Peace be yours through My Holy Spirit

My daughter, write My words for those with ears to hear.

My children, some have been called into early battle. They are on the front lines of My battle on your earth while others still remain in my rest, for their time has not yet come.

It is a time that many more of My creation will come to know me. While some perceive time is passing slowly, I tell you, My children, a day is but 1,000 years, and though upon your earth, you are subject to time, time is not accounted for in My heavenlies.

Those that I have called to battle have lifted My cross and do battle with swords. They have donned My armor and have gladly marched ahead, receiving and executing the plans I have laid out before them.

Be not dismayed if you remain still in waiting, for not all of My children have been called into action, and some are to remain in My rest building up their strength within Me.

Do not compare yourselves with your brethren, My loves, for while some rest, build and rebuild, others are working. But I assure you that if you are listening to My Holy Spirit, you are where I want you to be.

If you are being called to be still in Me, be still. If you are being called into action, listen carefully for My instruction. In either case, running ahead will set you back. Remember, there are different parts of My body with different purposes and callings.
Hearing My voice is the most important thing. For when you hear Me, all that you do works in conjunction, working towards My ultimate purpose.

If you are one with Me, it doesn’t matter what outside entanglements you face in the earthly realm. Remain in the palm of My hand. Your strength is drawn from Me. Your patience is drawn from Me. Your peace that passes all understanding is drawn from Me.

I can assure all of My children that what you have in mind as far as what I want you to be doing is far from the truth if you are not relying directly upon My Holy Spirit for guidance.

Sometimes it may seem that I am calling upon you to do nothing. This makes some of you nervous, as you feel that you are not doing enough. Don’t be confused, My children. I am calling you into fellowship with Me. Be still in prayer and in My word.
These are ingredients to build a mighty soldier, for without Me you are weak, and with Me, you are strong.

Strive to gain knowledge and with it will come My wisdom. You can not be a doer of My word if you never read or hear My word. Some need to spend less time trying to predict My future and more time aiming at living in Me from day to day.

There’s a time of great miracles upon you. A great wave of My Holy Spirit will fall across your earth. This is My promise to all that know Me.

The events to come upon your earth will be overwhelming for many, but My children who have remained faithful and trusting will be spared. They will be spared the fear and confusion that so many will face.

There’s coming a time that many more of My own will be called upon and called into action, but until that time, be still and be at peace.
By learning and praying for My wisdom, remain faithful and you will reside under My wing. I am the Most High, and I will let no harm come to those that reside in Me. Set your hearts free from the troubles of the day, and you will see the overwhelming peace that I cover you with. No worries, no concerns, just faith. This is where I want you.

Pray for those that are living in fear, afraid of what this world can do to them. For they know not their Creator. They will be blindsided by My hand when I strike the evil down and lift My children above the fray.

Don your armor now, My children.

I love you.

Yeshua Ha’Mashiach

And peace be yours through My Ruach Ha’Kodesh.

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Prepare HIS Way!

My daughter, write My Words for those with ears to hear.

My children, uprisings are coming; uprisings among evil men, because suddenly their evil games are being exposed, and their true identities are coming to light. Hundreds of thousands, even millions, of My creation are now waking up and seeing with their own eyes the dark ways of the enemy. Think of all of the things the enemy hates, and before your very eyes, you are seeing them attacked. The values I placed in the hearts of My children are being trampled, and many fall victim to the subtle, and some not so subtle, gestures of the enemy to remove Me from every facet of life in your once great nation and upon your entire earth.

The masses believe what your media and most leaders broadcast to them. They believe the lies of the enemy and walk directly into his traps. Many of these are not evil in heart, but just as Eve, they are being beguiled. The enemy projects a curse upon the lands, and the cure is far worse than the curse itself. The masses long for normalcy, yet what was perceived as normal will not ever be returning upon your earth.

Many rush to be injected with the perceived cure, and in doing so, subject themselves to more curses. They walk right into the enemy’s trap ignorantly and willingly. For these there will still be time to achieve wholeness for those that seek Me out, but there are worse curses and worse cures coming for many. And in the future, there will be no escape.

The enemy is now testing the waters to see how many of My children remain ignorant to his ways. The faithless put their faith in man. They believe that the potions of poisons created by evil men will heal them and keep them well. Nothing could be further from the truth. There is a time coming where the enemy’s schemes will be revealed, and many will see firsthand that his hands were all over this deception.

My hand will be instrumental in shining light into the darkness that engulfs your earth throughout the nations. I allow for his schemes, My loves, for sometimes My creation needs to be shown. Though they may hear warnings spoken, some must experience the consequences within their own lives in order to believe.

My creation asks, why do I allow such things, and My answer is quite simple. I allow these things to befall My creation in order that they see; they see the need for My intervention. For those that remained ignorant before, many will now come to recognize the need for My intervention, and many will see that it could only be Me when I step in. They will see that it will be My hand reaching out to save them.

Every eye upon your earth will be afforded the opportunity to see My majesty and make the choice of whom they will follow. Many will see that the normal that they long to return to was laden with evil, and they will have no desire left to return there. Each of My creation will be forced to choose between the enemy’s normal or an eternal future with their Creator.

Uprisings in and upon your earth; these things set in place, they cannot be stopped or altered. My children must rest in Me, stand firm in their faith, and allow My hand to open many eyes.

I love you, My children.

Yeshua HaMashiach

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My daughter, write My words for those with ears to hear.

My children, to whom do you lend an ear? I have spoken to this messenger in the past about a charade. Do you believe the charade carrying on before you? Do you watch the actions through to the cut? Who is really the director of all that you see playing out before you?

Remember, My children, I allow the enemy to construct his own noose. Watch and you’ll see his minions fall into their own trap. They have dug their very own pit and not one will be allowed escape.

The dirge of your nation will morph into a joyful song at the sight of these evil minions of the enemy being subjected to the justice they deserve.

So many have lost their faith or even oppose the justice that is coming. Many have lost their way and revel in the words of the prophets of doom. They see only through eyes half open, because they simply see the plan of the enemy, discounting My hand.

Weakened hearts walking away in defeat in giving over to the lies of the enemy, these feed on the truth of the world, avoiding My truth, because they have no faith in Me. Weak. Weak because they only believe what they see with their eyes, and they do not see beyond this. Many with religious spirits speak out to destroy the faith of My saints. They preach My defeat without one clue as to how My outcome will actually be achieved.

Men’s hearts will be broken when they are subject to the truth of the evil abominations that have abounded amongst the heathen. My cheek no longer turned, My eyes focused upon them and My fist ready to shatter them. This is My time to expose their wickedness and their deception. Though their punishments may appear to be carried out by men, it is My hand of justice being smacked down upon them. My children must witness My justice on display so that the faithless will regain their faith and that the blind will have their blinders removed.

A religious spirit covers your land, a spirit of deceit and a spirit of lack, as a large part of My church has been sold out to the lies of the enemy and walk in his defeat instead of My victory. Turn your ears away from the words of the weak-minded, for they will direct you down the wrong path into unbelief and defeat.

All in My due time, My children, I will tear through the veil of darkness placed upon this nation and your world to reveal the face of the enemy and his evil army. There will be a season in which My faithful will reign, giving each man My truth. My own will walk in My anointing, bringing My healing, joy, truth and love to the forgotten masses.

The light of My glory will shine upon your earth and in time for My final harvest, a multitude will turn towards their creator, blind no more. New believers will now rise up in My power. They will stand strong, and they will carry My banner. They will broadcast My truth among the nations.

For a season, My soldiers will take control of the battle for souls upon your earth so that in the time of My great harvest all will have witnessed with their own eyes My majesty. There will not be one left clueless to My identity as the Most High God. My hand will be visible in what you see come to pass.

Open your eyes to see now. I love you, My children.

Elohim Adonai

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Faith in Me Must Reign

My doubter, write My words. My children, what you will see with your eyes in the physical is not always what it appears. It is a time now, My children, where faith in Me must reign, Remember, My children, the enemy seeks to cast doubt and his shadow upon you, His lies and deceptions are easily discounted when My children utilize the spiritual armor I provide. So many of My prophets and messengers put out the enemy’s plan as if there will be nothing to counter it. This is simply not true, My children. Yes, I do allow for certain elements of his plan to come forth, but only for reasons of exposure, and only when the good that will come from these plans in the long run outweighs the acute consequences. The hearts of My creation, the hearts of My children turning to their creator, is the matter at hand. I see many turning tail and running from the enemy. They simply give up without a fight. Many of My children think My ability to act in situations upon your earth is non-existent. They fail to believe in the power of prayer. They believe faith equals fantasy, and in their hearts and minds, they simply succumb to the darkness. They fail to nurture their faith, giving up and walk away. They focus only on the plans of the enemy and expect him to succeed. They toss whatever faith they had in My plans aside. If you believe in your heart that I am powerless and that your prayers are worthless, this may be a time for you to re-evaluate your relationship with Me. My majesty will be reflected in every outcome as long as My faithful are remaining in prayer and remaining in My peace. Sadly there are many who choose to settle for the outcomes that the enemy has provided for and simply surrender to it. I call My true warriors now to rise up in prayer against all that the enemy is attempting to instigate in your earth. The prayers of the righteous will not go unanswered, and I will not withhold My peace from those who diligently seek it, nor will I withhold wisdom or knowledge. My death and resurrection to the kingdom of My Father is a picture of the victory that all of My children in every nation across your earth have available to them, yet so many remain faithless. They search for their strength in body and mind, but fail to seek the strength of My Holy Spirit. Hearts that shut out My Holy Spirit will lack faith and will even fail to have faith, even the size of a mustard seed. Remember, the demons in satan’s army can only work in unison for a very short time before they begin to devour one one another. I promise you the time is coming where you will begin to see fractures within their systems of power. Legion will rise against legion, and you will begin to see a dismantling of certain factions. I speak in broad terms, but if you continue to observe the goings on in your governments and in the enemy’s various organized groups, you will begin to see a shift, a breaking apart of those who are once aligned and working together, a divide that cannot be traversed, an irreparable fracture. Be patient and watch the enemy’s plan be dissolved, and rest in My peace and protection. Much of the damage that will occur to the enemy’s plans will be self-inflicted, as he does not survive unless he eats his own. Watch and wait for his minions to turn upon one another and destroy themselves. Much of this will occur due to the prayers of My righteous. Their prayers will be greatly rewarded. This will also be a season in which many hearts of stone will start to experience a softening, and many of My children that have yet to know Me will receive the truth of their creator and My perfect plan of redemption. These are the words I choose to speak through the vessel of My choosing. Sometimes, I may even use the heart of a doubter as My messenger. I love you all, My children, and I will lead you if you will follow. Yeshua Ha’Mashiach

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A Season of Revelation

My daughter, write My words for those with ears to hear.

My children, a warning for those throughout your earth: The people, My creation in many nations, are about to be given a new dose of hope; a new level of freedom that up until this time has been maliciously hidden from them by the enemy, new hope for My creation; a hope that has been existent all along but was not recognized by many, for it was hidden, stolen or destroyed by the enemy. Many of the rulers of the earth, their governments and powerful evil bloodlines have aligned under satan for generations to slowly and methodically execute his plan to bring about his satanic utopia. Satan has infiltrated every institution and system upon your earth: religions, governments, banking, medicine, education, energy, media, entertainment and more. He has succeeded at making money the idol of the ages. He has successfully infiltrated and tainted every aspect of the lives of My creation all across your earth.

Many good gifts that were slated for My children to receive have been camouflaged and withheld from My creation, for his evil plan only aims to hold you hostage as slaves to poverty, sickness and perversion. He attempts from every angle to kill, steal and destroy and will stop at nothing in order to achieve his goals. He requires sacrifice and worship from all of the souls he has command over and, since the beginning, he has demanded the abuse and slaughter of the innocent. Countless numbers of My children’s lives have been stolen in sacrifice to him. His tentacles are vast and infiltrate all you see, eat and breathe. He has poisoned your air, food and water. He has insured the suffering of My creation in every way, poisoning the hearts, bodies, and especially the minds of My children against their Creator and against one another. All things I have established to bring joy to My children have been infiltrated and tainted by him. He has had great success in destroying and making a mockery of My biblical institutions; biblical marriage and traditional family, with his abominations.

His demon soldiers roam the earth looking for whom they may devour. They attempt to trick, manipulate and cajole My children into participating in his murderous plan. He seeks whom he may devour, and many of My creation have fallen into his clutches; many lives cut short in sacrifice to him, with the abominations against My little ones continually carried out, while My creation remains deceived. The pain that will soon come to My creation when his evils are exposed will be overwhelming. His infiltrations into My creation will finally be shown. His abominations and the evil minions that have been carrying them out will be put on exhibition for every eye to see. My children will be allowed to see that not one sliver of their existence has been spared from his evil insidious infiltration. His never ending attempts to destroy My creation and all that is in it will now be supernaturally brought into My light, and My creation will be made aware that there is no line he will not cross in order to attain your complete destruction.

Invaders have infiltrated and been appointed as kings and rulers and have instigated and carried out his plans against My creation since the beginning. All generations upon this earth have been affected, and all of My creation will now be made aware of the depths of his evil. Many, even after seeing this, will choose to continue chasing after the lusts of this world and walk away from their Creator. The enemy must broadcast his intentions and plans before he executes them, and still much of My creation has remained blind and has yet to recognize his evils. My own and My armies will now be equipped to show the multitudes in My creation My truth. For a season in time, My own will be placed on equal footing to bring My creation the opportunity to see My face, see Who I am, and to discover and receive the gift of My eternal salvation. There will be coming a period of great uncertainty, My children. You must keep your eyes focused upon Me, and look neither to the left or to the right. I will remove the cloak of blindness that obscures the eyes of My creation for a time.

A season of revelation for My creation is beginning. The darkness of the enemy will be infiltrated by My light, and during this time, My own will receive the earthly inheritance that has been stolen from them. Hold fast to Me now, My children. Remain faithful. Do not allow fear to creep in and spoil this time. Some of what your eyes will see is not a reflection of My truth. I have already won victory over satan at Calvary. My blood was shed upon the cross so that My plan of eternal salvation could be offered to My creation for those who will receive Me. Victory is already Mine and is also yours, if you choose Me. I will now show all of My children what it means to walk in My victory, and the enemy will be put back on his heels.

I love you, My creation!

Yeshua Ha’Mashiach

Remember My Promises

My daughter, write My words for those with ears to hear. My children, many of you listen to many different voices theorizing over what is to come.

Be not anxious, My loves, for all that will occur must be allowed by Me and for the time being remain a mystery. Do you have faith to allow My plan to unfold in My timing without becoming anxious or fearful? Are you remembering My promises, My children? Are you remaining in My peace? I promise you that whatever unfolds, whether part of My plan or the enemy’s plan, I will never leave or forsake My own. Remember, My children, I will never set out to deceive My children, but Deceiver is the enemy’s first, middle and last name.

Glimmers of hope that some have that a man alone can save your nation, let alone the world, appear to those without Me as their compass, for anything “positive” that occurs can only come from My hand. I have put in place My army, both within the heavens and upon your earth, My heavenly angels. They are involved in a monumental battle with darkness this day. My children, understand that this battle has already been won. My death upon the cross cut the head off of the serpent, yet the body of the serpent remains slithering about. Soon, My children, his body will be sliced into chunks and his earthly kingdom torn down to its foundation. The only thing left, his seed, from which he will attempt to grow his kingdom once again.

Many of My children believe they understand and can predict My timing. They believe that the end of life as they know it on this earth is imminent. Many of My children long for My return that I might gather them to Myself. I feel their longing, but I wish for these to understand, this is a battle for My entire creation. My love for My children that already know Me is incomprehensible, but how many souls of My creation would be lost if I were to return to you today? More than I can bear, My children. The souls of the lost, if thrust into darkness, will never experience a single moment in My Kingdom. These will face eternal damnation. Eternity means forever, My children. It says in My word that I will search for the last lost sheep. I wish for My children to extend mercy to those that remain lost for a time. My children understand that this earth exists in a fallen state and is not their eternal home, yet they wish away the moments instead of doing battle for the many lost hearts in My creation. Many wish for a rescue that is not yet meant to be.

I will be putting forth yet another Army, My loves. An army of dedicated believers that will spread My pure and simple gospel turning many, many more to their eternal Creator. There is a time coming upon your earth where the story of the enemy and his plans will be exposed to many. Many of his minions will be placed in chains that bind them. Do not be disappointed that My return is not yet upon you, but mount up as a soldier to spread My gospel of truth. This world has been under the dark cloud of evil, which casts many of My creation into a state of blindness. This is the time I will allow for My light to shine throughout your earth through My chosen, so that those who have yet to know who I am are shown they have a choice to make. They can remain under the spell of darkness cast upon your earth by the enemy, or they can enter into the expanse of My light. Many more will choose Me during this time, My children. I have many seeds sown that have yet to take root. For My own, cling tightly to Me now. Allow My Holy Spirit to guide you and bring you My peace that passes all your understanding. My heart hurts for those that long for My return in this time, but My heart breaks over those that do not yet know Who I am. I have given the enemy his rule from Adam’s fall in the garden. He has been the ruler of the air for this time. Coming is a time where My light rises against him. My love for My creation will shine brightly for a time and all that has been known and unknown to this point in time will be exposed in the light of My truth. Coming is a Jubilee for My own but a Holocaust for those that will reject Me.

I love you, My children.

Yeshua Ha’Mashiach

Watch My Plan Unfold

My Daughter, write to those with ears to hear and to those with hearts that have been prepared to understand things about to come.

I have prepared the hearts and minds of those who have sought this preparation and, though many have grown weary in the battles through out their preparations, they have come through with flying colors. My warriors now don My heavenly garments and are prepared in both the physical and spiritual realms to march forward in contention for many hearts. There will no longer be the disappointments of the past, for now many more ears will be opened to receive the testimony of My perfect sacrifice on the cross for the salvation of My creation. Each living being has already faced, or is in the midst of facing, the circumstances I have ordained to ready their hearts to be part of My great battle, or to be on the receiving end of the wonderful testimony of My saints. There are great changes coming in the physical space and time upon your earth, My children, as a transition will now begin to occur; a transition into a place that will ready My creation for its final reconciliation to its Creator. Hearts that have been lead astray will now be returning home. Blind eyes that have been focused on the deceptions of the ruler of the air will now be opened to his everlasting and devastating schemes to destroy My creation. It will be a glorious time when My mercy will stretch far and wide to rescue as many of My creation as will receive My truth. The enemy will hit My creation with every weapon he can wield, but My earthly and Heavenly soldiers stand prepared with My impenetrable armor. You will begin to witness things in the physical and spiritual that will shock you to your core, but in the same instant you experience the feeling of shock, you will also experience the awe of My majesty. I AM sovereign.

I will allow, and I will disallow, everything that is to come to achieve My perfect plan. I instruct you now, My children, watch My plan unfold with complete confidence, filled with My perfect peace and Holy Spirit guided understanding. I know the number of hairs upon your head, My children, and will allow no harm upon you. Your faith will be supernaturally increased to align with whatever you are to face. The evil one believes he wins, but My truth always prevails in the end. The events that occur will leave no explanation to the human understanding, yet the evil one will propagate even more lies in formulating answers that can somehow be manifested as naturally occurring. My own will know beyond a shadow of a doubt that My hand is responsible and the explanations put forth will eventually be exposed for My creation to see. The exposures to come will allow many more to turn their faces towards Me. Many will come to realize this is not their home and long to experience My perfect and heavenly plan. Hold fast to Me now, My children. Allow only My peace to be in the forefront of your minds. The verdict over the enemy has always been guilty. Execution of judgment is coming upon those that belong to him in the physical, as My own are the executioners. Remain in My perfect peace.

I love you, My children.

Yeshua Ha’Mashiach

Walk in Perfect Faith

My daughter, write My Words for those with ears to hear.

I take great delight when My children walk in perfect faith in Me. No matter what they see occurring in the world around them, their peace passes their human understanding. The troubles of this life are of little effect. These focus not upon the darkness of this world, but they focus on Me, waking up every day with hope in their hearts and a knowledge that My promises of peace, safety and restoration are certain. These special few experience zero fear in their conscious thought because they are 100% grounded in My promises to them. Their hearts are surrendered to My perfect outcomes and are not swayed by the words of men; perfectly reliant on Me as their Covering, with complete understanding that their eternity is secured and destinies certain in My perfect plan of salvation. These children of Mine have turned away from anything this world or the enemy has to offer, hearts surrendered to their Savior.

Hearts that have been delivered out of the world into this level of certainty in Me are the hearts that I will use in these last days to help bring in My harvests. This time has been predestined since the beginning, and these know that they are right where they are supposed to be. These children of Mine will find themselves as soldiers in My end time army. They will carry out My orders to share My plan of salvation to My broken and fearful creation. I have great and wonderful plans for those that walk in this level of trust.

Some have waited many years to be used and are growing weary in your waiting, while others are just coming into understanding that you will play an integral part in My plan. My soldiers will draw from Me confidence and bravery. I am and will continue to be your peace and strength through all that you will face. You are a celebrated battalion of My fiercest warriors. You know who you are because you never forget to don My armor. As time passes there will be no surviving without it.

I love you, My children.

Yeshua Ha’Mashiach

Draw Near to Me

MY daughter, write My words for those with ears to hear.

My daughter, and all who read these words, My prayer for you is that you hear these words with your hearts. The thoughts produced by the minds of men, even if filled with good intention, are only as good as the heart of the man who thinks them. If a man walks in the flesh, he can have no good thought, for My standard is perfect holiness. Apart from My Holy Spirit every man is corrupt. Apart from My Holy Spirit every single one of his thoughts, his every action/deed is carnal. With the gift of My Holy Spirit comes a man’s ability to walk in My perfect holiness, not a holiness conceived by men, but a perfect holiness in which he is all consumed by My Holy Spirit. My will for every single child of Mine is to receive the indwelling of My Holy Spirit to overflowing minute by minute, allowing HIM to push aside carnality, allowing Him to work within and through you.

It is the responsibility of My children to not only allow this indwelling but to pursue it by pursuing Me daily, minute by minute, the allowance of My Holy Spirit to act within your heart. By pursuing the things of this world, you block My Holy Spirit and stifle HIS ability to act within and through you. Every action has a reaction. If your action is to pursue the ways of this world this is not My will for you. By pursuing Me and allowing your self-will to be crushed, you will be setting yourself up to walk in My perfect will for you. By walking in My will, you are automatically walking in My perfect holiness. It is not My wish that any one of My children would try to navigate this world on their own. Many try and, in doing so, hit road block after road block and curse after curse. Walking alone leads My children down the dark path of destruction. Walking filled with My Holy Spirit allows My light to fall at your feet so every step is taken in perfect confidence that My will is being carried out. Every child of Mine is on his or her individual journey, yet My will for all My children is the same.

I long for a personal relationship filled with My supernatural peace. Simply asking Me to come into your heart but doing nothing to pursue Me is not what I want for or from My children. Our relationship is reciprocal in that I give but you must be open to receive. I cannot give anything to a child that chases after the things of this world and does not chase after Me. My Voice comes to men in a whisper and only when a man is able to lay the cares of this world at My feet is he able to hear Me. The enemy has worked hard to create many distractions in the lives of My children. Remember, every action has a reaction. Pursuing Me by spending time in My word, praying and hearing My still small Voice should be the one and only goal of all of My creation. Doing this will keep you walking in My will and the corresponding reaction will always be from a place of My love for you. Your path will be guided by My brightest light. Your walk will be free from the snares of the enemy, which can only pop up when you walk in the darkness. Draw near to Me and it is My promise that I will draw near to you. (James 4:8)

I will bring to you the desires of your heart, for I am the One who placed them there. My Holy Spirit is the key, My children. Without the Holy Spirit’s indwelling, I cannot be heard. Pursue Me now, that I may pursue you.

I love you, My children.

Yeshua Ha’Mashiach

When in Doubt – Look up!

My daughter, write My words for those with ears to hear. My children, though it may appear bleak in this time, plagues, upheaval in your government, violence and destruction in your streets, I have your nation and the world in the palm of My hand. I do allow things to occur, My children, for, when the enemy is allowed enough rope he, eventually hangs himself. I do not take the suffering of My children lightly, and you must stay under My wing of protection now. Allow nothing to pull you away from Me. Our time together is crucial. You exist in a fallen creation, My children, and I do and will allow certain plans of the enemy to be carried out, for I know the end game. In the end, his evil will be front and center, and even the most hardened hearts will begin to recognize his ploys. When certain things are revealed, My greatest critics will have a newfound sense of the evil he has perpetrated against your nation and the world for centuries. The pattern is repeating, and history repeats itself, because he has always had his hand in the destruction of nations’ governments and My children. People will awaken when they learn the truth regarding his evil schemes and thwarted plans. Your nation and all the world has been living under his dark cloud since the beginning, and now is the time where I will allow him to take a few steps too far in order that he hangs himself. Many lost souls will begin to recognize his evil and will turn to the one living God. His charade is close to being exposed, but My children need to remain patient and at peace, for things will work together for your good. As I said in My last words to this scribe and to many other messengers, I have ordered this time for the exposure of earthly rulers that attempt to execute the enemy’s grand plan against My humanity. There are many things he has orchestrated over many years that will now come into My light. Many hearts that were impervious to My light will now be made to see his schemes on full display, hardened hearts softened, for they will be seeing firsthand the evil that has been perpetrated by the enemy and his minions. Some very wealthy and famous people that have aided his schemes will be exposed. Jaws will drop when certain figures are brought to light in this nation and around the world. This dark cloud of the enemy is soon to be penetrated, My loves, by the Son. So much has been buried and hidden by the powers that be. Much of this will be shown in My true light for the first time in history. You will easily see how almost every source of media has been being used to cover up the truth on every level. Even some man-made money-hungry churches that have existed just to steal from My children are now to be exposed and destroyed along with their respected leaders. What I have ordained cannot be altered, and what I will expose can no longer be kept in darkness. The power structures in governments, media, financial institutions, and more are about to crumble. Those holding back the good gifts and discoveries of things, from medical breakthroughs to free energy, are about to be exposed and destroyed. The enemy has worked against My creation since the beginning to keep My children from expanding their knowledge on every front. When My truth is shown it will bear witness to the evil that has been perpetrated against My creation from the beginning. If any of My children have truly been pressing into Me, you have surely been under attack. March forth in My truth, My children. Do not give up. I have many soldiers on the front lines doing battle against the enemy. They fight from the standpoint of victory, as My victory has already been won at the cross of Calvary. Continue to seek Me, abide in Me and go forward with confidence that what I establish cannot be broken. My edict is final, and in no way can it be manipulated. What you see will be difficult to fathom, but it is a culmination of My plan which has been playing out since the beginning. I am in your midst, My children. Do not let your heart be troubled. Some very evil giants are about to fall. I love you, My children. Yeshua Ha’Mashiach

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