Encouragement (Part 1)

My daughter, write My words for those with ears to hear. So many of My Children are facing challenges now, with their health, with their finances, with their relationships, all across the board. My Children do not take advantage of My supernatural power over their circumstances. Many simply go on their own and attempt to solve these problems by themselves in their flesh with their own self will. They often make things even worse. I encourage you, My Children, come to Me. Seek My face. Seek My answers. It is not My will for you to be sick or live in lack. It is not My will for marriages to break apart. The common thread that runs between all of your problems is the enemy himself. Remember, he attacks whom he may. You must stand strong in prayer against him. If you are not standing fast in prayer, you are allowing him to come against you. If you are holding onto anger, or have idols in your life, these create openings for him to devour you. Some teach falsely that I am the one serving up My wrath into your life. This is a lie from the enemy. I do allow My Children to face certain things in preparation for My Kingdom living. This is true, but much more often it is the enemy attacking you where you’ve failed to close an opening through prayer, and in some cases, I will even lay it on some of My Children’s hearts to fast if they are quiet enough to feel My Holy Spirit tugging at their hearts. Pray for yourself and others. Praying in My Holy Spirit closes doors to the enemy. If you are persistent and consistent, your prayers will be heard, and will be answered. No fervent prayer of a righteous child of Mine is left ignored. Answers to your prayers are not always instant, but I want all of My Children to understand that I hear every one of them, and your prayers offer Me the opportunity to supernaturally intervene on your behalf. Not one child of Mine will ever be ignored. Expect good outcomes from your Father, My Loves. Your strength and healing are My will. Your financial well being is My will. Your healthy relationships are My will, and the prayers of My righteous will be heard and answered. My Holy Spirit lives within all of My born-again Children. He is there to guide you. He is there to prop you up when you have no more energy to stand. He is there to aid you in battle, for your battle is not against flesh but with the insidious spirits of the evil one. The enemy works so hard to convince you otherwise. He convinces you that your authority in and through Me means nothing. He convinces you that My supernatural ability to answer prayer is dead. Don’t believe his lies, My Loves… 

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Encouragement (Part 2)

…Keep your focus on Me. Stay in My Word. Focus on My promises. Realize this world is not your home, and that there is nothing here for you when it comes to what your world places value in. Be infiltrated by My Holy Spirit upon taking your every step. Use your shield of faith to block out all of this world’s evil distractions. So, put your armor on, My Children, night and day. Walk in Me, walk in My perfection. Walk shielded from the wiles of the Devil. I desire to prosper all of My Children in health, in wealth, and in their relationships. Don’t separate Me from anything you are wishing to achieve. Let Me in. I desire to be a part of all that you wish to accomplish. Do not put Me in a box. Do not leave Me on your nightstand. Bring Me everywhere, for I have no limitations as to where I can accompany you. Allow Me to reach others through you. Allow Me to shine My love through you. The more you submit to Me working through you, the better My outcomes will be. Many run ahead and stumble. Hold your horses, My Loves, for you without Me equals nothing. Anywhere you go without Me is nowhere. Include Me. Include Me when you set your goals so they are Our goals, and include Me in reaching them. Roadblocks are not always placed in front of you by Me. The enemy is always trying to find ways to stop you. When you feel My peace, know that I want you to persevere. When you are not sure, be still, and I will make My answers clear. You must rely on My peace that passes all of your understanding to receive My will for you. I will bring you My way every time if you let Me. Whatever lies ahead of you, when you allow My Holy Spirit to guide your steps, you will receive My protection. You will receive My good gifts. You will receive My supernatural favor. It will be poured out upon you. Seek relationship with Me every moment of every day. If I am with you, no one can be against you. I love you, My Children. Yeshua Ha’Mashiach

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Walk as LIONS

My daughter, write My words for those with ears to hear. My Lambs, do not walk as lambs, but now as My Lions. My prophets and scribes, as things unfold in My plan, I will not always alert you ahead of time. There are things that may occur, but I always reserve the right to change My mind. You see, My Loves, there is always power in your prayers. I am the I AM. I am omnipotent, and I know the outcome of all things. Yet, how can I explain the journey to human minds that cannot conceive such things? The journey, My divine plan, is set in stone, yet it is changeable, and can be manipulated according to My will and in response to the Holy Spirit-filled prayers of My saints. I encourage you, My saints, pray. Pray for protection over your nation’s leaders and their families. Pray for protection over your nation. Pray for protection over the lost so that they may be found. You are going through a time in your once-great nation of exposure. I am shining light on the dark places, as I perfectly align and place My chosen. Let your hearts not be troubled when you hear warnings of things to come. When you keep in your mind that I am in control of all things, you will remain in My peace. The enemy works to spread his darkness and lies, his death and terror, across your once-great nation and the world. He receives his power from evil perpetrated by his minions. He receives his power from the fear and anguish of My creation. The writing has been on the wall since the time of creation, My Children, and My victory has been established since before time began. My daughter, this scribe, has asked Me about the kick-off event. I will not disclose to her what this might be. I will only ask that My Children, with ears to hear, go into prayer. War with prayer. Prayer can thwart the plan of the enemy. Will it? I ask you now, My Loves, pray. Pray that My army arises filled with My Holy Spirit to expose the schemes of the enemy. Pray! Pray for My protection and mercy over your nation and your world. When you wholly accept and understand that I am the Creator and Author and Finisher of all things, when you understand that, you pray from a standpoint of victory and not from a place of desperation. In this case, your prayers will be answered. There is no power too great to overcome the prayers of My righteous. Look at the big picture through My lens. Put aside your human understanding and emotions. Whatever unfolds, understand that I have allowed it, whether it be peace or chaos. I have ordained and appropriated it for this time and in My perfect timing. Arise now, My Warriors, and receive the indwelling of My Holy Spirit to overflowing, for you are My Army. Your prayers are powerful, and you have already changed some outcomes. Do not believe the lies of the enemy when he tells you that you cannot make a difference. Your prayers are the difference. Though the darkness has reached a new level beyond which can be fathomed, shine Me brightly. When chaos breaks out around you, know that you stand justified, already in My glory, already righteous through your King. Many, including this scribe, have allowed themselves to be distracted by the news of the day. Many have become weak, and taken their eyes off of Me. Many believe that they are powerless to pray against the darkness. No, My Children, no! I call upon you, My Army, now, to pray, allowing My Holy Spirit to guide you as to for what. Take your eyes off of yourselves and place them on Me. Allow every last bit of pride to be removed from you. Rest in My finished work, and receive power in that rest. Be patient, My Loves, for only through your patience is My timing made perfect. Do not run ahead. Only through the prayers of the righteous is My hand moved to protect. I ask My righteous to pray. Many of My messengers and scribes wish for Me to enlighten them, they ask Me for answers that will not be given. I say, wait and see. The reason I do not disclose a complete and perfect outline to My plan is this: If you do not have faith that My plan is perfect, you have no faith at all. Many fail to recognize that they are already seated in heavenly places next to their King. My Children must reconcile this in their minds. When you are relying on your human understanding, you are weak. My Holy Spirit is the only One that can bring you to a place of perfect trust in Me. My Holy Spirit is the only One that can bring you into My perfect peace. Invite Him to fill you to overflowing, and only from that place of peace can you truly operate in My will. Do not analyze and decipher the plots and schemes of the enemy unless you are immersed in My peace, unless you trust that My outcomes will be perfect, for when you wish to tell a fortune, you feed the enemy with fear, possibly your own, and definitely others. There are some that I have warned with pieces of what is to come. I warn with dreams, and visions, and prophetic Words, and some of these things have been shared upon My approval. But if you receive these things in fear, with your human understandings, you simply feed the enemy, for fear is his power over you. This is why, My Children, I keep My prophecies few and far between. This is why I do not foretell My plans or those of the enemy. Stay in prayer, My Loves, that you will get to a place in our relationship of complete trust and rest. Pray that you get to a place in Me that your human reasonings and emotions will no longer suppress My Holy Spirit within you. Only then can you truly enter into My rest. The prayers of the righteous prevaileth much. Come together now, My Army, not in fear, but in My power. I’ve created you as curious creatures, but when the conclusions you come to with human reasonings are used to spread fear, you simply feed the enemy, and you are out of My will in doing so. I love you, My Children. Yeshua Ha’Mashiach

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My daughter, write My words for those with ears to hear. My children, remember, you are all siblings. Live as such. Do not sow seeds of discord among My flock. My fields are ready for harvest, and though there are tares that flourish among you, continue to grow in My patience. A single act of loving kindness towards a tare might change their heart and move them one step closer towards Me. I love all of My creation, and will search for them, even the last lost sheep. The enemy tricks you into becoming frustrated and even angry with the lost. Do not fall for this. Your loving kindness is what attracts others to Me. Do not let your attitude of judgment fall upon them. Pray for the lost. Pray for anyone you know that does not know Me. Pray for them to be overflowing with My Holy Spirit. He is the comforter provided for all mankind, for anyone who will receive Him. No person is too far gone to receive Me, My children. It does not matter where they are or what they’ve done. Encourage people softly to glance My way. Encourage them softly to open their heart to My comforter and helper, for they will need Me for what is coming upon your earth. My love is limitless, and My ability to soften even the hardest of hearts knows no bounds. Do not shame My creation for not knowing Me, but with patient kindness, invite them to come to know Me. The enemy works to build up walls of division between My saints. See this for what it is, and remove yourselves from contentious debate. No man does know the day or the hour, but I have charged many with solving My puzzle in these end times. If this has been your charge, do not give up, for scoffers and mockers will do the enemy’s bidding and work tirelessly to attack your ideas and reputations. Do not lay down your crosses. Do not believe their lies. I have you exactly where I want you to be. Allow Me to carry you even further forward in your endeavor to solve My grand puzzle. Allow Me to open our minds and keep your fleshy pride at bay, for I would never have My watchmen quit watching. Carry your crosses boldly now, for I am with you every step of the way. Allow Me to do the final preparations in your hearts, for any last bit of fleshy pride is too much pride. I would never tell My watchmen to quit watching, but the enemy has no other goal for you, My watchmen. He wishes to disarm My army, sowing doubt and discord and working night and day to pull you apart. He uses whatever pride you have left to work against one another, for an army in disarray is no army at all. His attacks against My flock will continue to rise in number and in strength. Stick together, My loves, in unity as one, for this is how you, in My power, will defeat him. Do not give up on one another, My loves. If doubt arises, turn to Me and ask, for I will surely bring you to My truth. Pray for Me to remove all of the fleshy pride you have left, and do not attack those with whom you disagree. This does nothing to strengthen My army, and this does nothing to further My kingdom. It fragments My troops and causes others to lay down their crosses. Put to rest all discord now, My loves. Exude My love, peace and joy into every situation and relationship. Seek Me first in all that you do. Keep your focus directly on Me. My love, peace and joy I bestow upon you. Put your armor on every day, morning and night. Pray for yourself and others to be filled to overflowing with My Holy Spirit, and pray for all pride to be removed from you. Pray to operate in one hundred precent My strength and wisdom, If you laid down your cross, pick it back up. Receive all the good gifts I have for you now, My children. I do not want you sick. I do not want you in financial lack. I do not want you anxious for anything. Receive My love. Receive My peace, and receive My joy, and know that My outcome is already in place. Know that it is perfect because I ordained it. I am the I AM, and I love you, My children. Yeshua Ha’Mashiach

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My daughter, write My words for those with ears to hear. I have given this, My daughter, many messages, some warnings in the past, some she doesn’t even remember. Even this, My scribe, is a skeptic. Go back, My children, and listen to the messages that I have given this scribe and others. The warnings received through Me will come to pass because much that I have shown has not yet come to pass. Many doubt Me and have settled back into their lives again. I have changed this scribe’s heart, but she still doesn’t see the writing on the wall. The human mind grapples with Me and My end-time plan. Physical, emotional, and spiritual exhaustion weigh heavily on the hearts of many of My end-time servants. Do not be saddened or frustrated if this is you. All of My end-time servants will be tested and pushed to their limits, the end of themselves. This is not punishment, but refinement and preparation. Warriors are built up. They were not created as warriors, but created to become warriors. Never become confused over this term, “warriors”, because My warriors war for Me, Yeshua Ha’Mashiach, and no one else. This message is for you, and you will feel a nudge by My Holy Spirit if you’ve been chosen for this time of war. What is coming upon your earth is so far beyond what your minds can conceive. There is no way that it can be completely explained to you. It is My promise that all the words in My word will be fulfilled, and that My children who have received Me into their hearts will be prepared, and protected, and powerful beyond their imaginations. This is a time for My warriors to shine. They will not only shine My love and compassion, they will receive My supernatural power beyond their conception. Human words cannot do justice to what is coming, My children. Suffice to say that you must trust in Me. You must not fear, and you must enter a place of final preparation. I promise that I will never allow you to be faced by powers greater than what I have imparted to you. Be prepared to witness the supernatural. Be prepared to operate in My supernatural. The enemy cannot thwart My outcome. It has been written in My word and was conceived before time began. Remember, fear is not of Me and therefore will not be of you. This is My plan unfolding. It cannot be, and will not be, altered by the enemy and his minions. I will search for even the last lost sheep, and though the enemy will try to lure them into his snare, he will fail. Keep your eyes open, and your heads held high. Be at attention, My warriors. Let nothing on this earth or in this world be a distraction to you, My loves. My power is yours. You will not only survive, but thrive in My promises. I do not come as a Lamb, but as a Lion, and My warriors will be rising up in My power soon to bring in My harvest. I love you, My children. Yeshua Ha’Mashiach

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Leaven or HEAVEN

My daughter, write My words for those with ears to hear. My Children, men attempt to sow seeds of confusion and doubt into My flock. This has been the case for all time. Understand, My Children, you live in a fallen creation. You are sin. Only through receiving My finished work on the cross, can I begin My work in your sanctification. You cannot sanctify yourself. Only with My Holy Spirit on the inside of you can you do anything pleasing to Me, for without My Holy Spirit, you are just simply empty flesh. My works have been laid out for you ahead of time by My Holy Spirit for you to do. You are not the director or facilitator of these works, no, but My Holy Spirit. Many try to confuse My flock by telling them their good works will lead them to salvation. This is a lie from the pit. Sin is within each child of My creations, My Loves. Only through My Holy Spirit am I able to change one’s heart. I do not excuse sin, My Children. You will suffer its consequences, but, do not believe the lies of the enemy when he tells you that your good behavior is your ticket to eternal life. Remember, in your flesh, you are sin. You are to crucify your flesh daily, which simply means, pray for the indwelling of My Holy Spirit. So many teach My Children to focus on their sin. In turn, that takes their eyes off of Me. Can you see this deception, My Children? Focusing on sin means focusing on oneself. It means you’re still in bondage to sin, if that’s what you’re focusing on. If there is sin in your life that you’re struggling with, lay it at My feet daily. I have already won the victory against all sin, so why do so many keep returning their focus to it? Focus on Me, My Children, and by the power of My mighty Holy Spirit I will change the desires of your hearts. Attempting to change in your own power is futile. You cannot change yourselves, My Children, not in any way that is meaningful to Me. Searching your own heart with the standard set forth by man is meaningless. Allow Me to search your heart. Allow Me to make the changes. Open the door of your heart to Me, and I promise I will not leave you where I found you. I promise to sanctify you. I promise to circumcise your heart. I am blind to anything you do through your flesh, My Children. I can only see what you do when you are walking filled with My Holy Spirit. This is why I say to rest in My finished work. My true Gospel of repentance means receiving your need for a Savior. Receive Me and receive salvation. Allow Me to fill you with My Holy Spirit, and the race to the finish begins (sanctification). If you have fallen off of My path, return to Me. The biggest lie of the enemy is that you have in some way the ability to earn salvation. You cannot earn a free gift to be received. This lie feeds on the pride of men and removes My victory from the equation. Understand, My Children, that I require holiness, a holiness that can never be achieved by a flesh body. Only through the workings of My Holy Spirit on the inside of you can you be made holy, not through the actions of your own flesh. Focusing on behavior takes your focus off of Me. When you put your focus on Me, you will be changed from the inside out. Things of this world that once appealed to you will fade away. You will be subject to My heart change. You will see that who you used to be is no longer. This is to encourage you, My Children, for the burden of your heart is heavy if you are carrying it alone. You must not carry a burden at all. My work is perfectly finished. Choose to walk forward in that finished work. Allow your heart to become a perfect vessel for My love. Do not allow the teachings of men to burden you. Receive the freedom that comes with knowing My work is perfect and complete. If you are attempting in your own strength to add to it, you make it worthless and for nothing. Learn the difference between salvation and sanctification. When the enemy is allowed to confuse these in your minds, he’s winning a race that I’ve already won. Do not allow him to confuse you, My Children. If you are feeling a heavy burden, turn to Me. Your willingness to allow Me to work in you and through you is actually My gift to you. Is your pride standing in My way? I love you, My Children. Yeshua Ha’Mashiach

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that where I AM there ye may be also

My daughter, write My words for those with ears to hear. My children, it is beyond important to Me that you understand, know, and experience My love for you. Do not base this on human standards, but My supernatural standards. Be still, My children. Seek Me in My Word and receive the promises that I have for you. Nothing will be perfect in your life right now, for you live among a fallen creation. But knowing in your heart how much you are loved, and understanding what awaits you, should be your number one focus. I do not tell lies, My children. When you read My Word, it tells you that I have gone to prepare a place for you, just like a groom prepares the perfect place in his father’s house for his betrothed. You are betrothed to Me, My Bride, the King of kings and Lord of lords. You are not betrothed to this world or anything that is a part of it. Look at that picture. You are to be the Bride to a Perfect Husband. A Husband that loves you beyond comprehension. One who will not compromise in all that He will do for you for all of eternity. I understand, My loves, your longing and your exhaustion. Please, My children, you must see My big picture and remove your earthly limitations. Take your blinders off and focus on Our future. Pray for the faith to do so. No matter what you face in this realm, it will be nothing in comparison to eternity with Me. You can go work to get all your earthly ducks in a row, but nothing that you accomplish now will matter in My eternal paradise. Please, My loves, remove your focus from the nothingness that occurs around you now and focus on My big picture. Focus on Me. If these things were not true, I would not have shared them in My Word. I have a place waiting for you beyond your comprehension. Soon, no more pain. No more tears. No more frustration. Just love, just peace, just joy. All the things that you come against now, will be forgotten, and you will be wrapped in the loving arms of a Perfect Father. Do not debate My timing with others, My children. Just be still. Remember, My timing is perfect and can be determined by no man. There are wolves among the sheep who try to distract you with false timelines. Beware. Know that if you are solidly focusing on Me, My timing won’t matter as much as experiencing our relationship. I do have watchmen charged with solving parts of My end time puzzle. Yes, this is true, but when you see yourself caring and worrying more about My timing than Me, step back and remember: My timing is perfect, and no human mind can fully comprehend its complexities. Experience My love above and beyond all of the other things. So many are so far off when it comes to guessing My plans and My outcomes. Do not feed the babies slabs of beef, My watchmen. Be very careful in the way that you deliver the pieces of My puzzle. Do not run ahead. Stand tall now, My loves. Keep your hearts focused on your Groom, a Groom that was here before time began, and a Groom that wants nothing more than to be reconciled with His creation. Nothing mankind or this world has to offer can compare in any way to what I have in store for you. I say again, you are unable to comprehend what eternity with Me will entail. Be still. Be patient. Focus on Me. Focus on My promises. Focus on My perfect love. The enemy is relentless with his arrows of hate. He shoots My children unabatingly with poisonous darts; his lies. Do not believe his lies, My children. Refuse to believe his lies. Focus on Me. Focus on My truth. Use your shield of faith to repel his attacks. Walk as one with Me now and watch his arrows fall to the ground. Relish with Me in his defeat. I love you, My children. Yeshua Ha’Mashiach

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