Bend to ME

My daughter, write My words for those with ears to hear. Share with My Children now to remind them. Many need to be reminded, this scribe included. My Holy Spirit is a gift to be received by those that have received Me as their Savior. Once you have received Me into your heart, My Holy Spirit instantly resides within you. Some when they receive My Holy Spirit are immediately overtaken by Him. They bend to Him like a reed in the wind, and allow Him to direct their every thought, word, and deed. For others, His job is not so easy. For some, they are still so wrapped up in this world that He is quelled, kept at bay and made ineffective within them. Though He is there, these children fail to recognize His power as their Helper and Guide. They continue on climbing their own mountains as opposed to walking on My easy path. Their fleshy pride wins out, and they continue in their own ways of thinking, believing that they know best, stiff-necked and blind to the life that My Holy Spirit offers them. When you surrender to My Holy Spirit, My Loves, is when you actually become strong. Strong in Me and able to resist the enemy’s attacks against you. If you are failing to surrender to My Holy Spirit, you have a bullseye on your back, and you will not even see the poisonous darts coming when the enemy fires them at you. The minds of men fail to recognize My Holy Spirit because they are steeped in self-awareness. They repeat the same mistakes and their prideful way of living over and over again, never breaking free. They are slaves to this world, and even though their chains have been broken, they cluelessly remain captive to this world and the enemy within. They refuse to acknowledge My power and might to free them from the bondage of the enemy and remain trapped. What I offer to them sounds too good to be true, so even though they have received Me into their hearts, and they have in their hearts My supernatural power, they refuse to take even one step forward in this power. They remain under the curse of the enemy even though they’ve already been set free. They continue to focus on their own circumstances, wallowing in the mud that My blood has already washed away. They deny Me when I long to carry them. They are more comfortable stuck in their own pride, stuck where they are. Is this you? Are you refusing to be set free from your own pride? Are you refusing to crawl forth out of the cesspool of the enemy and receive the freedom that I’ve offered you? There will be those that have received Me into their hearts in heaven, but they never allowed Me to guide even one of their steps here on this Earth, those who never chose freedom from the enemy, those that were cleansed but never chose to leave the mire. Seize your freedom in Me, My Loves. Pray that your “self” will decrease so that I may increase in power within you. Bend to Me to receive My power. You will lose every time if you do battle with the enemy on your own. He feeds upon your sinful nature, and will reduce you to rubble every chance he gets. I can lead you to this freedom, My Loves, but you must then choose to receive it, to allow any stubborn pride to be put aside. I wish for all of My Creation to receive My love, to receive My peace, and to receive the good gifts that My outcomes have to offer. There is nothing in your world that will satisfy you more than a relationship with Me, nothing. I love you, My Children. Yeshua Ha’Mashiach´╗┐

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Come Out of this World

My daughter, write My words for those with ears to hear. Many of My Children would hear Me now, if they would be still and quiet their minds. So many occupying, waiting on Me. These children of Mine would benefit beyond measure if they would be still and listen for My still small voice. You see, My Children, the atmosphere around you is meant to distract you. The enemy does whatever he can to keep you fixated on him, and the problems and roadblocks he places before you. Step back, My Children, into My complete peace. You do not earn My peace, My Loves. It is a free gift to those who will receive it. Those that learn to experience My peace now will become unshakeable. No matter what they are faced with, their hearts and minds will be placed right back on Me, immediately. You see, My Children, many attempt to contend with their problems on their own. They fail to recruit Me. They come up with their own plans and fail to rest in My Holy Spirit. My return, the promise of My return, is promised in My Word. Let that be enough for you, My Loves. Let that be the catalyst that strengthens you. I do have some of My Children who are charged with studying and drawing conclusions as to My return. This is true. But if dates come and go, do not give up. Please, My Children, ask to be filled with My Holy Spirit to overflowing. Remain resting in Me no matter what comes to pass. Fear is not of Me. Anxiousness is not of Me. I can assure you, My Loves, that you will need to be calling upon Me for all things that are coming. Make it your practice now to continually rest in My presence and peace. Do this now so that when events come upon your Earth that you’ve never seen or experienced before, you will have full understanding and knowledge of how to rest in Me. Others will ask you how do you remain so peaceful and calm when calamities strike from every side? Your answer will be Me. Whether it be financial collapse, lack of physical comfort, or environmental chaos, those who soak in Me now will soak in Me then. When all someone has ever known are the creature comforts of this world, they will need kind and comforting explanations as to My omnipotence and perfection. You are in training for this up and coming time, My Children, for you will be the peacemakers. You will be responsible for spreading My love, My strength, and peace to those who’ve never experienced Me before. Receive this peace from Me now, so you can exemplify Me then. The enemy’s goal will be to spread panic. If you’re not existing in My peace now, you will be no different from a person who never knew Me. You yourself will be engulfed in fear and your testimony to My perfect power and protection will be for nothing. None of what you will be asked to face will be more than what you can handle, if you keep your focus upon Me. Practice this now, My Loves. Be engulfed in My Holy Spirit continually and confidently, knowing that I am with you through all things. Nothing is by mistake, and there are no accidents. I am in complete and ultimate control, and My plan will unfold exactly how I call for it to. Those of you who choose Me will receive from Me the supernatural ability and peace to conquer all that the enemy brings upon you. Trust Me now to trust Me then. I love you, My Children. Yeshua Ha’Mashiach´╗┐

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Choose Wisely

My daughter, write My words for those with ears to hear. My children, lift your faces to Me now, My loves. Through whatever challenges you are facing, great or small, see Me as your only answer. I will not abandon you, My loves. I created you to love you. I love you beyond your human comprehension. This curse of the flesh is not eternal, My loves. This is not the state you are meant to be in or stay in. Yes, the flesh can experience Me, yet it is still a slave to its inherent shortcomings. Use My Holy Spirit within you to drive out the fear and the pain that the enemy showers upon you. If you do not call upon My Holy Spirit, Ruach Ha’Kodesh, constantly, you will succumb to your flesh, and with that, his fear and his pain. Do not allow him to burden you with your flesh any longer. Be filled to overflowing with My Holy Spirit always, for in your flesh you can do nothing for My kingdom; you can do nothing pleasing to Me. My heart is for you, My children, not against you, and I have provided for you a helper, My Holy Spirit, as your guide, as your rock. But you must call upon Him now, My loves. You must receive Him and allow Him to work in and through you. Every single time you slip back into the reasonings of your flesh, you place a target on your back for the enemy. Pray constantly to be filled with My Holy Spirit to overflowing, attempting nothing in your own power, but only in Mine. I promise as My mysteries unfold in your earth, unless you are filled with My Holy Spirit, you will experience nothing but fear and nothing but pain. Sit at My feet now, My Children, receiving from Me each new day. Go nowhere without Me. Protect your eyes and ears from the filth of this world, and use Me as your weapon of war against the evil that is flooding in. This is not a choice; this is a mandate, for if you venture off My path, you will fall prey to whatever the enemy brings upon you. Use My mighty name in every situation, and the curse that is upon your flesh becomes meaningless. Armor up, My loves. For your battle is not against flesh and blood but against spirits and principalities that will decimate you if you enter into battle on your own. These things on your earth will not get better, My loves, but much worse. I am your only hope in these coming times of tumult. Remain in Me, My loves, tucked under My wing of protection, for at no time in your earth’s history have things that are coming upon your earth occurred before. I am your strength. I am your heart. I am your wisdom and knowledge. I am your eyes and ears. Be My vessels, and you will be My warriors. Pray over everything now, My children. Pray over every situation and every relationship. Lay everything at My feet and recognize yourself as powerless without Me. In My mercy is your strength. In My love there is My protection over you. But I can impart nothing to you unless My Holy Spirit is engulfing you. These will not be normal times, and only with My discernment will you survive. Only through Me and Me shining through you will you thrive. If you are still holding onto anything of this world, let it go, for there is no use for anything of this world. There is no use for anything a man can provide you with. Surrender to Me for your strength. Surrender to Me for your wisdom. Surrender to Me for your complete protection. My army walks in My armor, for in the flesh you walk naked. My Holy Spirit is your only power. Speak no words that are not His. Have no thoughts that are not His. Take no action that is not His. Be caught up in Him to be caught up in Me, for without Me, you are dust. Without Me, you are nothing, and only with Me can My plans for you unfold. Only with Me can you do anything that pleases Me. Only with Me can you reach My goals for you. Only with Me can you shine My love. Humbly receive now that you are nothing, for complete surrender is the only thing that puts into effect My finished work. It does not matter how you have received from Me in the past, but you must decide today to receive from Me wholly now. Pray for all pride to be removed. Pray for all flesh to be removed. For only then can My armor protect you. Only then can I impart to you My complete strength and protection. Choose wisely now, My children, whose path you wish to follow, the path of your flesh leading to death and destruction or My path to perfect completion and eternal victory. I love you beyond your comprehension, My children, for I created you just for this. Lift your faces to Me now, and receive all that I am offering you. I love you, My children. Yeshua Ha’Mashiach.

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Encouragement (Part 1)

My daughter, write My words for those with ears to hear. So many of My Children are facing challenges now, with their health, with their finances, with their relationships, all across the board. My Children do not take advantage of My supernatural power over their circumstances. Many simply go on their own and attempt to solve these problems by themselves in their flesh with their own self will. They often make things even worse. I encourage you, My Children, come to Me. Seek My face. Seek My answers. It is not My will for you to be sick or live in lack. It is not My will for marriages to break apart. The common thread that runs between all of your problems is the enemy himself. Remember, he attacks whom he may. You must stand strong in prayer against him. If you are not standing fast in prayer, you are allowing him to come against you. If you are holding onto anger, or have idols in your life, these create openings for him to devour you. Some teach falsely that I am the one serving up My wrath into your life. This is a lie from the enemy. I do allow My Children to face certain things in preparation for My Kingdom living. This is true, but much more often it is the enemy attacking you where you’ve failed to close an opening through prayer, and in some cases, I will even lay it on some of My Children’s hearts to fast if they are quiet enough to feel My Holy Spirit tugging at their hearts. Pray for yourself and others. Praying in My Holy Spirit closes doors to the enemy. If you are persistent and consistent, your prayers will be heard, and will be answered. No fervent prayer of a righteous child of Mine is left ignored. Answers to your prayers are not always instant, but I want all of My Children to understand that I hear every one of them, and your prayers offer Me the opportunity to supernaturally intervene on your behalf. Not one child of Mine will ever be ignored. Expect good outcomes from your Father, My Loves. Your strength and healing are My will. Your financial well being is My will. Your healthy relationships are My will, and the prayers of My righteous will be heard and answered. My Holy Spirit lives within all of My born-again Children. He is there to guide you. He is there to prop you up when you have no more energy to stand. He is there to aid you in battle, for your battle is not against flesh but with the insidious spirits of the evil one. The enemy works so hard to convince you otherwise. He convinces you that your authority in and through Me means nothing. He convinces you that My supernatural ability to answer prayer is dead. Don’t believe his lies, My Loves… ´╗┐

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Encouragement (Part 2)

…Keep your focus on Me. Stay in My Word. Focus on My promises. Realize this world is not your home, and that there is nothing here for you when it comes to what your world places value in. Be infiltrated by My Holy Spirit upon taking your every step. Use your shield of faith to block out all of this world’s evil distractions. So, put your armor on, My Children, night and day. Walk in Me, walk in My perfection. Walk shielded from the wiles of the Devil. I desire to prosper all of My Children in health, in wealth, and in their relationships. Don’t separate Me from anything you are wishing to achieve. Let Me in. I desire to be a part of all that you wish to accomplish. Do not put Me in a box. Do not leave Me on your nightstand. Bring Me everywhere, for I have no limitations as to where I can accompany you. Allow Me to reach others through you. Allow Me to shine My love through you. The more you submit to Me working through you, the better My outcomes will be. Many run ahead and stumble. Hold your horses, My Loves, for you without Me equals nothing. Anywhere you go without Me is nowhere. Include Me. Include Me when you set your goals so they are Our goals, and include Me in reaching them. Roadblocks are not always placed in front of you by Me. The enemy is always trying to find ways to stop you. When you feel My peace, know that I want you to persevere. When you are not sure, be still, and I will make My answers clear. You must rely on My peace that passes all of your understanding to receive My will for you. I will bring you My way every time if you let Me. Whatever lies ahead of you, when you allow My Holy Spirit to guide your steps, you will receive My protection. You will receive My good gifts. You will receive My supernatural favor. It will be poured out upon you. Seek relationship with Me every moment of every day. If I am with you, no one can be against you. I love you, My Children. Yeshua Ha’Mashiach

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Walk as LIONS

My daughter, write My words for those with ears to hear. My Lambs, do not walk as lambs, but now as My Lions. My prophets and scribes, as things unfold in My plan, I will not always alert you ahead of time. There are things that may occur, but I always reserve the right to change My mind. You see, My Loves, there is always power in your prayers. I am the I AM. I am omnipotent, and I know the outcome of all things. Yet, how can I explain the journey to human minds that cannot conceive such things? The journey, My divine plan, is set in stone, yet it is changeable, and can be manipulated according to My will and in response to the Holy Spirit-filled prayers of My saints. I encourage you, My saints, pray. Pray for protection over your nation’s leaders and their families. Pray for protection over your nation. Pray for protection over the lost so that they may be found. You are going through a time in your once-great nation of exposure. I am shining light on the dark places, as I perfectly align and place My chosen. Let your hearts not be troubled when you hear warnings of things to come. When you keep in your mind that I am in control of all things, you will remain in My peace. The enemy works to spread his darkness and lies, his death and terror, across your once-great nation and the world. He receives his power from evil perpetrated by his minions. He receives his power from the fear and anguish of My creation. The writing has been on the wall since the time of creation, My Children, and My victory has been established since before time began. My daughter, this scribe, has asked Me about the kick-off event. I will not disclose to her what this might be. I will only ask that My Children, with ears to hear, go into prayer. War with prayer. Prayer can thwart the plan of the enemy. Will it? I ask you now, My Loves, pray. Pray that My army arises filled with My Holy Spirit to expose the schemes of the enemy. Pray! Pray for My protection and mercy over your nation and your world. When you wholly accept and understand that I am the Creator and Author and Finisher of all things, when you understand that, you pray from a standpoint of victory and not from a place of desperation. In this case, your prayers will be answered. There is no power too great to overcome the prayers of My righteous. Look at the big picture through My lens. Put aside your human understanding and emotions. Whatever unfolds, understand that I have allowed it, whether it be peace or chaos. I have ordained and appropriated it for this time and in My perfect timing. Arise now, My Warriors, and receive the indwelling of My Holy Spirit to overflowing, for you are My Army. Your prayers are powerful, and you have already changed some outcomes. Do not believe the lies of the enemy when he tells you that you cannot make a difference. Your prayers are the difference. Though the darkness has reached a new level beyond which can be fathomed, shine Me brightly. When chaos breaks out around you, know that you stand justified, already in My glory, already righteous through your King. Many, including this scribe, have allowed themselves to be distracted by the news of the day. Many have become weak, and taken their eyes off of Me. Many believe that they are powerless to pray against the darkness. No, My Children, no! I call upon you, My Army, now, to pray, allowing My Holy Spirit to guide you as to for what. Take your eyes off of yourselves and place them on Me. Allow every last bit of pride to be removed from you. Rest in My finished work, and receive power in that rest. Be patient, My Loves, for only through your patience is My timing made perfect. Do not run ahead. Only through the prayers of the righteous is My hand moved to protect. I ask My righteous to pray. Many of My messengers and scribes wish for Me to enlighten them, they ask Me for answers that will not be given. I say, wait and see. The reason I do not disclose a complete and perfect outline to My plan is this: If you do not have faith that My plan is perfect, you have no faith at all. Many fail to recognize that they are already seated in heavenly places next to their King. My Children must reconcile this in their minds. When you are relying on your human understanding, you are weak. My Holy Spirit is the only One that can bring you to a place of perfect trust in Me. My Holy Spirit is the only One that can bring you into My perfect peace. Invite Him to fill you to overflowing, and only from that place of peace can you truly operate in My will. Do not analyze and decipher the plots and schemes of the enemy unless you are immersed in My peace, unless you trust that My outcomes will be perfect, for when you wish to tell a fortune, you feed the enemy with fear, possibly your own, and definitely others. There are some that I have warned with pieces of what is to come. I warn with dreams, and visions, and prophetic Words, and some of these things have been shared upon My approval. But if you receive these things in fear, with your human understandings, you simply feed the enemy, for fear is his power over you. This is why, My Children, I keep My prophecies few and far between. This is why I do not foretell My plans or those of the enemy. Stay in prayer, My Loves, that you will get to a place in our relationship of complete trust and rest. Pray that you get to a place in Me that your human reasonings and emotions will no longer suppress My Holy Spirit within you. Only then can you truly enter into My rest. The prayers of the righteous prevaileth much. Come together now, My Army, not in fear, but in My power. I’ve created you as curious creatures, but when the conclusions you come to with human reasonings are used to spread fear, you simply feed the enemy, and you are out of My will in doing so. I love you, My Children. Yeshua Ha’Mashiach

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My daughter, write My words for those with ears to hear. My children, remember, you are all siblings. Live as such. Do not sow seeds of discord among My flock. My fields are ready for harvest, and though there are tares that flourish among you, continue to grow in My patience. A single act of loving kindness towards a tare might change their heart and move them one step closer towards Me. I love all of My creation, and will search for them, even the last lost sheep. The enemy tricks you into becoming frustrated and even angry with the lost. Do not fall for this. Your loving kindness is what attracts others to Me. Do not let your attitude of judgment fall upon them. Pray for the lost. Pray for anyone you know that does not know Me. Pray for them to be overflowing with My Holy Spirit. He is the comforter provided for all mankind, for anyone who will receive Him. No person is too far gone to receive Me, My children. It does not matter where they are or what they’ve done. Encourage people softly to glance My way. Encourage them softly to open their heart to My comforter and helper, for they will need Me for what is coming upon your earth. My love is limitless, and My ability to soften even the hardest of hearts knows no bounds. Do not shame My creation for not knowing Me, but with patient kindness, invite them to come to know Me. The enemy works to build up walls of division between My saints. See this for what it is, and remove yourselves from contentious debate. No man does know the day or the hour, but I have charged many with solving My puzzle in these end times. If this has been your charge, do not give up, for scoffers and mockers will do the enemy’s bidding and work tirelessly to attack your ideas and reputations. Do not lay down your crosses. Do not believe their lies. I have you exactly where I want you to be. Allow Me to carry you even further forward in your endeavor to solve My grand puzzle. Allow Me to open our minds and keep your fleshy pride at bay, for I would never have My watchmen quit watching. Carry your crosses boldly now, for I am with you every step of the way. Allow Me to do the final preparations in your hearts, for any last bit of fleshy pride is too much pride. I would never tell My watchmen to quit watching, but the enemy has no other goal for you, My watchmen. He wishes to disarm My army, sowing doubt and discord and working night and day to pull you apart. He uses whatever pride you have left to work against one another, for an army in disarray is no army at all. His attacks against My flock will continue to rise in number and in strength. Stick together, My loves, in unity as one, for this is how you, in My power, will defeat him. Do not give up on one another, My loves. If doubt arises, turn to Me and ask, for I will surely bring you to My truth. Pray for Me to remove all of the fleshy pride you have left, and do not attack those with whom you disagree. This does nothing to strengthen My army, and this does nothing to further My kingdom. It fragments My troops and causes others to lay down their crosses. Put to rest all discord now, My loves. Exude My love, peace and joy into every situation and relationship. Seek Me first in all that you do. Keep your focus directly on Me. My love, peace and joy I bestow upon you. Put your armor on every day, morning and night. Pray for yourself and others to be filled to overflowing with My Holy Spirit, and pray for all pride to be removed from you. Pray to operate in one hundred precent My strength and wisdom, If you laid down your cross, pick it back up. Receive all the good gifts I have for you now, My children. I do not want you sick. I do not want you in financial lack. I do not want you anxious for anything. Receive My love. Receive My peace, and receive My joy, and know that My outcome is already in place. Know that it is perfect because I ordained it. I am the I AM, and I love you, My children. Yeshua Ha’Mashiach

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