A Love Letter from Jesus

(This is a personal message that was given to Barbra just prior to Easter several years ago.)

My daughter, I have worked your entire life without you even knowing to prepare you for the coming events. You might not feel prepared, but when the time comes, you will be. For now, hold on to your horses. (Barbra own horses.) You see? I do have a sense of humor. You must keep receiving from Me and passing Me along to everyone I bring you in relationship with. I know your fear of man, My love, and I purposely created you this way, and someday you will be shown why, for what seems a weakness now, will serve My purpose in a way that you cannot see right now. Every detail of your life is serving to prepare you, My love, for what will be required of you in this time that you’ve been placed in. Do not forget that. My love for you is perfect, and you must remember that as well. Keep your focus on Me, and I will help you to continue to grow. You don’t always hear from Me the way that you would want to, but that is purposeful as well. When true reality floods your mind, you will look back and understand the whys of all of your failures. You will understand the complete purpose of Me putting you here and now, and your life will make perfect sense to you. Your heart has already risen from the ashes, My daughter, and though it has physical and emotional scars (because Barbra has endured two heart surgeries), you will see the perfection of My whole plan for you. You don’t realize it, but people do see My light through you. I know that you always feel slightly awkward and different, but this is not your home. I’ve given you exactly what I could for you to remain growing. I’ve put you always where I wanted you for you to be learning and preparing for your jobs to come. You will be amazed when you look back and see how I turned all of your bad into My good. Keep marching forward now, My daughter. Continue to prepare for battle. Keep your armor on and your heart prepared for anything, for as darkness falls, your light will continue to shine. You still have growing to do, My love, and I will tend to you with My “Son” light. My child, I love you with My most powerful and perfect love. I have the most perfect plans for you. My daughter, continue in your patience. You will not always be disappointed, My love, but when Easter comes and goes uneventful, I know there will be a little disappointment in your heart. I see you longing to come home to Me, for I am your true love. I see your heart, My daughter, no matter what your failures. I see your heart. You are charged now with spreading My love, My child. I weave intricate plans into your relationships that you can’t see now, but My plans will bear great fruit. I’ve worked in you, My daughter, to increase your love and patience and kindness, and to remove some of your selfish tendencies. Think of who you’ve become. I am a Father very proud of My child as I have worked these changes as you have allowed. I need willing vessels, My love, and you allowing for Me to change you from the inside out has been the key. You asked Me to be a warrior for Me, and though you feel weak and unprepared, that is what I will make you. All things in your life have a purpose, My child, all things.

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Continue Ye in My Love

My daughter, write My works for ears that will hear, for eyes that will see and for hearts that will receive. Many of My children, including My daughter who is this scribe, believe that they have insight into My timing. Remember My loves, to Me, one day is as a thousand years. I am not subject to earthly time. I can see My children growing weary, some even walking away in defeat. The ruler of the air plots and schemes and carries out his plans against My creation. Those that abide in Me continue on in peace and safety, for they know that I am their cover and protection. Some get antsy because they seem to be in a perpetual holding pattern. Some of My children do not wish to hear that seasons must still come to pass before the reconciliation of My creation to Myself takes place. Stand firm in Me while you await, My loves. Walk filled with expectations of good things. Walk knowing you are protected from all things. The enemy sows in your earthly realm. He can try to distract you. He can try to take you down. He can try to remove your faith, but because you are in Me and I in you, none of his actions against you will have effect. You walk protected, My loves, tucked safely beneath My wing. Watch what I will do now, My loves. No matter what I allow, no matter what you see, even when events strike close to home, do not be afraid. Allow these things to come to pass with the knowledge that, for anything to occur, I must be allowing it. Life your lives to the fullest now. This is not a time to live in a bubble. Let your faith in Me be a visible shield for all to see. Exhibit no fear, for you are a child of the Most High. Receive My benefits that I offer you, My children. Much change in the landscape comes in and throughout your once great nation. Your nation is approaching a turning point. Eyes are being opened. Hearts are being softened. The realization is come upon mankind that they have been living under satan’s rule and they have fully bought into his system. Even when unbelievers come to this realization, it will become spiritual in nature. They will begin to see that they are created beings and that their Creator has orchestrated all of what is occurring. Things that are coming forth will be a shock to the minds of men on a level never previously experienced, exposure of the enemy and of what he has been plaguing My creation with since the beginning. The enemy consumes whom he may, and many have been operating under his complete control, many without even knowing it. The corruption runs so deep and reaches across so many facets of daily life upon your earth that it will be astounding to even those that know Me. These times will be filled with trails, My loves, but all that is coming is necessary, for when My harvest does take place, there will be not one uncertain of exactly which path they chose to follow. No longer will minds be kept in the dark, as the enemy’s charades will be completely exposed. Be there for those that need to understand who I am. I will give you the words to speak and put in front of you all who need to hear them. The things that are coming are in order to increase My harvest, My children, and it is the last stand between good and evil. It is the battle for hearts and minds of My very creation in which I wish none to remain blind to who I am. Just when you think that you have seen all that you can handle, more revelations will be thrust into the open, so shocking to even My own, that I will become the only answer. For all will know that My hand is involved in these exposures. This cannot be described as a revival, as some might classify it. A revival means that people are reawakening. This is more of an arrival, where many will discover their Creator for the first time. Hearts all across your world will now be faced with a clear choice. The events of this age are unlike any other, yet I am the same yesterday, today and forever. Watch My hand in all of this, to come first in earthly justice and then in eternal justice. I will capture the hearts of My creation away from the enemy, and all of My own will play a role. You should be excited and not fearful. You should be excitedly anticipating all that is to come. Some that have been left in a holding pattern will now be called upon to walk forth with Me into battle, all parts of My body joining together as My perfect weapon of war. The battle is ahead, but the war already won. I have shared with this messenger before that this will be a long labor. For those that seek Me continuously, waiting becomes a blessing, for they see that so many more need to know who I am. How many more will I lose to the enemy if only his plan was allowed to fruition? My own know that I keep them in rest. My own know that in battle there is rest. They know My outcomes are perfection, and they are patient in their waiting. I love you, My children. Yeshua Ha’Mashiach.

(John 16:33) “These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation, but be of good cheer. I have overcome the world.”

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Plant the seeds & have faith

My daughter, write my words for those with ears to hear. My children, do not become discouraged if your prayers for other’s salvation are seemingly not being answered. Your only job is to plant the seed. You must leave the rest to Me. Each seed tells a different story. One may sprout many sturdy roots and break through the soil as a strong and healthy plant. Other seeds may blow in the wind for a time, eventually landing in the perfect fertile soil. There, they will begin their growth cycle. Other seeds are planted, but they remain dormant for years until hot fire releases them, and they are birthed anew, popping up through the black ashes. You, My children, can not decide for others what kind of plant they will become or how long it will take for the planted seed to spring forth. You can only do your best to plant the seed and trust, trust that no matter what process the seed must endure, that I will watch over the seed and won’t walk away and leave it unattended. I am the ultimate gardener over every seed you plant, and if they need to be blown about for a time before they take root, this I will allow. If they need to be subject to extremely high temperatures, the fire, I will allow the fire. The seeds you plant are in My care. Rest in that, My children. I Love you. Yeshua Ha’Mashiach

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My daughter, write My words for those with ears to hear. My children, please lay your worries and concerns at My feet. Give Me all of it, everything. Do you understand, My children. Worry is disobedience. Concern, and having your eyes open, are not the same as worry. Worry is fear, and fear is not of Me. Put on My armor, My loves. You will experience My benefits. The arrows that fly at you in the form of the enemy’s lies cannot penetrate My armor. Malaise, battle fatigue, even losing the will to move forward, are all things I see My army facing, My loves. Press in. Press into Me. I will bring you through this. I will fortify you for battle. Remember, you are already seated with Me in high places, correct? The victory has already been won. You must remember these things soldiers, for you do not enter into battle empty-handed and without a strategy. You need weapons and a plan. Your strength comes from Me, My loves. I supply you with My armor and the plan. My plan for battle can be found in My word. Some of you struggle staying in My word consistently. I will answer your prayers, as I am your helper. My word is My promise. It is all of My promises to you. When you know in your heart all that I have for you both today and in your future, your malaise, your fatigue, the enemy’s lies, none of these will have effect. Knowing that you cannot rely on your own strength or your own righteousness is the first step. You cannot do battle for Me, My loves. You must do battle filled with Me. Arise and shine, My loves, for the intensity of this battle is increasing even further. I am your armor bearer, and I am your rear guard. I go before you in every fight, and I will never leave or forsake you. Trust My perfect plan, My loves, Do not throw down your weapons and retreat, but instead, receive the energy and courage you need to continue to march forward from I Am. The storms, both physical and spiritual, are growing in size and strength, but I promise you My loves, so is the bravery and strength and size of My army. I know your future, My loves, and My plans for you are good. Though the battles may take their toll on you, you wake up every morning with a father that loves you and supplies your every need. I do not send you into war as naked soldiers. armor is supplied. Pick it up,= and put it on, and know that it is impenetrable. Put your confidence in Me. I know the thoughts that I think towards, you thoughts of peace not evil, to give you a future and hope. Press into Me, and I will bring you peace. Press into Me and find your rest. Do not give up. Do not give in. Do not retreat, for I will part seas before you. I will move mountains from your path, and I will establish your victory right before your eyes. I love you, My children. Yeshua Ha’Mashiach

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Faith Critical

My daughter, write My words for those with ears to hear. My children, today is unlike any other day. Today can be the day that you start anew, a fresh anointing, a fresh awakening, bringing you into My perfect love, peace, and joy. Today is a day that you can draw from My strength. The only thing that prevents you from receiving these things from Me is belief in the lies of the enemy. He will tell you that I am a God of vengeance. Do I seek vengeance over My own? He will say that I do not hear or answer prayers. These are lies. His goal is to bind you in fear and prevent My power from working in and through you. I say, “Have no fear”, My loves, for it is by My strength that you will conquer every giant. Though he may mount up an angry army of his minions against My body, you have already won the victory, My loves. It is his lies that convince you otherwise. This is where your faith is needed, My loves, for just because you can’t see the victory does not mean that it has not already been won. Have faith, My children, that if your heart belongs to Me and you are walking in Me, all things in your life and the promotion of My Kingdom, will work together for good. Do not become impatient, My children, for My timing is not your timing. If you are impatient you are impotent. You need to have faith in Me, My loves, for the faith the size of a mustard seed can move a mountain. You are not beholden to the ways of this world, My children. You cannot allow the ways of this world to mold and shape you. If you subject yourself to this world, you will be bombarded with his lies. You cannot accept defeat when the problems of this world seem insurmountable. The realities you see with your eyes are only as real as you allow them to be in your heart, and if you believe you have been defeated, you are not walking in faith. I have been calling forth My warriors for many years, and I have an entire army of faithful soldiers that I have prepared to march forward in My strength. My hand is upon these, and no matter what comes against them, they will not surrender. These have come to know that My plans cannot be defeated and that even though they may appear rag-tag and defeated, they will not stop marching forward. My power resides in their hearts, and nothing will stop them from carrying out My victory. My army knows in their hearts it’s already been won. These wear My armor, and to them “defeat” is not even a word in their vocabulary. No matter how bad things may appear, their hearts are set upon My victory. They know the only direction is forward. I invite all that know me to become part of this army. It is never too late to join My ranks. My victory on the cross of Calvary justifies, vindicates, and is indisputable. My children have inherited by their birthright not only a place in My glorious Kingdom, but righteous standing upon your earth yesterday, today and forever. Complete faith in My victory is required for all My soldiers, for the battles the enemy places before My own are meant to weaken and remove faith in Me. He wishes to trample upon the hearts of My end time remnant, and his only weapons are lies to induce fear. Resist his lies, My children. He wishes to cause dissension among My ranks and wishes to divide My people. He facilitates, promotes, and brings forth many liars and many lies. My children, your discernment is required. If you believe that I cannot control outcomes, if you believe My hand cannot be lifted against the enemy, you are not believing in Me. Your faith is weak and your heart is far from Me. You are believing his lies and you are being fooled. Today is the day that you can draw from My strength. Today is the day you can join My ranks. Allow me to crush his lies and the fear that comes along with them. It’s called faith. It’s faith that it has been finished. I love you, My children. Yeshua Ha’Maschiach

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My daughter, write My words for those with ears to hear. The evil people that are in places of leadership in both your United States and in many other nations of the world have called down My fire upon themselves. Though each individual may have his or her own motives for their actions, many of these are cut from the same cloth. They worship and long to please satan, himself. They will now be receiving payment in full, not in the money and riches and status that they desire, but they have crossed the threshold, and they have called down My angry fist upon them. I have been and will continue to use those that I have chosen and called to be part of My justice squad. Men and women, some who even have yet to know Me, are being put into places of authority, the right places at the right times, to gather the evidence against these reprobates. Soon you will see My hand of justice, and you will know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am behind the exposure of these crimes and abominations. They have been given time and opportunity to turn from their wicked ways, but instead, most have chosen to continue in service to the enemy, himself. They have ruled over and prospered in this nation and throughout your world for centuries, handing down their rituals and satanic practices generation after generation. It is now in this present time that I have facilitated the eyes of the masses to be opened and ready to receive the facts and not to ignore them. When the people of the Earth are shown firsthand what this small group of bloodthirsty vipers has been responsible for, even the most hardened of hearts will not be able to stomach their abominations. They have wreaked havoc upon your earth for long enough now, and several have already received their comeuppance. Now it is time for some of the highest of the higher-ups to fall. For some, the information used in their exposure will seem fake, because the charges made against them will seem so outlandish. Great care has been taken, My children, when it comes to My perfect timing. All of their evil will be exposed. When evil exists in the shadows, it is easily ignored. Most people do not want to know the truth. They are quite happy not knowing. The enemy has also gone to great lengths to make all of his antics appear normal. He has brainwashed a large portion of My creation. Some of My children are so self-involved that they are blind, blind to what the enemy is achieving, blind to My perfection and My power, the power of My name and the power of My shed blood. This is the time, My loves. Either you will awaken to his schemes, or you will remain asleep and overtaken. This is not just men working against My humanity. This is the enemy, himself, working through men to achieve his evil plan. And just as I am patient and long-suffering as I await My own to come to Me, he is also patient as he slowly puts in place his societal manipulations. He has primed the minds of My creation to receive his darkness instead of My light. For most people cannot recognize his lies. The people that have easily subjected themselves to his evil agendas are brainwashed. They are without a compass. They exercise a herd mentality, not thinking for themselves, and certainly not turning to their Creator for answers. They follow men, men that will lead them down a path to their own destruction, the so-called “woke” leading the blind. He is now replacing subtleties with blatant evil, and still many do not recognize that he pulls the strings. It is important now, My children, pray for the lost. Pray for My own to come to know Me now. Pray for your nation and the nations of the world. Pray that the masses are awakened to their Creator, even if it means that they will be suffering great tragedy in order that their eyes are opened. Most of what you see when you peer through natural eyes is now a mirage. You must operate filled with My Holy Spirit and view all that you see with the power of My discernment. The enemy is speeding up at the end of this race. He is a counterfeit. All that he does is pure blackness. His plans are designed to fool even the most discerning, for he uses his false light to fool the masses. I am the I AM, thus the only true light, and with the exposure of the enemy’s agenda, both past, present and future, My creation will be forced to choose. Either they will remove their blinders and be reconciled with their Creator, or they will remain hypnotized by the ways of the world, which are the ways of the enemy, himself. Put your armor on, My loves. Pray for the lost. Pray for a bountiful harvest, as many will be forced to make a decision soon. Follow My true and perfect light, not the imposter. His cunning is inexplicable to the human mind. If you are not grounded in the most high God, you will most certainly be deceived. Armor up, My children. You need Me. I love you. Yeshua Ha’Mashiach

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Salvation is Simple

My daughter, write My words for those with ears to hear. My creation, turn your faces towards your Creator. Do not accept the barriers man puts between Us. These are put in place by the enemy and seared into the minds of men. There are not 12 steps to salvation. There is only one. It is the easiest step one could ever take, so simple a small child is capable of taking it. When men apply their man made rules, it no longer applies to Me. I am the I AM. My ways are purposely simple, clear to the heart of a child, yet made confusing to the minds of the the aged. My way of salvation is simple, and only in the minds of men does it become a puzzle to solve. By the power of My blood shed on Calvary does one receive salvation. Receiving the truth of My salvation equals salvation. Anything beyond receiving this truth, My perfect truth, becomes an idea of men, a stumbling block and barrier, not put in place by Me. The enemy strives to make salvation appear to be an unattainable process in which many will look upon and turn away. His goal is to make it appear to be a challenge so difficult that many will walk away. He creates barriers that to men’s minds appear impenetrable. Understand, My loves, his goal is for you to never find My simple truth. His goal is for you to believe the path with be too difficult for you to navigate so that you will follow the simple path of this world. Salvation doesn’t come by following the path of your own perceived righteousness. It is a single step, and if you fail to take this step, you will be eternally separated from your Creator. Hearts and minds set upon the rules of the enemy are blind to My salvation. To their minds it is no longer My way but various ways put in place by the enemy to confuse and frustrate. John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whoever believeth in Him should not perish but have eternal life. The simple words if believed by the heart of a man become a supernatural event called salvation. This supernatural event is the only way. It is the step that leads to eternity with your Creator. Try as you might, there is no other way. I love you My children. Yeshua Ha’Mashiach

Trust, Faith, Love

My daughter, write My words for those with ears to hear. Many try to determine what it is that I will do. They predict Me when I can not be predicted. If My children knew My plan to a tee, the enemy would know My plan to a tee. What I ask My children is to be completely satisfied in trust. I ask My children to trust Me. trust My plans. Trust My perfect ways. You speculate in vain, My children, for the minds of mere men cannot fathom the ways in which I will present My great harvests for reaping. Man cannot determine the how’s of My ways. I’m a supernatural Creator with supernatural plans. I will gather My children, including the ones you perceive to be far away from Me, as the progression of My perfect plan unfolds. Do not worry about the lost remaining lost, for I have a plan to bring each heart front and center. They will see their choice must be made. There will no longer be the option to waffle. Those lukewarm will become hot, and those empty of Me right now will be coming to a time where their choice will be black and white. There will be nothing ambiguous, nothing left to chance. The choice will be forced, and yes some will be suffering greatly beforehand. My hand will shake your earth, not only a physical shaking, but you will see great shakings in the lives of those that still partake in worldly ways and for those that remain in darkness. The enemy has presented himself and they’ve ignorantly fallen into his trap and are blindly stumbling along. When sudden destruction is upon them, their ignorance will no longer be bliss. You will see multitudes choose Me moments before peril. This is not meant to bring fear to those that know Me, but comfort, for My plan will ultimately bring as many of My creation into reconciliation with Me as will be possible, for once the enemy is exposed, eyes and hearts will be opened, and My light will shine into the darkest of hearts. Be sure, be patient and trust. The enemy wishes for you to be walking in fear and expecting the worst for the lost around you. I assure you, My loves, I am prepared to do battle for souls, as is My great army. I will not leave a heart of stone unturned. Trust, Faith, Love. I love you, My children. Yeshua Ha’Mashiach

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Peace be yours through My Holy Spirit

My daughter, write My words for those with ears to hear.

My children, some have been called into early battle. They are on the front lines of My battle on your earth while others still remain in my rest, for their time has not yet come.

It is a time that many more of My creation will come to know me. While some perceive time is passing slowly, I tell you, My children, a day is but 1,000 years, and though upon your earth, you are subject to time, time is not accounted for in My heavenlies.

Those that I have called to battle have lifted My cross and do battle with swords. They have donned My armor and have gladly marched ahead, receiving and executing the plans I have laid out before them.

Be not dismayed if you remain still in waiting, for not all of My children have been called into action, and some are to remain in My rest building up their strength within Me.

Do not compare yourselves with your brethren, My loves, for while some rest, build and rebuild, others are working. But I assure you that if you are listening to My Holy Spirit, you are where I want you to be.

If you are being called to be still in Me, be still. If you are being called into action, listen carefully for My instruction. In either case, running ahead will set you back. Remember, there are different parts of My body with different purposes and callings.
Hearing My voice is the most important thing. For when you hear Me, all that you do works in conjunction, working towards My ultimate purpose.

If you are one with Me, it doesn’t matter what outside entanglements you face in the earthly realm. Remain in the palm of My hand. Your strength is drawn from Me. Your patience is drawn from Me. Your peace that passes all understanding is drawn from Me.

I can assure all of My children that what you have in mind as far as what I want you to be doing is far from the truth if you are not relying directly upon My Holy Spirit for guidance.

Sometimes it may seem that I am calling upon you to do nothing. This makes some of you nervous, as you feel that you are not doing enough. Don’t be confused, My children. I am calling you into fellowship with Me. Be still in prayer and in My word.
These are ingredients to build a mighty soldier, for without Me you are weak, and with Me, you are strong.

Strive to gain knowledge and with it will come My wisdom. You can not be a doer of My word if you never read or hear My word. Some need to spend less time trying to predict My future and more time aiming at living in Me from day to day.

There’s a time of great miracles upon you. A great wave of My Holy Spirit will fall across your earth. This is My promise to all that know Me.

The events to come upon your earth will be overwhelming for many, but My children who have remained faithful and trusting will be spared. They will be spared the fear and confusion that so many will face.

There’s coming a time that many more of My own will be called upon and called into action, but until that time, be still and be at peace.
By learning and praying for My wisdom, remain faithful and you will reside under My wing. I am the Most High, and I will let no harm come to those that reside in Me. Set your hearts free from the troubles of the day, and you will see the overwhelming peace that I cover you with. No worries, no concerns, just faith. This is where I want you.

Pray for those that are living in fear, afraid of what this world can do to them. For they know not their Creator. They will be blindsided by My hand when I strike the evil down and lift My children above the fray.

Don your armor now, My children.

I love you.

Yeshua Ha’Mashiach

And peace be yours through My Ruach Ha’Kodesh.

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Prepare HIS Way!

My daughter, write My Words for those with ears to hear.

My children, uprisings are coming; uprisings among evil men, because suddenly their evil games are being exposed, and their true identities are coming to light. Hundreds of thousands, even millions, of My creation are now waking up and seeing with their own eyes the dark ways of the enemy. Think of all of the things the enemy hates, and before your very eyes, you are seeing them attacked. The values I placed in the hearts of My children are being trampled, and many fall victim to the subtle, and some not so subtle, gestures of the enemy to remove Me from every facet of life in your once great nation and upon your entire earth.

The masses believe what your media and most leaders broadcast to them. They believe the lies of the enemy and walk directly into his traps. Many of these are not evil in heart, but just as Eve, they are being beguiled. The enemy projects a curse upon the lands, and the cure is far worse than the curse itself. The masses long for normalcy, yet what was perceived as normal will not ever be returning upon your earth.

Many rush to be injected with the perceived cure, and in doing so, subject themselves to more curses. They walk right into the enemy’s trap ignorantly and willingly. For these there will still be time to achieve wholeness for those that seek Me out, but there are worse curses and worse cures coming for many. And in the future, there will be no escape.

The enemy is now testing the waters to see how many of My children remain ignorant to his ways. The faithless put their faith in man. They believe that the potions of poisons created by evil men will heal them and keep them well. Nothing could be further from the truth. There is a time coming where the enemy’s schemes will be revealed, and many will see firsthand that his hands were all over this deception.

My hand will be instrumental in shining light into the darkness that engulfs your earth throughout the nations. I allow for his schemes, My loves, for sometimes My creation needs to be shown. Though they may hear warnings spoken, some must experience the consequences within their own lives in order to believe.

My creation asks, why do I allow such things, and My answer is quite simple. I allow these things to befall My creation in order that they see; they see the need for My intervention. For those that remained ignorant before, many will now come to recognize the need for My intervention, and many will see that it could only be Me when I step in. They will see that it will be My hand reaching out to save them.

Every eye upon your earth will be afforded the opportunity to see My majesty and make the choice of whom they will follow. Many will see that the normal that they long to return to was laden with evil, and they will have no desire left to return there. Each of My creation will be forced to choose between the enemy’s normal or an eternal future with their Creator.

Uprisings in and upon your earth; these things set in place, they cannot be stopped or altered. My children must rest in Me, stand firm in their faith, and allow My hand to open many eyes.

I love you, My children.

Yeshua HaMashiach

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