worst. When the worst natural and man-made disasters in human history start to unfold over the entire world in a short succession, then will the lost turn to their Savior? The floodgates of Hell are opening up on your planet now. It will be too many things, big things at once, for people not to recognize that these are signs of the end. When there are time lapses between events, people often forget and move on with their lives while people affected by the tragedy try to get back to some semblance of normal. Soon everyone will be affected in one way or another. Don’t be afraid, My sheep. Use these signs of your times to share Me with the lost. They will need some place to turn when their world turns upside down. I find no joy in punishment. I find no joy in letting tragedy strike. I find no joy in allowing mayhem to come over My creation. This is how it must be, for this is what is written. Be strong now, My sheep. Be the answers to many questions. Be the rescuers in crisis. Be the comforters in fear, and be still when the Earth is shaking. Share Me with the lost when they see you walking in My favor. They will want what you have. Share Me with them. The birth-pains are getting closer together and becoming more widespread. My children, be strong and walk in the knowledge that you will be protected. If fear should come over you, simply speak My name. Be warriors for Me now. Many will come to Me and appeal to Me when their lives are shaken and turned upside down. They will have only but one place to turn. Be shining examples for Me now. Be their help in times of trouble and their calm during the storm. All tragedy and hardship serves My purpose. The unbelievers and the lost will be brought to their knees. They will know that I am God. Yet, many will still be too filled with evil to accept the free gift of salvation. Still, many others will turn to Me now. Be My warriors, My sheep. You are at war, warring for the souls of the lost. Many will see My grace and favor in your life and ask you about Me. Walk joyfully in My grace and favor, and many will ask how in such perilous times you can be so carefree and unafraid, so blessed. As things get worse and worse for the lost, things will get better and better for My children. Expect these good things now. You must remain in Me now, My children. Do not be sucked into this world. Remain in Me. This is what will keep the gates open for you to receive My good favor. As signs increase in magnitude and number, there will be plenty of opportunity to share Me with the lost. Be My shining stars now. Shine brightly for Me. Walk in the confidence that My favor is upon you. The Holy Spirit, Ruach Ha’Kodesh, walks with you. You are never alone. Not much more time now. All will stand in awe. Only the lost will fear.

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Elohei Khol-neehamah

Your heart can search the world over and you will never find a love to complete you until you accept that My love is the only love that will mend your brokenness and fill your emptiness. All you need to do is open your heart, and I will heal it and fill it with peace beyond measure. You cannot escape Me, so quit trying. I began the good work in you, and I will bring it to completion. No matter how far off MY path you go, I will search for you, and I will find you. You are My child. Just as the shepherd searches for a single lost sheep, I search for your heart. Quit running into your life and thinking I won’t pursue you. I will. My heart is for you and your existence means nothing without Me. Rest in Me, for I found My rest in saving you. No one can separate you from My love. No one can snatch you from My hand, no one. If I am for you, who can be against you. I will give you rest and peace at all times and in every way. I am with you wherever you go, My child. Remember My promises to you: everlasting life, forgiveness, love, peace, new things, deliverance, protection, miracles, fellowship, answers to prayer. I supply all of your needs. I am your companion. I am always with you. I give you My strength. I will show you great and mighty things. I provide you with fulfillment and satisfaction. You have authority through My word. You are My heirs. My truth shall set you free. I promise to teach you and guide you and fill you. Listen for Me now, My children. Be still in My peace and promises. Be still in My love. Draw near to Me, and I will draw near to you. Give yourself over to Me continually. When you disobey, I come after you in love. I may discipline you, but I come to you in love and in gentle spirit. I do not come after you in anger with a whip. When you fail, rely on My strength not your own. I am who I say I am, and I can do all things. I reward those who diligently seek Me. I am able to provide you with every blessing in abundance so that having all-sufficiency in all things, at all times, you may abound in every good work. I am good. I am your refuge in times of trouble. By My hand, My children will be saved. You are in the world not of this world. You have My protection because you are of Me and in Me. I am coming soon. Hold on to what you have so that none will take your crown. Wait for just a little while, for no eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what I have prepared for those who love Me. You will need new eyes to withstand the brightness. Wait on Me now a little while. I love you, My children.

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To My Spirit-filled warriors, do not leap out into your world without your Armor on. All unprotected areas are opening for the evil one. Do not let the evil one gain entry. This is to My once great nations. They have now brought wrath upon themselves. They were given great gifts and have squandered them at the feet of idols. They do not mourn the bloodshed of the innocent. Their days draw to a close, for no more can I watch them be defiled by the evil one. His mark is upon them, and this will only be removed when he, the prince of this world, is removed from their midst. Israel, My chosen, I will let My scorn fall upon you now. There is no more time allowed you. You will be surrounded by evil on all sides, and for a time, no-one will be looking out for you. I will turn My face from you for a time. And your evil sister, you have taken the gifts of freedom and given them over to the evil one. He has taken your freedoms and coerced you into his deceitful ways. You are now in the throes of his lies and evil. There is nothing left of the great nation you once were. You have turned to, and now live under, his laws. Evil, lewd, detestable laws. Such a gift I gave to your nation, squandered away and defiled by Satan. You let this happen to you, ungrateful, evil, lot of people. You create your own destiny by letting all the evil enter your nation. You left your gates open and you have been overtaken by the evil of all other adulterous religions. This was your own doing. My hand is no longer above you, and My protection is no longer over you. Evil and wicked sister Babylon is Satan’s prize, she has given herself willingly to him and will now suffer the consequences. My sword will strike down your evil cities and detestable and lewd within them. Woe to the coast-land cities. No more will they stand as reminders of your once great nation. They will be covered with the waters of the oceans, and your cities inland will be burnt to the ground. Nothing but ashes remaining. Wait and see, because soon you will know I am Lord. Blessed be My chosen as they wait for just a little while. Satan’s trophy will be a burned heap of rubble, and he will find no pleasure in receiving such a prize. Woe to you, two sisters. You have mocked Me for too long now. Your fate is written in My Word. You have been warned. You have been given many signs. My sword will not spare the wicked. I will move to strike the harlots down. Wait and see. Watch. This is written, and what is written must come to pass.

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Proclaiming the Lord’s Favor

My faithful ones, as you continue on your journey, allow the Holy Spirit to help you with all matters. Nothing is too small. Nothing is too big. Use the tools of praying in the Spirit, communing with Me in holy communion, and staying in My Word as much as you are able. All of My faithful will be chosen as soldiers of faith now. Like the seventy went out before Me, go out before Me. To who receive you, share Me, but if they don’t receive you, move on, for if their hearts are hard, time should not be wasted. Spend time with the people hungry to receive Me. The floodgates have been opened now and many more of Satan’s minions have been released. Do not be worried by this, because as My signs unfold, many more hearts will be turning towards Me, for the field must be ripe for the harvest to begin. Go out now, My workers, and reap the harvest ahead of Me. The time is coming when I will be bringing My chosen unto Myself. The hope of My coming should be your strength in these trials. Do not fret or worry. I feel what you feel and will be aid to you in times of trouble. The Father wants none of His to suffer. The promise of son-ship will not come up empty. When you abide in the Son, you become a child of the Father. This is why the Father will love and protect you as His own. Do not fear, My beloved, because you are a child of the One and Living God. Things may appear to be turning upside down on your Earth now. Keep your focus on Me. These things need to occur because they have been written in My Word. The communion you do with Me will keep you of sound mind and body, and the time you spend praying in the Spirit will edify you. The time you spend in My Word opens up the gates so that wisdom and knowledge will flow into you. Expect to be blessed in all areas now, your relationships, families, work and finances. Do not believe Satan’s lies. I am all-powerful to provide anything and everything to My children, if they are open to receive it. I know the children who will receive it thankfully, and with knowledge that all things come from and through Me. These are the children who will be blessed, for I know who will be willing to share with the less fortunate. These blessings are a joy for Me to provide. Also, when others see My children prosper, they will know, especially in these end times, that I am the Jehovah Yireh. Do not believe Satan’s lies. Allow the Holy Spirit to open your heart and mind to receive all such blessings, and these things will be poured out into your lives. My chosen will be provided for more than they can ever imagine in these final days. As a symbol of My love for them, watch and you will see. Do not limit Me in your finite minds, My children. I want good things for you. Speak only good things over your life when it comes to your health, your relationships, and your finances. Treat My Word as a living thing. Speak only good things over your life. When you speak out loud, negative or bad things, they act as a curse. They create an opening for Satan and his minions to manifest what was spoken. Be careful what you speak out loud. Make your words like honey to the lips and music to the ears, all Holy Spirit inspired. Stop all fruitless works now. All works should be done with a Holy Spirit-filled, joyful heart. Works of the flesh will do nothing to bring you closer to Me. Walk with a thankful heart as you get close to the end of your journey home. Ask and you will receive all good things into your lives. There is nothing I cannot change. There is no problem too big for Me to solve. You must rely on Me now for Me to help you. You cannot risk walking alone. Keep Me in your heart at all times. Let there be no gate left open that the evil one can enter. Let Me be the light on your path. Let Me be the joy in your heart. I will carry My faithful when they cannot walk. Be Mine.

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Rock Eternal

The Lord of Hosts wants His sheep to rely totally on Him now. Cast away your cares of this world. Focus your eyes on Yeshua Ha’Mashiach. He knows all things. He feels all things, and He understands exactly where you are in your walk with Him, in your life with Him. Let Him carry your heavy load. Let Him shoulder your burden. He will lift you out of trouble, and is very pleased to bless you with all heavenly blessings. He is your strength and provision. He is your bravery in fear. His love fills the hearts of the lonely. He brings peace in times of chaos, hope in times of despair, joy in times of sadness, wisdom to the foolish. He plants seeds in fertile soil. His vineyard is full of the finest grapes. He is the mighty Shepherd to His flock. He is the Lamb who was led to slaughter, perfect sacrifice for sin. He is the almighty Creator of everything. In His hands lies the fate of the Earth. He is in complete control. He knows the number of hairs on your head. He knows your every thought. He knows when you are hurting. He hurts along with you. His magnificence is beyond all human understanding. Let Him care for you and nurture you until He comes to rescue you. Let His face shine on you. Let Him direct your every step. Let Him light your darkest hours. He will cleanse your heart and mind, if you simply invite Him to do so. He will refine you and perfect you. He is the Author of our faith. His arms are wrapped around you. You are underneath His wing. He will provide for you as a loving father provides for his long lost son. His depth of love for you has no end. Let Him be your direction when you have no other. He will take you out of this world. His heart is for you, not against you. He cares about the smallest details of your life. Let Him. He wants good things for you. You are His child. Let Him help you. Just ask. Time, He does not recognize, but He sees when we are patient. His Word is how you spend time with Him. Open up His Word. He will never disappoint or let you down. Let His eyes be your eyes. Let His heart be your heart. Let the Ruach Ha’Kodesh be your Guide. He will never ever leave or forsake you. You are never alone. When the enemy attacks, use Him as your Shield. When in doubt, look up. Allow Him to be your Guide in all that you do, to hold your every thought captive and enlighten your mind. Feel His love surround you. The Ruach Ha’Kodesh is a perfect Gentleman. He needs to be invited to be your constant Guide. Do not get sucked into this broken world. You are not of this world. This is a temporary place for you on your journey home. You walk on a lighted path. Stay in the light. Don’t step foot into the darkness. Satan and his minions wait for one misstep, one opening to bring destruction into your life. Let the Ruach Ha’Kodesh direct your every choice. If you should step off into darkness, return quickly to the light. Do not let guilt and shame keep you from the Son. He is forgiveness. Guilt and shame are not of the Lord. Grow in wisdom and understanding, and feed the lost and hungry. Share all that you have, because He has so much more to give you. Share your treasures. Share your time. Share your love. Let the Ruach Ha’Kodesh cover all of your frustrations. Let Him make the path ahead straight. Let Him make your journey home a joyful one. Call on Him. Don’t do another thing without Him by your side.

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